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In a desperate and costly bid to escape from his stone prison, Discord is left weak and helpless. Luckily for him, there is a nearby unicorn that he can hide in while he regains his power.

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Looking forward to the story ;). You are quite good at writing.

I will track this story when I log on.

Aw yeah, good story. Hope to see Trixie\Discord taking their revenge on Twilight.

Why, thank you! That's very kind! I take inspiration where I can, including all the other fantastic writers that can be found here and elsewhere.
Good deal!
Oh, Twilight and the others will be make their appearance, you can count on that. Celestia isn't the only one that noticed that huge light show in the garden.

This actually sort of reminds me of Yu Gi Oh...in terms of those Egyptian gods possessing people or something along that lines.
Where did you get the inspiration :P ?

It is still on? Or hiatus?

Ohhhh my. Finally fic where Trixie is famous, popular and manecast accused her is WRONG. :trixieshiftright: YES!

Love to see how Trixie kept calm, collected and just told them what she wanted and closed the door. Now she's completely justified, and even that jerk Dash can't deny it.

Discord.. you are so awesome. I'd like to see manecast's faces when Trixie will ACTUALLY VANQUISH URSA-FUCKING-MAJOR! Oh my... they'll be all 'it can't be right, Trixie doing awesome things and we are wrong?' and Trixie will be all 'YES YOU DID IT! WHO'S THE MARE? YOU'RE THE MARE! GO TRIXIE!' awwwwsum.

Now this could be interesting as what better way for DIscord to return than in the one pony that nopony would ever look.

And the comparsion of both DIscord and Trixie was something else, as in a way they are both alike. :trixieshiftright:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one.

Once again this is the making of a good sory. :pinkiehappy:

I love how you got the characters down right and how Trixie told the girls off when they went to confront her. That truly was an entertaining moment :trixieshiftright:

I also loved the fact of how fast Twilight was able to figure this out, but she is truly unaware of Discord's plans. :twilightsmile:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one. :rainbowkiss:

Brilliant! 5 star

Always nice to hear that I've got the characters right. You just never know what others will think until you post.

Twilight has some of the picture but not all of it yet. None of them do; not even Trixie.


If i could i would take over this site and give this story 6 stars. Thats how much i like this story.

I'm hooked! Lovin' and trackin' the jazz out of this story. 5/5 :raritywink:

Well, no need for that. 5 stars is just fine by me. Thanks!
The jazz ensemble plays on!

Wow. Trixie really smart)) I'd like to see manecast meeting Trixie. They'll be nasty and verbally attack her, but whole town will love Trixie, because she saved them from Ursa Major. Just imagine how she'll be adored and famous now! TRIXIE, TAMER OF URSA MAJOR, SAVIOR OF PONIES! :trixieshiftright:

More rightful fury from Trixie and more manecast scolding please. :duck:

That was truly awesome!

:pinkiegasp:FLUTTERSHY! thats no excuse for that language.
and man, this is starting to get good. wonder what will happen when trixie discovers whos been helping her.

Right, before I move on to praising the chapter, first I've got to do this...
"...the most comfortable set of cushions she had -EVERY- laid on." That was supposed to be "ever", right?
"-IF- was too much and the three arrivals sat on their haunches and shuddered." it?
"The three of them fell silent then as once they reached the top of the hill they were trotting up, it would bring them into view of their hometown." I am not entirely sure if this one has anything wrong with it, but I've read and re-read it over 15 times and I still can't make it sound right inside of my head.

Now, as promised, the part where I toss you a muffin for posting another spectacular chapter.

Thought a question - the voice that Trixie heard when pondering if she should confront the Ursa Minor was her own, or was that Discord talking? Since according to the story, a few paragraphs later it is stated that his somewhere high above and not inside her horn... or he can invade her thoughts without even being attached to her?

Happy to see you are enjoying it!
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
Will she really want to?
Thanks for the fixes. You have no idea how often I type out "every" when I mean "ever." Can't imagine why. Also reworded that sentence you pointed out. It was rather awkward.

The part with Trixie's inner voice was meant to be rather vague. I was trying out new things and may have left others more confused than I intended. To set the record straight, it was Trixie working out a buried insecurity that wouldn't be denied. Discord didn't have anything to do with it.

