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A Sequel to Midnight at the Crystal Library, though the most relevant parts will come up in this tale at the appropriate time.

When Sunset Shimmer and the human Twilight Sparkle embarked on a study-vacation to the Crystal Empire, they never expected to get into a battle for the very survival of the world, against not only time-displaced versions of their friends, but time-displaced versions of Demon-Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle. But they did, and with help they prevailed.

Now heading back home with a spell in hoof that might finally make Equestrian Magic safer in the human world, Sunset and Twilight will discover that not all of their past sins are completely gone and forgotten. The Great and Powerful Trixie plans to bring a Great and Powerful copyright suit against her human counterpart, Discord has decided to tag along and keep things from getting too safe and boring, and Princess Luna takes a near-lethal dose of Pinkie Pie's proprietary coffee blend before dream-diving for the answers she seeks.

But what starts off as a rollicking good time for some soon becomes a harrowing race towards oblivion or worse. Pranks are pulled, worlds ripped asunder, the Dazzlings learn to cook, and dreams are unveiled. What sort of madness is this?

Special Thanks to Comma Typer for the use of a few characters from his marvelous (seriously, go read it) Magical Curiosity series. Also special thanks to Toriandthehorse for support and help with the story's name.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 59 )

Lovely as always. :raritywink:
This is such a great read! I can't wait for the next chapter, but for now I'll be rereading this. Over and over again. It had that nice, light humor in it that not every writer can pull off, and you did it beautifully here. Nice work..... Nice work indeed. :twilightsmile:


Siren songed me into reading this. :trixieshiftleft:

I was like certainly this story is being talked up too much. :trixieshiftright:

But turns out it was completely justified.

I mean wow. :rainbowderp:

Haven't even read the first part, but I fell down the rabbit hole instantly with this.

I mean I've read 1.5k stories that felt like 10k stories.

Which is bad, when something short feels like a marathon to complete. :facehoof:

But here you go, 5K and it flew by in an instant!

Impressed that you are so skillful to pull off such a feat. :trixieshiftleft:

Yet saddened that the ride ended for now. :raritycry:

I could personally read your interpretation of Trixie, like for enternity.

Excellent job!

I'll give you a shout out blog in the morning.

I mean just wow! :raritystarry:

Thank you for the kind words. I hope to have more chapters up soon.

Well at least Twilight was able to channel her stress magic into something useful instead of an explosion, or bursting into flames!

Not sure do I want to know if all but ten had happy endings or all but ten where disasters? Sure 10 Apcoylpses is bad but 279 is clearly worse.

Yeah... judging by how upset everypony was afterward....

Thanks for reading this far!

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You almost had me crying :pinkiesad2:
You write really well. It's such a joy to read your stories, especially these chapters.
One could learn a lot from a writer like you. I have.
Looking forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Got a feeling defeating Midnight is going to require Sci-Twi to face her for a final battle.

So it's all about reminding Twilight that Midnight is in end a construct, and Twilight will always be above her. Also that no matter what other versions of her did she isn't them and each Reality destroyed by a Midnight there is one that wasn't. As to Priness Twilight needing "The Good Stuff" just to be fully awake I believe that is a side effect, she abused it and now physically requires it.

As to Priness Twilight needing "The Good Stuff" just to be fully awake I believe that is a side effect, she abused it and now physically requires it.

Caffeine dependence is a heck of a thing. Hope you're enjoying the read.


Hey, I recognize those three ponies!

And dammit, Discord. Why did you do that?! How was that supposed to help?

I think he planned to make a localized pocket of magic around the statue, but all that untapped Chaos magic... Well he tried to make a pond and accidently created an ocean!

Ok nice deconstruction of Discord's motives, good job.

Discord's a really complicated guy, deep down. It's fun to pull back layers and just think about what he must be like under them.

This is the best interpretation of an "End" to mlp I have seen up to this point since it incorporates both worlds so well.
I am feeling really good after reading the epilogue thanks for the story :yay:


Midnight didn't have anything nice to say about Sunset?

Oops... fixed now.

I'm happy you're happy. Kinda wished EqG had as nice a sendoff as FiM is getting.

Fun, wild ride. Though if Sunset is now an alicorn I hope she doesn't get bored trying to be "just human.". Whether immortal or just really long lived. Still, enjoyed it.

Sunset probably will have to work through her... alicorn issues at some point...

Alternate title "Twilight makes a tsudarea!"

