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In order to ‘discord’ the Elements of Harmony, Discord had to switch their cores with those of creatures that were opposite to them. And later on, with Discord being rock, there was no way to send them back home.

This is the story of one of the six Antitheses of Harmony. One who had a life and was happy on Earth.

This story has gone on hiatus. Sorry: real life.

Chapters (11)
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Keep going this is a good story

okay, while I can't agree with your depiction of their technology(and the fact that you compared their technology to ancient greece and yet they had noncommunal baths with plumbing without toilets, which were invented by the harappan civilization more than a millenium before the greeks came to notoriety[admittedly they were more or less trenches with seats over them that had water running through them but still]) it's a very well written story and I applaud you for that

I don't have the data at hand (I'm not at home), but those communal toilets relied on having continuously running water, so they where a novelty that exclusively existed on thermas. So much is that toilets were a novelty that history mentions that the Roman emperor Nero would use a new chamber pot every night.
Furthermore, flushing toilets are a very recent development, not being broadly used until the 19th century.

And thanks.

2719467 true, and the tech levels I was mentioning being off mainly were those of the ponies as they have been shown to have electrical speakers, turntables lights, and ovens(as well as having both tanks and bullets being mentioned, but those are removed by most authors) but it's your story and if you desire to make them have an alternate to the canon tech, it is fully your decision.

The canonical tech level is extremely inconsistent, with trains being first seen as being pulled by ponies, to then being pulled by their locomotives (as a matter of fact, I'm making up explanations for that on chapters 6 and 7).
Turntables predate electrical amplification, electrical engines and even vinyl. A fully mechanical turntable is called a phonograph, and before vinyl disks there were wax cylinders.
You can have non-electrical spotlights, theatrical lights and even searchlights. Go and check the terms "limelight", "gaslight" and "type-D fire".
Leonardo Da Vinci was already sketching tanks and all sorts of war engines, well before anybody had ever heard of steam power (not counting the Ancient Greek steam turbine, as it was nothing but an almost unknown curiosity).
Gunpowder can be kind of sketchy, but I'm imagining that they know only of the earliest type, not the proper high-yield, humidified-then-dried type.

The speakers and the gysmos in Twilight's basement: despite there being at least one technology that could power speakers without electricity I'm taking the excuse of both of them being operated by unicorns that could power them with magic.

And I don't understand why you mention ovens. I could understand tabletop coffee machines, toasters and toaster ovens, but why ovens?

2724127 if I recall correctly sugarcube corner has an oven which has absolutely nowhere that an external or internal flame could be stored, though I may be wrong it's been awhile since I watched episodes with a kitchen in them, but in classical bakeries pre-electricity you'd usually have a huge wood-fired oven taking up most if not all of the kitchen space which is definitely absent in sugarcube corner so as to be able to maintain the various temperatures necessary for the different baked goods. and as for gunpowder, they also used fireworks in the canterlot wedding episode, which also contains what actually appears to be an induction stovetop.

About the oven: I just saw Pinkie's oven, and it looks to me like a normal domestic oven. And to me, a gas oven is the norm. Electric ovens are rarities to me, except for toaster ovens.
Another possibility would be a steam powered kitchen, with a basement boiler. It would be antieconomical to have that in an apparent domestic kitchen (like Pinkie's), but it would actually be very economical in a real commercial kitchen. It would be kind of hard to create the heat all the way up to proper baking temperatures (the very reason why steam power is common for industrial scale skillets and stock pots, but unknown in most forms of baking), but it also explains Pinkie's tabletop mixer.

That stove that appears on A Canterlot Wedding Part 1, on 11:43, looks like a very simplified drawing of any commercial-grade gas stove I have ever seen. Besides, every non-movable, commercial-grade induction stove I have ever seen has square pads, not round.

Something else I forgot to mention about tanks: I don't know about pre-Roman, but the Romans were already employing two tank-like technologies: the turtle infantry formation (everybody having tower shields and locking them together), and the armoured siege ram. Neither of them relied on anything but human ingenuity, grit and teamwork.

Human history is rich in alternative technologies.

Besides, we got magic in this world. That can simplify a million explanations.

Anything else?
BTW, I'm not being sarcastic: I hadn't previously noticed Pinkie's blender. Thanks.

2727721 not really that I can think of right now, and like I said in the beginning, it's your story and you can write their tech as you please. it's just a very interesting topic to me how most people tend to forget the small things which have been shown or mentioned. (and as for the word tank, which rainbow names her tortoise after[clearly referring to the vehicle whereas previously rarity used the term and could have been referring to a water tank or something similar] the word was only used for the vehicle beginning in 1915 because the laborers were under the impression that they were making mobile water tanks). and I can understand your referring to gas for most things(though that's also a fairly recent tech used in kitchens anyway) but I myself have only ever seen one house which had gas instead of electric appliances and the simplified drawings for appliances apply both to gas and electric, I was saying it looked like induction because it looks more like an induction if you think of it as more detailed.

I like this... I like this a lot. can't wait for the next chapter.:heart:

pretty good story so far. the main protagonist seems like he is Italian or Brazilian. I give this story a 6/10.

And don't forget that the Spanish took almost all the gold form Mexico and South America.

Dude since I learned about the meaning of Mexico's name, I began to read Fanfics about Luna, and how much I want to tell about the moon and Mexico's history. And belly rubs.

Here is a lullaby my parents thought me
Luna, luna dame una tuna la que mediste callo en la laguna....

Getting drunk to write a drunk journal entry?

I wouldn't really call it brilliant. The original plan called for scanning the sheet of amate paper (Aztec parchment) but, well, not even I could read it. So I had to write it anew once I sobered up.
Not my finest moment.

I tried to make a point of typing right before going to bed, or right after waking up, so the style would come natural.

Wow! You really do try and get into the characters perspective!
Nice work!

Well... rather nice story
I do believe you might add mature some day in the future... his "needs" are going to make him crazy soon



I do believe you might add mature some day in the future

I wish to cross that bridge if I ever get to it. While the psychological load is already head and shoulders above the rating, the content remains safe.

his "needs" are going to make him crazy soon

Blame Luna: she almost killed him from not letting him rest at night. See the Insomnia chapters.

3985613 I don't blame her. .. she wants to have some fun too

This is the type of stories I fucking love.
HiE, learning new language, slow and steady/slice of life, pony society backstory, some inventions, mature themes not just for the sake of "and then they fucked". Also, I may be the only one, but I kinda dislike his log in the specialized "notes" thingie, it looks off from my dark background.

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