Thank you all for enjoying!

I like this. I like this a lot. I like where this is going. Me gusta.

It's a bit of a twist that Trixie isn't really even the antagonist, and certainly doesn't need Discord's "help". The insufferable bastard is just doing what he does best. You have my rapt attention.

yay~ new chapter! This story is epic, by the way! Keep up the good work!

Trixie is just being Trixie! She can't help herself!

Epic is such a strange word. But, I'll accept it!

Thanks for enjoying!

great chapter
laughed at all the trouble it took for a simple apology :rainbowlaugh:

Ah gee Rainbow Dash, why would Trixie be mad at you? From Trixie's perspective you and your friends have only heckled her, tried to upstage her at her own performance, trick two idiot colts into going to a dangerous forest to retrieve a ginormous Star Bear and risk destroying the town just to spite her, have the Star Bear destroy her home, source of income, and likely any treasured personal items, mock her in the aftermath, stalk her, accuse her of performing unpleasant actions she did not do, accuse her of lying, humiliate her (again), laugh at her, draw on her face, then attack her.

She's overreacting to what she probably believes to be a dedicated attempt to ruin her life.

Once again, great chapter. Sorry, Dash, but when you disturb Trixie's performance TWICE, attack her, humiliate her, mock her, stalk her, accuse her of lying and attack her, "sorry" did not suffice. YOu'll have to earn forgiveness.

Glad to see Trixie still powerful and kicked Dashie's flank. She deserved it and more. Discord, insufferable bastard as he is, still cares about Trixie enough to heal her and help her, that's great. Pinkie Pie... I'm disappointed with her. She must know what it's like to not have any friends, she know how it feels, and still she plays cruel pranks... Pinks, how could you? :pinkiesad2:

Awesome shapter can't wait for more plz don't take to long to write teh next shapter!

88159 Best comment ever!

Almost forgot. You, sir, are scholar and gentlecolt, I tip my hat to you. You won one internet.

Nothing should ever be simple! What's the fun in that?

Well, when you put it that way...

Man, I have put Trixie through that much already? Yikes!

To be fair, Dash had her moments in the fight as well. I didn't want it to be so one sided that it became a massacre.

I'm actually wondering if I had Pinkie go too far in this. Seems kinda mean spirited for her instead of playful. The whole drawing on the face thing is a very anime thing to do.

Pleased to hear that you are enjoying!

I can't promise when things will get done, unfortunately. It all depends on when I can get around to it. I also have another story I'm working on that now needs my attention. But, I will continue!

Thanks to all for all the comments! Hope your holidays (if you celebrate them) are joyous!


No, half of that would be emotional baggage left from the episode she was in.

I kinda see this as a rant Trixie gives to the Mane Cast.

(Addressing the Mane cast, all information is from Trixie's POV so it is not necessarily correct, and any attempt to correct her will be silenced) "Why would I be so unwilling to 'let this go'? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that pretty much everything you ponies have ever done has been an attack on me? I give a free performance everypony else was enjoying and you start to heckle me and try to upstage me. When that doesn't work, you convince two idiot colts to go into a dangerous forest, in the middle of the night, to retrieve a fifty ton star bear, risking their lives and the lives of everypony in that pathetic little village of yours just to get back at me. After it destroys my home and nearly kills me you get your friend to stop it, making this big obnoxious deal about how 'she's not as bad as Trixie is' instead of making sure nopony was hurt and nothing else in your town aside from the obvious exception of my hat, cape, trailer, home, livelihood, and all my personal possessions was damaged. Then years later, after dragging myself out of the hole you shoved me into, you track me down and make false accusations of stealing your chairs and drenching you, and when that also doesn't work because I didn't nor do I need to, you start to backpeddle but I wouldn't let you, so you decide to start stalking me across Equestria. Then when I start bragging about the time I actually did get a legitimate victory over an Ursa Major saving whatever town I couldn't be bothered to find out the name of because it was the middle of the night and I was too busy trying to save it and passed out from both magical and physical exhaustion before I could ask, you again show up and try to undermine me as well as you humiliating me, drenching me like I didn't drench you. And after that you manage to trick me into dropping a house on my head, then draw on my unconscious face, then accuse me of lying, again, and when I run off because I want you all to leave me alone, you track me down again and instead of apologizing right out, you say the most confrontational thing you could say short of something like 'YOU! ME! WE'RE THROWING DOWN NOW TRIXIE!' getting us into yet another pointless confrontation. Apologies won't undo the destruction of everything I own, the years of humiliation, the injuries, nor the emotional scars. They won't even wash off my face."

