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The Ponyville dam has broken once and one pony is determined to make sure it never happens again. Not even death will stop him.

My contribution to the LOEG October prompt!

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It takes two weeks to fortify a dam and one minute to break it? No wonder he died; it would take too long to make it all perfect.

Nice story.

Dam this is confusing.

I gotta admit, when he said he wouldn't tell any others, I sort of thought this was gonna go somewhere dark and we like their deaths but this was quite hilarious. Bravo. I can now picture Brick in Tartarus debating with Hades and Thanatos about how if they dammed the River Styx, they could run all of Tartarus off hydro-electric.:rainbowlaugh:

Brick: I need more workers! Hades, get Hekate and her Furies on it, stat!

Hades: They don't work for you.

Brick: Don't make me call the Union!

I try my best not to get too dark in my stories, because I fear I'll go too far. I prefer lightheartedness and fun in my stuff, with perhaps a hint of danger on the side.

Glad you enjoyed!

You know I was reading this and it really wasn't catching me at first, but I pushed forward determined to give the little fic a shot. And I'm glad I did, it was cute and silly, classic fanfiction one-shot there. :P

Good dam story there...really cracked up at the end.

got a regular show vibe from this story.

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