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In episode #286 of “The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe”, a clip was played from our very own “Bridle Gossip”:

Twilight Sparkle: ¿“Supernaturals”? Spike, the word supernatural refers to things like ghosts and spirits and zombies, which are as make-believe as curses. ¡This book is just a bunch of hooey!

The hosts of the show, though no fans themselves, immediately recognized this as a classic example of proper skepticism in action. They appreciated how the character in question, though a unicorn, was proven correct over the course of the episode and had a lot to say about what it represented.

This was no accident. Jayson Thiessen, one of MLP FIM’s directors, was an avid fan of the show and drew on its inspiration, and so do we, the Skeptics of Equestria.

¿What is a skeptic, you might ask? ¿Isn’t that just a form of neighsayer? ¿Do skeptics just deny everything in front of them and ignore evidence when it suits them?

¡Not so!

Skepticism, proper methodological skepticism, is simply this: the art of constantly questioning, of doubting claims and assertions until and unless evidence is brought forth to verify them. It’s a key facet of the scientific method and it’s what separates the honest seeker from the gullible rube. A true skeptic must be open to evidence, able to test the strength of said evidence, and reject his or her prior beliefs if they are found to be in contradiction with the truth. The search for truth, the insatiable hunger for the most correct version of reality.

Or, pithily: “Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out” a phrase which has its own deep skeptical history.

Please note: our emphasis on evidence is not to be mistaken for acceptance of all evidence. Some evidence is crap, and it’s the eternal job of a good skeptic to separate the good evidence from the bad. Moon Landing skeptics, climate skeptics, Big Foot enthusiasts, 9/11 conspiracists, and more - you all can come here, but expect to get torn to shreds.

Come to the forums to discuss skeptical topics, or post stories that have an emphasis on treating the world skeptically. ¡Just because magic is involved is no reason to turn out brains off! Think the film Sherlock Holmes. Or Mark of the Vampire. Or heck, ¡even Scooby Doo!

This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with non-skeptical stories or stories that go beyond Twilight Sparkle’s level-headed rationalism - we’re just impressed when an author presents a supernatural event and pulls the curtain to reveal its inner workings.

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