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A mission ends with Fluttershy being revealed as a changeling. The Mane 6 pause on the walk back home to discuss this development.

Featured on Nov. 14 2019. :yay:

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That was nice. Very well written and to the point. It kind of reminded me of truthseeker in how they were completely hidden.
And what a wonderful mystery we have at the end, just what is she? I want to say an eldritch horror that doesn't quite break minds in small quantities.
Good read.

I would of thought meeting Cheese Sandwich would be Pinkie's reformation moment as I could see him being the same type as her.

I did consider that possibility, but if I tried to explain everything about everyling, I'd never be able to find a good stopping point for the story.

I want a second part telling us Just what she turned into. Please make that happen.

I'll tell you why, if you'll highlight the following spoiler'd text:
The dream that inspired this fic ended with the implication that Rainbow Dash was yet another kind of changeling, but I woke up before that could be confirmed. Thus, I have chosen to leave things deliberately vague and let your imagination fill in the blanks.
Is Dash another 'ling?
Is she an minor eldritch horror of some kind?
Is she a dragonequus or other reality-warping spirit?

Who knows? Decide for yourself.

Given that Dash only asked if anyone else was a changeling, the implication is that she's one herself (and a type not discussed yet). If she was something non-changeling, she'd have been more likely to ask something along the lines of “before we go, is there anypony else who isn't actually a pony?”

Well at least we know what the sequel will be about. Great story by the way.

Good Fic. I love stories where one of the Mane 6 is a changeling.

Hmm, makes me curious about how many Emotivore subspecies there are, and if their internal structure is different in some way...ignore the scalpel, I totally don't know how to use it.

Still, the fact that they can all 'reform' implies that that's literally part of their life cycle, which implies a lot of other things in regards to their physiology. It also means the immature variants of their species can breed, and Fluttershy's statement implies also that 'reformation' isn't aged base, which does kind of make sense in the case of something that feeds off emotions having a trigger for change like that.

All of that being said, a cute little thing, and lovely bit, wish there were more, but I know how dreams are, had one of these myself a few months back.

I bet I know who the one that triggered Pinkie Pie’s reformation was, the one pony with a similar demeanor to her, Cheese Sandwich!

I choose to believe that Rainbow Dash here is a Glitter-ling: A changeling with a carapace so shiny that it appears as a dazzling (and blinding) shifting rainbow pattern. It is, in fact, so shiny that lasers will bounce off of it.

After all, what could be cooler than a supersonic, laser-proof shapeshifter?

She's a changeling! ... again :x

Wasn't/isnt't everyone a changeling at this point?
I would be surprised if Chrysalis was Twilight buttttt then again.... i read a story in which she was cast as new Queen sooo that's off the table too :p

I like the idea that she checked to make sure none of the other were so she couldn’t possibly be upstaged.

I understand; that doesn't mean I don't hate you for it.
I love the concept of multiple emotivore varieties.
edit: Add the changeling tag so people can find it with the other changeling fics.

Most amusing. And oddly plausible.

Ah yes, the good ol' "X is a changeling" story troupe...for some reason, that one just never gets old... :rainbowlaugh:

The lore building, though altogether fairly light all things considered, was certainly interesting. The idea of different types of changelings feeding off different types of emotions I don't think is a new idea exactly (I'm pretty sure I read another fic, years back, that broached the same idea), but it's the first I've seen it applied to the Mane 6 themselves like this. And it makes sense regardless, too. :twilightsmile:

I can only imagine how honorific rd has to look for fluttershy to cuss lmao.

Sounds like it was, it was at one of Pinkie's parties that he realized his purpose.

Either that or Fluttershy is just upset that she and her oldest friend both shared the same secret and she's only now learning this. :flutterrage:

That's a bit over-the-top for my taste, but if that's what you want, then I won't stop you.

Added the Changelings tag. Thanks for pointing that out.
Now, may I suggest you channel that hate into writing the follow-up you want to see? :duck:

The ending was amusing.


The idea of different types of changelings feeding off different types of emotions I don't think is a new idea exactly (I'm pretty sure I read another fic, years back, that broached the same idea.)

I could be wrong, but I think this might be the fic you're thinking of:

TA Novel Tale
Novel Tale, a changeling living in Canterlot as a writer, has his peaceful life shattered when changelings from another hive attack, revealing the existence of changelings to all of ponykind. And his last book had a changeling character in it...
Blissey1 · 54k words  ·  3,133  54 · 28k views

Might've been! I did in fact read the first eight or so chapters of that fic once.

Darn right, you won’t!


I mean, thanks!

now I want to know what kind rainbow dash is...
ya teased me dammit

So why weren't Pinkie and RD revealed in the big spell?

Only Fluttershy actually got hit by the spell.

i chose to belived based on flutershies reaction that RD is a changeling but shes actualy a MALE changeling and has been all there life, and just likes being in female form, hence the WTB moment from flutershy.

what if rainbow dash is a love changeling? like chrysalis

i think the clue is in that last paragraph. Pinkie's reveal said flash of ruby fire. But...RD's was a flash of light, and how many characters cause a flash of light with their use of magic magic?

I'll give you a hint. It's a popular chat program that is used by this site.

EDIT: I'll clarify i think same species, but not that character specifically


or the changeling was just passing through and got caught up in a party and we triggered each other without realizing.”

Sounds like Cheese Sandwich to me.

Would Changleings even have gender, as we understand it? Look at actual hive-instincts: They have female queens, who lay the eggs. Male drones, who's only job is to mate with the queens. But most of them are pseudo-genderless workers.

To 'greatly' abreviate a complicated topic, yes changelings do have genders males have gems in there chests, females dont or at least thats the cannon word from hasbro last i checked.

unreformed the genders are near imposible to tell apart with females only having very slight varaitions that only another changeling would be able to pick out.

Entertaining. I could easily see a whole series on this. Unlikely as it is. It would be awesome to have more stories.


> Twilight finally manages to pull out the big spell that banished all the illusions

Sounded wider area than that… but I suppose it must have been. Kind of odd wording for Pinkie to choose, since she knew of an illusion remaining.

Sorry, don't do discord (especially since I use Linux mint and have no idea what terminal commands I need to enter to download it)

My point being, since both Fluttershy and Pinkie revealed as changelings, everyone assumed changeling for RD, but it says flash of light and not fire. And getting Fluttershy to yell out would take far more than changeling. So I think Draconequess.

so maybe she is NOT a changeling...
huh... I will start coming up with ideas

phoenix, maybe?
a literal bird?
at this point it could be any number of things...
I mean she could be a turbofan engine for all we know



Not bad, but like 90% of other 'main six member is a changeling' is a little short and make people want more.

With Dash being the speed demon that she is, I imagine her turning into a Thunderbird or the opposite, like some sort of flying turtle. Besides, the opposite would explain why she is such a speed demon: being slow and graceless in her natural form, she tries to get the most out of her pony form.

I think the reason for that is that it's hard to figure out where to take an "X is a Changeling" story after the initial reveal.

True... There are a couple of X is a changeling like "The Irony of Applejack" or "Reformation of the hives" or "Of the Hive" and "The three sisters" but for now, it seems that Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rainbow don't have their story as changelings

Considering she wound up day-glo orange and it comes from sharing the emotion, that makes sense.
Which means in non-shapeshifted form, Cheese Sandwich is probably bright pink.

No, Rainbow has one... I forget what it was called, but it's in my bookshelves somewhere...
Really should put that "reshelving day" into effect, it would've been a snap to find it then (as one of the new shelves would be Changeling-centered).

Well, how many fics you have with Rainbow? That should make the list shorter

You'd think so...

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