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This story is a sequel to Order-naries: Vacation

The first Summer Sun Celebration since the Order-naries arrived in Equestria is fast approaching, and Ponyville is once again destined to be the stage for many stories. Accompanied by Gold Heart and Soul Mage, Princess Luna visits in disguise to experience the Celebration as she imagines it should be. Ashen Blaze shows atypical enthusiasm at literally being ordered by Celestia to attend the Celebration and relax, only to disappear without a trace soon after arriving. The Great and Powerful Trixie returns to Ponyville once again to try and repair her reputation, and this time she's brought help in the form of three other show-ponies. She's also being stalked by a pony who is obsessed with Trixie and destroying everything she has fought to regain.
And that's only the first Act...

Chapters (32)
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Comments ( 112 )

And finally we get to the awesome in progress series. Can't wait for the continuation.
One of the more realistic and balanced portrayals of Trixie throughout this series.

Excellent. I did not realize until now that the New Chapter was a NEW CHAPTER.:facehoof:
Looking forward to see where this is all leading. and still enjoying the characterizations.
I DO find Pinkie's sisters slightly bland and less interesting or memorable that your own OCs though.:pinkiesad2:

Alicorn Twi, Beep-Beep-I'm-A-Cloud Dash, and Fluttertree. I can't wait to see the others. :rainbowdetermined2:

“Would you mind terribly if I fainted?”

Pure. WIN. XD I'd lol, but I'm at work.

Oh boy, great chapter. And TRIXIE! Nuuuuuuuuuuuu.

I am reciving an interperetation that shit is about to hit the fan

Interesting, so Cabbage is part changeling?


Actually, as far as I can infer, she IS a changeling who's been turned part pony by the plant.

Alright, who gave Discord access to the Internet.

True, she often changes form (though amulet assisted) and can mimic voices.

Why would you think that way?
Also, the amulet AppleTank refers to only allows underwater breathing. The seapony form is clearly a costume. :moustache:


New convoluted theory. She is to Queen Chrysalis what Luna was to Nightmare Moon after the Elements stripped her of her power.

:fluttershysad: This sort of pessimistic conclusion-jumping is exactly why Cabbage doesn't want to be seen at the moment.

Heart's Desire and Poison Joke? Interesting hybrid... Though that makes me wonder why Zecora...

Ah, of course. She was shunned when she first arrived in Ponyville, so of course she'd sometimes want to be seen as normal. Of course, losing her ability to rhyme would be a bit of a handicap to her.

Anyway, this is another great chapter, and I look forward to more, both here, on Sohndar, and on your Ask the Order-Naries blog!

Poor Ash.

His confession will not quell Rarity's interest, but rather the opposite, as she now knows he does value her... but not himself enough to pursue a romantic relationship. Which means that Rarity is going to be seeking the mysteries of Ashen Blaze's past, the sins he feels hold him back...

Poor poor Ash. It was one thing when Rarity was just pining for him, now she's got solid targets for how to make the relationship progress.

Hmm, very interesting.

Hope the patchwork remedy works at least partially.

And he knows it. Why else do do you think he made a hasty exit once the flowers bloomed? :trollestia:

Very nice, that explaination for the hybrid makes a lot of sense.

And yeah, Ash just painted a big ol target on himself.

I promised I'd comment more on your works, and I haven't done that for this story yet, so here goes.

As if poison joke wasn't bad enough, now there's a mutation of it! Curious to find out who's responsible for developing such a malicious concoction. Though, it seems to affect fanon conceptions of the characters more than anything else.

One thing that's odd to me while reading this series, is the traveling group of thespians that Trixie has rounded up. I dunno, I just find it weird that she's willing to allow others into her act. She always struck me as a one-pony show. It seems to have calmed her down and become more social, so at least she's growing as a character.

Who's going to be the guinea pig for the cure? Guess I'll have to tune in next time to see!

Have you read Multi-mental in Manehatten yet? Trixie has a bit of character development there that leads up to her role in this story.

Yep. I read that a long time ago though, so I've forgotten some of the details. I actually didn't know that that story ties into this one.

Smashing job, CTVulpin! Absolutely smashing! Chalk another success up for the forces of Order.

Although the missing AEM is a genuine concern. If Discord gets his claws on it, it won't be pretty.

By the way, random thought: Discord is actually a version of Ranma from a universe where Ranma got even more royally screwed than in canon! What do you think?

( I get the reference, but...)

749871 Oh, sorry. I was reading another fanfic where that turned out to be the case. And Fate decided to screw with him even more by taking him to Equestria, and then essentially telling him that he could never truly have the paradise he was seeing. So, he went nuts.

Anyway, I look forward to Act III, as well as the Order-naries' solution to my scenario on the blog!

