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Who can take a rainbow, color it with dew, graze under it with a cupcake or two, the Ponyman, oh the Ponyman can.

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Fic-A-Minute: The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog · 12:00pm September 8th

You may have noticed that these blogs are becoming more spaced out and that I have an excuse each time for the lateness. Well, the main reason is that I'm losing steam on this project of mine. Most of the well known stories I've already done and the rest I haven't read. Plus, I feel like I'm repeating my jokes more often than not.

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You're welcome! Happy to see it brought so much joy!

Well, look what just came in the mail!

I saw your name on the list, and popped by to personally thank you. It's a beautiful plushie, and I hope that knowing you were part of making my day/week/month/forever puts a smile on your face even a fraction as large as the one on mine.

Thanks for favoriting Loose Ends :twilightsmile:

I've asked the group whether we should have one or not because I wasn't sure myself. If they decide no, then I'll remove that folder.

Seattle's Angels had new stories added

Mr. Brannigan's Ghosts by Moose Mage (added by RTStephens) Seattle's Angels / Gore

Wait, Seattle's Angels has a Gore folder?

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Oh, well there is one now, I guess? :applejackunsure: I was going to say, the group already had a few stories tagged either Sex or Gore, and none of those ever made it onto a Sex or Gore folder in the group.

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