In short - love the story.

In a longer version:
I simply adore the characterization you gave all the participating ponies (and Discord), especially Trixie (and Discord (duh)). :trixieshiftright:
The story flows at a great pace, throwing enough events at the reader with plenty of detail without drowning him in too much of either;
There's adventure, action and a pinch of comedy here and there - the perfect mix, in my opinion. :raritywink:

Honestly... don't really know what else to add... praise here, praise there - no matter what angle I look from, I simply can't find anything I don't like about the story.

For a very enjoyable read - I tip my hat to you, good sir. :ajsmug:

Thank you very much for the comments!

As much as I would like to believe that everything is working perfectly, I know there are places for improvements. Once I finish this story, I'm taking it down to ponychan and getting the reviewers there to really go to town on it. I want it to be as good as possible since I want to step away from the pony fanfiction scene for a while afterwards. I've got other works from different series that are in need of my attention but these darn ponies just won't leave me alone to finish them!

Till next time!

Sadly Rarity, if Blueblood is in this anything like he is in my headcanon (a passive-aggressive, self-absorbed embittered cynic sick of being treated like a prize to be won by the countless vapid mares with dreams of marrying a storybook prince he refuses to be), then prepare to be disappointed.

Wow. Just...wow. And thanks for using normal doctor - other authors would've put here annoying reference to Doctor Who, and, frankly, I'm tired of this.

It's very cute when Discord realizes that he care for Trixie. Poor showmare, she can't catch a break, can she? False accusations, stalking Elements, Ursa, Rainbow Crash, and now honest to goddess Discord and very real death. Poor mare.

Huh. Interesting take on him. I haven't seen enough of him to really see that as a possibility but you never know.

Anyway, don't take that scene too seriously. It was meant to be silly and lighthearted.

I don't know enough about Dr. Who to use him. Plus, I avoid using characters that don't have a solid personality behind them. That includes pretty much all the background ponies that the fandom has given names to.

Things may look bleak but it's not over yet. More to come!

Thanks for the comments!

I'm curious: how long to you plan on this being (chapter-wise)?

how long od it usualy take you to write a chapter? i realy can't wait for the next one.


I know that. I'm kinda making a joke myself.

"Up ahead, she saw what she hoped was an exit to this madness." - sounds kind of odd... won't "exit from" sound better?

I dare say, that's quite a fascinating picture of Manehattan you made. Not hard to believe that those ponies won't recognize the end of the world even if it hit them in the face. :rainbowlaugh:
I also see that Discord got more "screen" time - lovely. Can't wait to see his conversation with Trixie.

As always - a job well done! Keep it up. :pinkiehappy:


Good catch. I have that fixed.

When it comes to Manehattan and its citizens, I went with a stereotypical depiction of "go about your business and don't look for trouble." That crazy looking creature over there? Just ignore him and worry about yourself. Might not be the typical pony way but this is the city based off of New York. I've been there. They've got their own priorities.

I've tried to keep Discord from running away with the story and slowly building him up. It's Trixie's tale, just as much as his, and I wanted to balance the two. Now things are boiling over so he'll be in the spotlight a little more moving forward.

Don't want to say much more than that. Stay tuned!

This fic is good. Very good.

Excellent pacing, good description without being overwhelming. No obvious errors. And really well fleshed out personalities. Deserves its high rating.

You've even managed to nail Discord's personality pretty well, which, after reading a whole bunch of fics, a lot of people can't pull it off. But you did. You totally did.

I felt that Celestia was a bit too passive in this chapter, but it's hardly a big deal.

Really looking forward to more of this.

Good stuff.

Oh man, talk about a development. I had actually imagined that something like this could happen, so +1 for me! I guess.

