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Who can take a rainbow, color it with dew, graze under it with a cupcake or two, the Ponyman, oh the Ponyman can.


Based on a series by D.B. Sommer, we explore how two shows that have as much in common as a draconequus does with a yeti riding a bull while holding a crane and eel should never be crossed with each other.

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See? Totally incompatible. Let this be a lesson to you.

I'll just have to stick with the crossover idea instead.

What is this.... I don't.... even...


*brain esplodes*

Ok. First, as a HUGE fan of Ranma... I caught all the references. I am more than slightly impressed at the epic level of randomness you have displayed. If there were an Anything Goes Martial Arts school of fanfic-writing, you would be its grandmaster.

That having been said... Are you SURE this is a path you want to go down? Pinkie pie has done enough damage to the space time continuum, do we need to put more stress on it?

That was hilarious. Probably totally incomprehensible to anyone unfamiliar with Ranma, but hilarious. Well played. You have my thumbs up.

Now wait just a Celestia damn minute here! Although I agree that this story is terrible, that does not mean that the idea and concept of a Ranma 1/2 and MLP crossover is also terrible. The problem with this story is that you fused the main characters looks and personalities together so much that it killed the mood. Now if you just kept the characters separate from each other so they are their own person then it might turn out to be a good story. If you, for instance, were to somehow transport the Wrecking Crew to Equestria or the Mane 6 to Nerima that might be an even better story. In fact there is a story that I enjoy on this site and it revolves around one of these very concepts. The author of the story is Emma Iveli. Check it out.

Hmmm. Deja vu.

Well, that was a thing. I know of Ranma, but not too much about it. As a random story, I found it fun and enjoyable. Now never cross these two again. I think Discosai will haunt me for a bit.

And please tell me "furry of heaven" is a typo.

If I don't do it then others are doomed to repeat my mistake!

But, thanks for getting a quick laugh out of this.

I have a feeling my warning will go unheeded... Pray for the poor souls that do not understand the dangers of the fusion. :derpyderp2:

You understand! Thank Luna's flowing mane! Now spread the word!

I am aware of Emma Iveli's story, but I'll keep my opinions on that to myself. Otherwise, I left a little teaser in my comment above about where my mind is wandering too...


Furry?! I see no stinkin' furry! I see the "fury of heaven" now! ...thanks for pointing that out.:twilightblush:

We have seen the last of Discosai, but the ultimate team-up of old geezers has yet to happen...

Thank you all for commenting and getting a little something out of this weird idea of mine!

What... What have you done. Of all the horror you could have released upon the world, you chose this one. Dear Celestia WHY?! Honestly, this gave me an idea to throw Ranma into Equestria, and watch mayhem unfold. I hope you're happy with yourself. :raritydespair:

Hah, you troll. I somewhat misread the title, thinking you were arguing against Ranma/Pony CROSSOVERS (which we all know is ridiculous, given that Ranma 1/2 can be crossovered (crossed over?) with anything). I do agree with your anti-fusion stance.

Oh, I am happy with myself. This experiment was a complete success! Today Equestria, tomorrow the world!

So, since the fusion idea didn't work, a crossover is the only logical way to go...

Ranma 1/2 has been crossed over with just about everything, hasn't it? Now, it's my turn to give it a shot.

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad just about everyone got some enjoyment out of this silly idea! :raritystarry:

So you're actually going to write a crossover then? Excitement... Rising... I've been looking for a good Ranma crossover (which, incedentally, led me to this story). Ponies 1/2 wasn't really my speed, and there really aren't any other crossovers I could find, so I shall be awaiting developments eagerly.

Woooo! Ranma crossover!

One of the funnier fusions I've read - at this length. The ridiculousness of the combinations is just right, at the same time as there is that "wait a minute... this sort of FITS!" comes over you. (Discord as Happosai, for instance.) Of course, a longer one would soon lose speed and just be annoying.

I'd just like to add that training someone by strapping carrots to them and dumping them down a rabbit burrow makes perfect sense!:pinkiehappy:

The dreaded Usagiken. The ultimate technique for nose twitching and hyper hopping!

... until you read the next page in the training manual.

Any technique that gives me the power of Angel Bunny is worth learning!

I'm going to say this now, your avatar was what gave me hope that you'd have something like this. It's just my favorite brand of ridiculous that works.
Simply put, MFW this entire fic:

Heh, yeah I've gotten a lot of nice comments on my avatar. Totally worth the commission price.

Glad you liked this brief decent into ridiculousness!

:trixieshiftright:Yes...brief...decent...like I wasn't ridiculous before...yeah.

You're the best kind of looney.

Just for future reference, Ranma is a self-contained horse pun. Akane/Nabiki/Kasumi are all kinds of clouds, too, so amazing pegasisters go?

Pfft, oh god, it's so accurate.

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