• Published 4th Nov 2011
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Trixcord - RTStephens

Two grandstanders. Only one horn.

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Director's Cut

Author's Note:

An alternate ending for those that enjoy them.

Eight ponies proceeded down the hall of Canterlot Tower. The bearers of the Elements of Harmony and the princesses of Equestria held their heads high as they made their way past the stained glassed windows of the heroes of the past. Each of them wore a stoic expression, fighting back tears that threatened to spill. There had been enough sorrow; now was the time to honor one of their own.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, who had returned after an extensive pilgrimage throughout the land to reacquaint herself with the ponies she helped rule, stopped in front of a window covered up by a red curtain. The princesses parted and stood on either side. Simultaneously, their horns lit up and drew back the curtain to reveal the window underneath.

It was as grand as all the other windows in the tower. At its top were depicted the bearers of harmony, their bodies aglow with power. At the bottom lay Discord, his misshapen body fallen in defeat. And in the center stood a blue unicorn, her body acting as a conduit for the elements to strike down their common foe.

Perched on the sill of the window, lay a star covered magician’s hat.

“My friends,” Celestia announced. “Let us honor today a pony that sacrificed herself so that we may all live happily. This window is a promise that her noble cause will not be forgotten. May her soul rest in peace.”

The princesses bowed to the window. After a moment of gazing at the glass structure, the bearers did the same. All except one.

There came the sound of a magical discharge, followed by an ear piercing shattering of glass.

A collective gasp escaped from the ponies as they scrambled away from the window to avoid its falling pieces. Once the danger had passed, seven pairs of shocked eyes stared at where the window used to be. Only a few shards of glass remained in the frame. The rest was strewn across the carpeted floor. Then, as one, they tracked the pony responsible as she stepped forward, her hooves crunching glass as she went.

“T-Twilight?” Applejack stuttered. “Why?”

Twilight Sparkle didn’t answer. She stopped just below the remnants of the window, the sun’s rays striking her at full force now that there was nothing to impede them. Twilight remained silent for a full minute before she found her voice.

“This... this isn’t... right,” she began, struggling against the emotions building within her. “I... I made a promise. I promised that she’d be here, in this room, seeing this window. All of us. Together.” Twilight lowered her head and shut her eyes tightly. The tears building up finally spilled forth and fell to the floor.

Suddenly, Twilight whirled around and faced the gathered ponies. Her muzzle was set in the most determined expression they had ever seen. “I’m going to keep that promise! Somehow, someway, I’m going to find a way to separate Trixie from Discord. She’ll be here with us to celebrate like she should be. I swear to all of you, this will not be the end of her story.”

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first ending = Adorably hilarious

Second ending = Sad, badass, and demanding of a sequel I so wanna see!

Hmm...not sure which I like. On the one hand, the former one allows for a happy ending, which is what I crave because I'm a big ol' softee like that; on the other hand, I don't know how I feel about Trixie and Discord being merged into one being.

The latter ending opens up the possibility for a sequel, which is good, but is sadder, which is a strike.


Well, thumbs up anyway.

Nope! Real ending is up now!

I have no plans for a sequel, but you never know.

I'm glad you found both to your liking! And thanks for seeing this to the end!

Don't you just hate it when an author doesn't help you make up your mind? :trollestia:

The first ending is what I had been building up ever since I introduced the link. It might not be ideal, but it was the most logical solution for a nice ending.

The other is the original one that I thought up before thinking better of it. Sill, I wanted to try a more tragic turn so left it in as a potential way for things to go.

Glad you liked it, though! It has been a pleasure!

Obvious, huh? Perhaps. I did lay it on thick with the link and all.

I'm happy that you enjoyed the story as a whole and found the finale satisfying! Beginning and ending stories are some of my weak spots so I'm glad I hit a sweet spot for you.

YES! Someone got it! Even some of my proofreader's thought it was a mistake. Oh, sorry, stnank.

It's kinda sad that homestarrunner.com has lost so much luster, but given that it hasn't updated in two years, people tend to move on. Oh, well.

Thanks for enjoying!

Maybe not the most original idea out there, but I think I managed to use it in a unique way.

Heh, yeah. Pinkie brings out the WTF in all of us.

