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"I clean this slate."

Bryan Herring is born again into a world just a tiny bit different to his own. Burdened with the past's shackles, and daunted by the future's intentions; how will Quantum deal with his life and its tales of reincarnations, Time, great evils, princesses, siblings, and love?

Fate could really be a bitch sometimes.

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Awww..... Why did you have to stop here :fluttershysad:

Please continue....If it's alright with you, that is...

I like it so far good job keep it up:twilightsmile:

Ill give it a fav and like. Hope to read more.

Good story so far. :pinkiehappy:

What relation does the name 'Quantum' have to mechanical timekeeping? I fail to see the tie between chronology and a word that refers to discrete energy/required amounts/the atomic and subatomic scale.


Good question; here's a dumb answer.

Because other forms of media do it, I then am allowed.

Just kidding; the cutie mark representing the cogs and such doesn't necessarily refer to mechanical time keeping more as a representation of time itself. It's like asking; 'why is Twilight's cutie mark a star? That doesn't represent magic at all, and her name doesn't have anything to do with magic either. These things are unrelated. angery face.'

That being said, here's a wiki page on quantum spacetime.

Good question though, even though my answer was piss poor.

Well this is very interesting. I like human transformation stories, especially Alicorn ones. Alicorns are awesome!

"This is a parody of self-insert..."

So, in the words of Tenacious D, this is just a tribute?

I wasn't sure what to think of this story when I saw the description, but so far, I'm glad I gave it a chance. I really like this story. It's not every day when you see a human-turned-to-alicorn story with an interesting plotline, character, and even some mystery behind it. Good job.


Cheers, buddy! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

7183889 True. It smacks of wish fulfillment but is well balanced in that so far. It is not just about Quantum being super awesome. It doesn't overly make the other characters revolve entirely around him either. Which is a definite plus. Any story with an alicorn growing up I would imagine to be hard to write to not make them a Gary Stu. But so far it is holding up. Have a fav and a like Mr.Author.


Oh stop it, you, you'll make me blush.

In all seriousness, thanks for the support!

This story was like a water tube ride.

We're going along then we hit the first rapid in the form of a teenager wanting a "fresh start" just because. But I hung on. Sured my grip when I learned about his parents.

Next bump came with the born Alicorn thing. Won't lie, almost knocked me off.

Next bump, was the born with cutie mark thing, hanging on by one arm.

Not really sure how much longer I will go along for this ride. But as of now, I am still hanging in their.

7173667 Quantum mechanics have an association with time travel. More specifically, how to go about it, without destroying the fundamental laws of the universe by going "faster than light speed"... You know, considering that you must lack mass to have the potential to even go light speed...

7183990 I sincerely await the next chapter in not but earnest, eager for more to utterly devour, in a haze of pleased consumption. This story has been plenty enjoyable, thus far, and I shall be looking forward to it's continuation!:twilightsmile:


Insert incoherent giggling here.


Fair enough, dude. My only recommendation would be to keep holding on; it'll make sense by the end. Then again, I am prone to bias. So, you do you, buddy. I won't call you out for stopping.

7185339 Just remember: nopony expects the Equestrian Inquisition.:moustache:

Comment posted by Earth Galvanising deleted May 4th, 2016


i just realised my reply was dumb because i didn't read the comment right.


7185392 It's alright; I didn't get the chance to read it... You kinda deleted it before I could get there...

7184795 It's just that the name 'quantum' is far from the first time related name I can think of, and time isn't what I think of when I hear that adjective. It's not that it's senseless, it just doesn't seem intuitive. Though I digress, thinking of a name for a character is difficult.


Well said. The name really came to me on the fly.

I certainly like this story, so, place, do continue. :raritystarry:

Quantum had finally returned to her, and she’d be damned if she let him go again.


This is actually rather intriguing so far. Nicely done. I think my favorite plot thread has to be the fact that his uncle also made the rebirth deal. I'm rather curious to see what you will do with that.


There's plenty of character development on its way; Phil will be receiving a heavy dose of it.

I'm enjoying the story. I admit it took me awhile to actually start reading it due to the description. I was under the impression a very different story would be playing out, but once I actually got into the narrative, it was rather enthralling, and it's keeping me guessing what will happen. That the protagonist is an Alicorn isn't a drawback because it's being shown right away that he has a plot involving Celestia, Luna, and Discord, and if you were required to deal with those three, you'd need any and all help you could get to not be left behind.

That the protagonist may be a reincarnation twice over (instead of only a single time like he imagines) is a very interesting plot device, if done right. The foreshadowing is pretty good in that regard, not giving away much but hinting there is a lot there.