I can definitely sympathize with Trixie here. She wants power, yes, but she wants her own power. Finding out that everything she has accomplished was more or less a lie is a crushing blow indeed. I can see this influencing her decision to turn down Discord's offer; after all, none of what he is offering would really be real, right? Or at least, it wouldn't have been earned by her own hard work. What makes winning satisfying is knowing you worked for it.

And Discord! Oh, Discord. Only he could take something potentially crippling and turn it into virtual invincibility. At this rate, only Trixie could really stand a chance against him, since she is the key to his new power. Oh well, chaos isn't so bad. And Discord himself doesn't seem so bad either, he genuinely seemed upset when Trixie apparently met her maker.

Thanks for the compliments!

I've notices too that many authors write Discord as creepy, violent and sadistic. I guess that could be the case (doubtful) but I never really agreed with it. But he's a very fun character to write as his very nature allows me to come up with the most random things and still make sense. In a chaotic way, that is.

Yeah, other than bringing the elements and yelling at Discord, Celestia didn't have much to do here. That's why I got rid of Spike since he'd just be standing on the sidelines making comments. However, I've got more for her to do soon so perhaps I'll make it up to our sun goddess.

Plused one given! I think.

:pinkiegasp: Dude, are you looking over my shoulder? Stop that!

Can't say anymore otherwise I'll be giving too much away. Thanks for enjoying!

Now, that's what I've been expecting from Discord! Awesome work, man! What he thought was inconvenience, turned to be his greatest asset! Now even Elements can't stop him... and Trixie became immortal as well, and now has Manehattan all by herself. I really like to see what she'll do to 'her' city now and how wlll manecast and Celestia deal with unstoppable God of Chaos.

I'm infinitely jealous of your Discord characterization; spot on, in my opinion. I only hope I manage him half as well.

My only gripe, and it's more of a question that might be answered later, for all I know: regarding their bond, at what point is it dangerous instead of helpful? So far, it seems that one being alive protects the other one from being dead, but would it ever work the other way around? So that one being dead would kill the other one, too? The bond seems to work negatively regarding "smaller" insults, such as Discord hitting himself causing Trixie pain, but positively regarding actually dying.

Can't wait for the next chapter!


I'm guessing that we might be having a Macbeth/Demona from Gargoyles case, where they are invulnerable except against each other.

Yep, this was Discord's big break out moment. It was a lot of fun creating all his wacky hijinks. As for how things will go from here, well, just wait and see.

Oh, I'm sure you're doing just fine. I haven't read your story "For All That Must Be" yet but it looks like it's been well received. I never go by the belief that there's only one "right" way to depict a character. I've actually been avoiding reading stories about Discord as I'm afraid it might taint my own depiction of him as I write.

As for your other comment; I'm not sure how much to give away without spoiling things. I'll just say that it's a weird situation that even Discord doesn't completely understand.

You sir, are awesome as that was where much of my inspiration for Discord and Trixie's situation came from. It's not exactly the same thing but darn close.

Have an internet!

Thank you all for the comments! It's really appreciated to get others' opinions on my work.


Well crap, I like Trixie in this, so being the only one to be able to slay Discord, at the cost of her own life, saddens me.

My guess: Trixie tricks Discord into breaking her horn, permanently depowering the both of them, and when confronted with the Mane Cast afterwards, sadly and angrily tells them to leave her alone, because they always bring bad luck to her.


Oh my word, you're the one who wrote this.

I just last night ended up staying up until 5 AM on Fanfiction.net to finish reading this, along with other Trixie-related stories (but mostly this), to get a firm feel for the character since she's going to be so important in my own fic and the TV series itself is lacking in Trixie. This one and the one wherein she hangs out with Sweetie Bell were probably the best, but this one edges out that other one just slightly thanks to the voice of John De Lancie gambolling about in my head whenever I read it. It is, dare I say it, "priceless."

Excellent work, sir, excellent work.

The one with Sweetie Bell I believe is "The Guidance and Patronage of Trixie," a very good read but hasn't been updated in a while.

I also read a whole bunch of Trixie related stories before getting into this one. Research!:twilightsmile:

Once I saw Discord in his two parter, I just had to come up with a story for him. Many of the other fics I came across have him as a sinister and creepy villain, which I felt didn't do his character justice. Here, I let him roam free and mess with our favorite group of ponies.

Thanks for the comment. More coming soon!

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