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The show may have ended, but I'm going to keep on reading until the last writer stops writing!

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There's a tonne more so just... look at my favourites folder or something.

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I ddon't think there is any requirement of proficiency, chort of the basic grasp of English and the grammar.(or it will be rejected)

since you currently have 4 (Four) stories on your page, place all of them on the same "window", and untill you have a second window with more stories, strike the notion of your stories being "less important".

The spot is great for marketing your stories and helping your readers and followers to find something specific.

Thank you! I'll try not to :derpytongue2:

Have a follow, my good Doctor! (Try not to derp too much. Bad for your eyes.)

2134724 8k written. I will make deadline.

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