It does make me question what the purpose of the Light making that offer though. Did Quantum always exist before now, or was he retroactively created upon getting the 'reset'. Not to mention the whole point is a second chance to prevent a terrible tragedy from befalling his parents, that has to hang over his head, and we know all the horrific events upcoming around the same time-frame as in his old life. Nightmare Moon, Discord, Changelings, Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Tirek, and Starlight Glimmer twice over, with the second time causing a kind of boss-rush of previous foes at their strongest. Even smaller stuff at the same time, too could be quite threatening, and we haven't even talked about any non-canon stuff. It's a mine-field, if the goal is saving people, because they will be thrust in harms way in many instances.

That 'Uncle Phil' came along for the ride is an interesting twist I want to see more of. The only pony who can relate to Quantum's prior experiences. Real family that transcends worlds. His new family may be based on his old one, but Phil is literally both.


Thanks for the massive feedback. Updating is slow right now; I had the absolute genius idea of starting an ambitious fanfiction right before exam period, so I'm working on it, and chapter five will certainly be a big one to make up for it.

Nice comments on the foreshadowing; I'm hoping that it's going in the right direction, and shortly after C5 you can expect time skips, highlighting the most important parts of Quantum/Bryan's childhood, Phil getting some character development in there, too.

The plot involving Celestia, Luna and Discord... Well, that's of course a secret for now. But I'm sure you'll pull it together.

Good eye for catching the scene with the Light. Again, that ties in with everything else. You might figure it out early, or not at all until it's revealed.

Thanks for reading; hope you'll enjoy what I have in store, too.

Pretty interesting; I'd point out the spelling mistakes, but I don't think a lot of people like to hear about them. This, however, I think I should point out:

lowered the moon that didn’t belong to her, the princess

I think you should get rid of the strikethrough or the entire phrase it's on, because it distracts from the story. The other things seem fine, though. This story is turning out pretty interesting.

Is this a Celestia ship? Because there isn't really much of them on here.

Spilling everything to Celestia in one moment, telepathically? Interesting gift, that.


Yeeeeeah. That's not really a part I was proud of. I mean, there will be a point where that gets fleshed out and more specific, but for this moment, it's concealed for the purposes of the next chapter.

Still, I don't really expect to trudge through this endeavour without a few slip ups and errors. Thanks for pointing it out.

In reference to the authors note:

You could always be called something worse. Like a penis-potato.... I hope that is punny enough.:trollestia:

Dat cliffhanger tho ...


Well it's a tad unclear, especially since Celestia did expect some memories to return from Quantum's previous life, but getting... something from Quantum and being unsure because of that impossibility. Let's just say my eyebrow was raised during the entire section.

The rest of the chapter... more interesting foreshadowing (though the reluctance to say names is a tad annoying), especially regarding Time Magic as being important, though not knowing why (to the extent it was totally censored). I like Twilight's first usage of magic on her birthday, and it's something since Quantum's surge (I'm guessing?) is happening on his birthday too.

I'm looking forward to a bit more.

Have to say I want more! :flutterrage:

But anyways, how well the story work with the series cannon? Like well he be involved much or is he Somewhere else instead. (Oh I guess that's spoilers)


As of now, I'm sure Bryan will be involved with Canon, that's for sure. I feel I want him to play a more passive role, though, and eventually there will be a divergence to my own plotline in its own right.

7241162 I'm looking forward to this story a lot now to think about it. He's going to experience a past life he never lived but as well fall in Love in a conflict between Twilight & Celestia.

He would be in love with the next door neighbor (Twilight) but in a past life (never was his, unless he might be his?) in love with a Princess that moves the Sun.

This here is a really great story concept that would be amazing! Unless it isn't which would be a shame to not have that since it would make us fans try to choose for him either Twilight or Celestia... But than throw a curve ball with Daring Do! (Joking) :rainbowlaugh:

What is the expected wait time between chapters?

Also, I am glad this is a Celestia ship fic.... Good and long ones are rare out there.


Following today, I'm free for the next week. Expect more updates during this time.

Usually it's a minimum of once a week.

7242324 Actually... Would he start missing some entertainment from Earth?

Like Star Wars or video games?


Some mysteries cleared up. Descriptions changed, and 'Gore' tag added due to the contents of 'Memory Lane.' I hope you enjoy it.

I'm rather enjoying this story so far. This chapter was a bit info dumpy, but I did enjoy the horrible implications.

By the time Quantum is 2 years old he'll have recalled 10 lifetimes worth of memories. That is going to quickly get old. By the time he is 22, he'll have 3000 years of humanity in his head.

I sincerely hope Quantum isn't a separate personality in his head, else the implications, of watching 3K years pass by while in the backseat....

Doesn't answer anything with the light voice, Phil, or his parents connection though. Or his specific powers beyond being reincarnated with his memories. I'm guessing the full range, including the incredibly broken time stop.

Oh so... He's like Aang from Last Airbender? :pinkiegasp:

Oh it's seems like Quantum is a show off :rainbowlaugh:

There was absolutely no way anypony would be laying their hands on Quantum;

This isn't anthro, right? The I expect nopony would be laying their hooves on Quantum.

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