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This story is a sequel to Kind Hearts & Coronets


Years ago, a recruit named Michael Hengst impressed an officer during an investigation about divulgation of classified information.
Which eventually landed his current, long-term assignment: “Her registry is Specimen 25467, but she likes the name Flora.”
“Your primary mission is the typical for an Intelligence soldier like you: Keep the secret from becoming public.”
“Your secondary mission is why we selected a soldier who had maintained his humanity despite his line of work: the only alien life form known to humanity needs a friend.”

And he became so much more than a friend: Flora needed a father.

While I have made this story approachable without having read "All American Girl", this story is a reply to the AAG May Story Challenge. If you like my story, you'll love the original.

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This story is a sequel to Be Human: the All-American Girl Sidestories

The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company has considerable trouble when they finally discover why Canterlot officials keep refusing their construction permit.

This story happens within the continuity of All American Girl, and was written for the March story challenge - The Law.

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In order to ‘discord’ the Elements of Harmony, Discord had to switch their cores with those of creatures that were opposite to them. And later on, with Discord being rock, there was no way to send them back home.

This is the story of one of the six Antitheses of Harmony. One who had a life and was happy on Earth.

This story has gone on hiatus. Sorry: real life.

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