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Mexican. Polymath. Tourism Degree. Lives in Cancun, and has lived in Toronto, Mexico City and on the road. Likes to give free vacation advice. Unlikely to give you a free vacation.


Today's Earthquake, here in Mexico City · 12:57am Sep 20th, 2017

12 days after "the most powerful earthquake to hit Mexico in more than a century", we got a 7.1 eartquake. Softer, but the bloody earthquake had a much, much closer epicentre (like 100km versus some 1,000km). My city is currently in ruins, and I'm afraid of what I will find when I get off work. At least I know my apartment and my various family members and friends are okay as well, but the next few days/weeks could be... rough.

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I'm actually embarrassed that I wasn't following you. You rock.

Thanks for the follow!

Gracias por añadir Mi Pequeña Viajera a tu estantería. (Hopefully Google translated that properly.) :twilightsmile:

Wuao eso es pesado. Lo entiendo totalmente pana, y honestamente deseo que todo te salga bien. Sabes eh estado leyendo "The Masseur" y me enganche, tiene buena narrativa.
¿Te importa que igual te pase la historia por correo? no planeo que la leas de inmediato ni que la traduzcas claro. Solo que sería genial que la leyeras, quien sabe quizá hasta te termine gustando. y eso siempre le cae bien a uno sabes.

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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