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There seem to be a lot of bronies on LessWrong. This is a trap to sniff them out way for us to find each other. Anyone who is not afraid to be suspected of reading LessWrong may join. Also Extropians, folks from Overcoming Bias or Slate Star Codex, even TED or Wired magazine. (More Larry Page, less Steve Jobs, not at all Marshall McLuhan.)

Stories: Put stories in here whose central ideas are relevant to our interests. If you don't know what's relevant to LessWrong because you haven't read LessWrong, don't put stories here. You don't need to be as strict about quality as about concept.

- All members can put any story into Nominated. Some people can put them in Approved. If you want to be one of those people, PM me.

- When you add a story here, add a comment to the "Story nomination thread" thread saying why the story is appropriate for LessWrong. If you do not, I will assume you are an asshat adding your story to every group, and will delete your story without reading it.

- Start a message thread to discuss the story if you like, although that thread should just link to the LW discussion if there is a LW discussion for that story.

If you wanna take over the group and do something with it... PM me. I haven't done anything but create it.

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Bronies are fans of the animated TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." The term "brony" is a portmanteau of "bro" and "pony," and it refers to the demographic of adult men who are fans of the show. Improve patient care and staff satisfaction with our healthcare software solutions. Andersen offers a wide range of features to suit the needs of any healthcare organization.

Honestly disappointed with the latest works added here

Anyone looking for a rec, I just 'nominated' Days of Wasp and Spider, which is a lovely hard-sf possible-history of equestria. The very start is vaguely reminiscent of Genesis, but like the Silmarillion it quickly gets into story-telling.

For those seeking 'rational' fiction, the author has stated that they write by modelling what each character would do in the situation they find themelves in, rather than maneuvering plot elements toward any particular outcomes.

Not so much a member of LessWrong as a friend of LessWrong folks and their ideas. Hope to see lots of awesome fiction on here. Do drop me a note if you wanna chat!

Thanks for pointing me here!

I have only heard about LessWrong a couple of minutes ago but consider myself a very rational pony who likes to explore and dictate my thoughts, beliefs, opinions, feelings, and emotions through logic and reason. I tend to deduce correct action in a similar fashion but lack of willpower sometimes causes a discontinuity with actual action. I look forward to discovering more about this group and the ponies in it.

Transhumanist pro-garden-earth pro-uploader here (no, they're not mutually exclusive 'cause I say so). :twilightsheepish:

I avidly follow HP:MOR, loved Luminosity (have deliberately never read the Twilight Saga) and graze on various SF and fantasy. Not much of a non-fiction reader, though.

Judging by the comments, I'm glad I'm good at making coffee (buy good filters!), 'cause I only started reading the sequences a couple months ago.

And to think that I've been going by this pretentious handle for years.... I was ashamed to think that I knew nothing of how to find truth.

You know, I live in a large city filled with forward minded people. Our atheist population is through the roof and the only prejudices I've encountered are nigh-universal (like bestiality and incest). We don't have a rationalist meeting anywhere near us. I need to fix this.

I *swear* someday I will get up early enough on a Saturday to go to my city's LW meeting...
I should sign up for one of those services that holds you to future plans by donating your money to a cause you hate if you don't follow through, but I'd rather spend that cash on the drinks that prevent me from getting up early the next morning in the first place.

Hello rationalists. I'm a reader of LessWrong, but not a contributor, and I believe also not a member (yet).
Nice to meet you bronies and fellow pegasisters who I know can take my mind for a fun trip. :ajsmug:
I look forward to adding more've you to my watchlist.

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I can take a look. PM me here, or as ModusPonies on LW.


I'm a semi-lurker, does that count?


Hah! I knew there would be a nonzero amount of people interested in a transhumanist twilight!


(that's true, but that doesn't make me any less wrong) :twilightsmile:

So yeah, planning out an adventure thingy and I need editors that can keep up with some of the ideas presented, anyone interested? And of course I can help check your work too, given how we can't see errors in self-editing and all that.

A) Did not know you were an LWer.
B) OW! THAT HURT! I'm adding Happily Ever After to Serious Stories.

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Added my story Happily Ever After, which was largely inspired by thoughts about what preference modification would feel like from the inside.

A cold urban desert landscape, the sun setting
Shall it ever rise again?
The nighttime, criss-crossed wires overhead, buzzing faintly with electricity
That goes where? That does what?

Why is the way not illuminated?

What if the sun, then,

Would not rise unless we lifted it?

Took it upon our hands and backs
Our palms and fingertips scorched for the effort

Nighttime giving way to sunrise
The way illuminated

Burnt hands, sunburnt faces, eyes near blind from brilliance
Throwing off the false gods with their faint passive buzz
The sun was never supposed to set–let us lift it, accept a heroic scalding
So all might bask in sunlight, oh too long has it been since the sun rose

Does this give you guys any ideas?

289153 I don't think it is.

This place needs more activity, and Less Wrong needs more place for lesswrongers to hang out.

Given that I rarely post, but have read the majority of the Sequences, I find nothing wrong about it at all.

289153 It's not wrong! But you'll have to make the coffee for us.

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