The ponies of Equestria live idyllic lives, masters of earth, sky, and the mysterious. Sometimes, monsters attack them. Every time, the ponies fend them off.

What, then, are the ponies to the monsters? For that matter, what are ponies to the rest of their world?

This is the official FimFiction group of the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest. It's official because I made it.

Contest submissions are now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Looking for stories to read? Here are the entries from FimFic, and here are the entries from elsewhere!

We also have a forum! Check it out for contest-related announcements and networking with your fellow entrants! Here are some threads to get you started:

- Prompt
- Rules
- Prizes
- Timeline

Spread word of this contest to your followers and friends! And feel free to make threads in the forum, too! Get to know your fellow authors/editors/competitors/people who will appear in bags behind your house the next morning and you have no idea how they got there, honest Mr. Officer

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Do the contests on here still go on and if so when is the next one?

We should do this again next summer I love the stories in here

371722 I'm with you there, Entropic. I thought I had to wait for submissions to start so I lost a week. The end of my entry was a complete rush job, especially the ending. There were so many things I wanted to expand and explore upon, but couldn't for the sake of time. When this contest wraps up, I'll definitely give it a reimagining.


I gotta tell ya, it felt really good to push myself to finish a fic for once. It's been two or so years since I was able to really hammer something out and complete it. Now we must all play the waiting game...

Good luck everyone! :scootangel:

Memo to self, never think "I'll have this done in a week" if you're going to write six chapters in less than five hours. (The seventh I'd finished earlier) It never works out the way you want and you usually end up panicking and not even concentrating on making it make sense to anypony else but you anyway... :facehoof:

In other news - that was way too stressful but it was also fun. I really wish I'd had a little more time to properly finish the final scene at the very least...

371717 Whatever you feel goes into that field that describes your story! It's up to you!

Now hurry! Submissions are closing soon!

I have a quick question, but what kind of words did you mean by "Five-ish Words that Describe Your Story"? Did you mean descriptive ones like "sad" or like key words like "changeling" or a short description like "A Changeling is Alone"?

371714 lol, this is exactly what I did too.

I just finished it. Oh boy, I think I got very overzealous with what I wanted to do, and ended up writing a pile of rushed horseapples. :ajsleepy:


Oh well, it's the participation that counts right? It inspired me to start writing again for the first time in more than two years! Thanks for the contest guys! Can't wait to read some of the awesome stories you guys came up with! :twilightsmile:

I only learned about this two hours ago! :facehoof: I tried writing a story in that time slot and messed up royally. :pinkiesad2: Oh well, there's always next time! Good luck to you all!

Whew...I did it. 12 thousand plus words in 5 days, but I did it. It's the start of something bigger, hopefully.

Well, now comes the waiting game :pinkiecrazy:

I hope you're ready for a surge of stories within the last two or three hours before submissions close, Couch.

Erf, I just submitted a story link to this page after uploading the story to fimfiction and realized I probably should have waited until the story cleared fimfiction moderation first. Sorry about that, I'm positive it will clear fine I'm just not used to the delay. :twilightblush:


I have to approve these stories for the group manually, but I'm pretty good at getting them up within 24 hours. 90% of the time, I'll be faster than that.

Not to sound impatient, but how soon after submitting a fic should it show up in this group?

Comment posted by ThePhoenixrising deleted Aug 8th, 2014

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I submitted the form before the story was approved on here. That, and I forgot how long until a story is approved. I would greatly appreciate any help, thank you.

Hello, folks. New hopeful entrant here. I just hit submit on my story, and I'm eager to see how it's received. I expect the next couple of weeks are going to be a blast, and I don't want to miss a second of it. Good luck to everyone!


369478 But, er, id doesn't show.
They already sent me the email, though.

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