Ah yes, the blog that everyone should check out and submit questions to if they don't mind. :duck:

Today has been active here on Fimfiction for me. Two stories added to my favorites, my own (much delayed) update, and this!

I can understand Ash's concern about the AEM, given his experience with the Z'Nai, and the little fact that the Everfree forest is filled with critters best described as 'malign'

Well that's one problem taken care of. Looking forward to act 3 whenever you have time for it.

For some reason, I didn't have this favorited. I've fixed that.

This was a complicated cure to be sure and I liked the way that Dash was able to get it spread to the whole town. Kinda reminded me of the Cowboy Bebop movie where they used the clouds to cure the nanomachine problem.

Does Ponyville ever catch a break?

Looking forward to seeing how Discord will be reintroduced! Even sealed up, he's a menace!

:raritycry: Fluttershy, forgive me! It had to be done... :fluttercry:

Damn. This is brutal. Ash has been possessed, and is throwing the ponies who can help through a tear in reality. Could the tear... lead to Taryn? Or possibly another world that they left behind?

Despite your misgivings, I found this chapter rather riveting, and I look forward to more. Also, more Sohndar would be nice.


Angel's injuries you mean? He's the only one that really got it bad.

Alright, so I didn't start catching up on this quite as quickly as I said I would, but I'm here now. Short words, since it has been suggested to that I might ramble wee bit too long some times, so praise for earlier chapters will come later.

These transformative "jokes" just keep getting more bizarre and awkward, I like it. The possible mystery with what exactly might be up with Cabbage Patch has me quite intrigued.

Onward to the next chapter then.

Poison Joke + Heart's Desire, now the craziness all makes some amount of sense. Though I'm certainly curios how some of the more bizarre transformations apply to this Twisted Desire breed.

Real names for the Order-naries, hadn't been expecting that. Hardly the kind of confession I'd expect to get even a wiggle from the seeds of truth, but interesting enough I suppose. Of course then to get them in full bloom you have to go and quash my lady's unrequited desires. :raritydespair:

Oh well, more Rarity for me.

Next chapter.

Aw, that's mean! You. Big. Dumb. Meanie!

So, it looks like there's no room for rest. Hit them while they're down, as they say. Who's going to be left to save them by the end, I wonder?

That's slightly more detail on the setting of broken bones than I went with in my story, but well under the threshold where it might become bad taste. Angel is lucky he didn't have to set the bones himself.

On another note, Discord did do something EXACTLY right when dealing with Fluttershy; he got her alone, and without anyone to defend she's not good at defending herself. I do wonder if whatever's taken over Ash can resist her full Stare.

On a THIRD note, I'm fairly confidant that it is Ash, being taken over by something, given how the truth plant reacted to him.

Wow, and act 3 is off to a rapid start. Not sure what to make of this evil Ash yet, but he's certainly no slouch. I'd demand more NOW, but I only just got caught up, so I think I'll enjoy the lul between chapters.

Also, poor Angel. The bunny can be a heck of a jerk, but even he didn't deserve that kind of a beating.

This... is just chilling. I had a feeling Pinkie was the one who wasn't fully committed. But damn, to hear it confirmed...:pinkiesad2:

If Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's disappearances haven't sparked concern, Pinkie's definitely will.

I don't like the sound of pinning the tail in the pony...

Also, low blow on telling Pinkie she's the wink link. But, I guess that was the idea.

Is Maggie up for the task of turning Trixie's troupe around? I doubt they even keep receipts.

It's getting creepier! Continue on!

Anyone else thinking that the feelings developing between Ash and Rarity are going to be what saves the day here?

Also, the bit with Pinkie Pie was surprisingly dark, did she just get tortured for most of a day?

Well, there goes the most powerful of the elements. That sucks.

It's getting a little repetitive how all the heroes rush to Fluttershy's cabin, have a little tussle, then get sent away. I'm hoping a different set of circumstances happens to mix things up.

"This is the world where we fought Tau’rin just prior to going to Equestria"
Wait a second.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the first story, wasn't it said that the world before Equestria was destroyed since the Order-naries had failed to defend it from Tau'rin?

I think a later story said that they weren't destroyed, they just had big holes punched in them.

869636 That would be this story, in act II, I believe.

Human ponies! Didn't see that coming but admittedly, I haven't been paying as much focus on continuity as I should have.

Cadence is now involved and I wonder how her presence will affect things. I've wondered just how powerful she is when stacked up against all the other villains in the series.

You have me thinking that Ash is a changeling but I have a hunch I'm utterly wrong. I guess we'll wait and see.

Well... this was a twist. So, did Discord pull out Ash's peak magic power, give it form, and make it evil? That sounds like the most likely theory.

I have to wonder, though: at his peak, would Ash be a match for the Princesses (by which I mean Luna and Celestia)?

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