Argh, I followed you after finishing "Midnight" specifically to catch those sequels, but I was still too slow....
Well, better late than never. It was certainly a timely moral! (The Dazzlings felt a bit redundant considering that Disqord and Midnight were already acting out the friendship/reconciliation theme, but eh, it was sweet to pull them in anyway.:twilightsmile:)


The Dazzlings felt a bit redundant considering that Disqord and Midnight were already acting out the friendship/reconciliation theme, but eh, it was sweet to pull them in anyway.:twilightsmile:

You’re right. I got a little indulgent there.

“You get a redemption! You get a redemption! Look under your cha-air!!!” :rainbowlaugh:

Great story! I want to see more double Trixie.

My only complaint is that the material components for the insta-fix spell don't include a can of WD-40. :raritywink:

“Well… I might have underestimated just how saturated.”

"Incidentally, if you ever felt like turning to a glorious, golden Divine Bacon Horse of Harmony, now would be the time."

Ominous honking.

You say that as a joke, but I've read Homestuck.

Cinnamon scrunched up her nose, “Wait, Equestria? That… magical ponyworld Sunset was talking about last time she rode us?”

"Y' sure are talkin' a lot about Equestria, Sunset."
"It helps distract me from how I'm basically getting a piggyback ride from a caveman."

And brilliant use of the suddenly sapient Apple horses.

Brilliant stuff throughout, from the Midnight struggle to the Trixening to one Fluttershy turning the other onto Skullcruncher. Thank you for a fantastic read.

I love how Twilight can dream walk! I also enjoyed how Luna shows Twilight the ropes. Trixie's dream? Oh my gosh! SO GOOD!


Trixie's dream? Oh my gosh! SO GOOD!

Very happy you liked that part. I've always loved the Trixie stories that point out she must have something sad going on in her backstory. It just elevates her.

Then again, she might just be Best Horse. :rainbowwild:

Wow. Just wow. That was one heck of a chapter!

I think that what she did say was as much as she was willing to at that point.

Oh man, I loved this story! And it's prequel, too :twilightsmile: I know you said I didn't need to read the first one, but hey, whatever, it was a great read nonetheless!

Now just need to rush out that review in like three days :applejackconfused:

I want to sound cool and be all “take you’re time”, but now I’m just in a full-on “senpai noticed me!!!” happy coma. :pinkiehappy:

Haha, well, hope I don't disappoint :twilightsheepish:

One of the many reasons why I shall never rely on caffeine, ethanol, or nicotine for daily functionality.

I read. I liked. I go read sequel.

“Ah well,” she giggled, returning to her chambers to rest, “at least this means I’ll get some of Pinkie’s delicious pastries. And with any luck, she’ll ‘ruin’ the gala again this year!”

My Trollestia Detection System has gone off.

“ Discord! You son of a … !”

Curse cut short has been detected.

*reads chapter title*
*in singing voice*
This is the story that never ends.

Yes it goes on and on my friends.

Some people started reading it, not knowing what it was.

And they're still reading it.

Just because.


“YOU JERK!” Sunset was back up on her hooves, horn blazing, “I wet the bed until I was nine because of you! You gave me a gray hair when I was ELEVEN!!!”

I got a big laugh out of that! And here I thought Princess Twilight would have been the youngest pony to get a gray hair. I stand corrected, at least in this story's continuity!

No!” The Royal Canterlot Voice kicked up a layer of dust, reverberated through the map table, and seemingly every facet of the crystal castle walls began to vibrate with Princess Twilight’s command.

:Twilight: I don't use my Royal Canterlot voice.

But when I do, you shut the buck up and so what I say!

A sharp voice cut through such thoughts. “She hasn’t been entirely honest about me.”

Midnight Sparkle on the Midnight Channel, anyone?

“Rough estimate,” said Disqord, checking his calculator, “Three days. Give or take a song and dance routine.”


“I know,” the solar princess chuckled uneasily, “Overkill, considering the spell itself was designed for a full-blown ‘Twilighting’.”

Here's my response to this
Theres no such thing as excessive force only varying degrees of overkill

Midnight is basically a second personality of sci twi

This reminds me of that one episode of ed edd and eddy where they broke the laws of physics

Starlight is better in her punk clothes then an orange jacket also why orange?
It classes with her skin color and style

Loved it!!!! How dare you midnight!!! Soft fries are better!!

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