Thanks for the comments and enjoying the story!

THIS! THIS! This is the Trixie I've always pictured in my mind! You are a genius of the highest quality. It was THIS EXACT STORY that inspired me to start writing my story. Not sure if I already commented, but seeing it in the group made me want to comment (again).

That, and your avatar has my favorite characters from my favorite series (minus Avatar and One Piece).

Wow! Thanks for the comments! It's wonderful to hear that my little story inspired others to try their own. It's probably the best type of comment I can get.

Yeah, I was big into Ranma 1/2 back in the day so it seemed logical to combine my two best gals into one picture. I've been very pleased with it.

Good luck with your writing!

Hey! I didn't realize this story was here too. Like and fav! :pinkiehappy:

Reading my story over again? That's cool! :rainbowdetermined2:

Keep in mind that I started this story near the beginning of season 2 and it ended just past the half-way mark of that season. Many of the locations and their placements weren't known at the time.

But the big reason why this shifts over to Trottingham is that I just spent three chapters in Canterlot and wanted to change the location. For variety's sake.

Wheels are the work of the devil! What, you don't believe Trixie? :trixieshiftright:

I love this story! So is Trixcord make or female or Both?

"It's a girl."

"It's Trixcord."

"I thought Trixcord was a man!"

"It's whatever it wants to be."


*Grins and applauds* Very well done! The mane six felt very well done and I loved Pinkie's collection of chocolate rain. Rarity and AJ also felt really well and I loved the brief scene of AJ supporting Rarity when she was fretting over getting dirty.

The weakest part to me has to be Trixie though. We never really see much out of her, her character develops and changes but really we see comparatively little of why she has t change. We really don't get to know how she started out and became the way she was.

Still a very solid fic and both endings are superb. I think I prefer the first over the second as the second really does suggest the elements would simply petrify an innocent or imply her guilt in some fashion.

Yay! I seem to be on a roll with you lately.

The very first chapter had a lot of explanation as to why Trixie was doing what she was doing. However, early editing had me drop much of it since it came across as a massive info dump. I'm curious to know what you think could be added to make Trixie stronger in your eyes.

Still, I thank you for giving this a try! :pinkiehappy:

3398012 Yeah I sort of binge at times :twilightsheepish:

I'm not entirely sure to be honest, I just really felt like Trixie's motivations were really overshadowed Discord. I mean it's easy enough to understand why but I feel like she was just really passive with everything, she never really reacted or thought about stuff til the end really. I wish I could be more specific. Especially in the ending I felt the only sign of Trixie was that Discord's side seemed more mellowed. I dunno, she's hard to do but you still did a great job with her.:pinkiehappy:

Eh, she thought she might get lucky. :trollestia:

Gah, I can't really put into words what I would want.
This was fantastic, and discord and trixie were portrayed exellently. I liked pinkie and twilight as well, but I can't really comment on the other EoH members, as they seemed ok, but not as in depth as the others. I don't particularly like rainbow dash normally, who got the most character interaction, so I can't say anything on her, as even if it's a good portrayal of her, I'd hate it, and I do, so... good job i guess?
Anyway, The two endings- I like the first one one, continuation of the whole "life link" deal you had going on, with a bit of a twist from the elements creating harmony. Was great, If a bit silly, but this has colorful talking ponies so its to be expected.
Second ending- It seemed like a cliffhanger for a good tv series. The window shattering was a bit over dramatic (again, ponies make it ok), but now i REALLY want a sequel to this from that alone. Ill give a 8/10. Would read again.

Thanks for the comments!

I don't have any plans for a sequel for either ending, but if the idea strikes me, who knows.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for pointing that out. Must have corrupted after a site update.

Hope you're enjoying the story!

Heh, yeah I always get a chuckle from that line.

Glad you liked it!

Both endings were great!
Personally, This one was, even though much more dark and sad, was better imo.
But the first one is a concept that would be great as a story by itself.
Trixcord messing with stuff while being a citizen of Equestria, obeying laws and the like.
I rate this, in the words of JonTron, Ten

Happy that you enjoyed it!

The first ending is essentially what Discord does now in the show. Appear, cause a little chaos, laugh, then leave. I just got to it first. :ajsmug:

Love the Director’s Cut ending.

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