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A few months after Discord's second banishment, Twilight stumbles across a magical stone and a broken mare during the most beautiful meteor shower in centuries. What can these two possible have in common? After the losing one of their own, if the elements of harmony are going to save Equestria, and themselves; they must mend their shattered hearts with what almost broke them in the beginning.

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Interesting. Nice to see strong and determined Trixie! Subscribed)) Continue soon!

This is realy interesting this can turn into a great story!

thank you, a great story is what I'm aiming at =D

Damn i realy wanna know how this goes.

I like the premise, looks like it will be interesting, it looks like you are in need of an editor though, lots of errors. I like your formatting and writing style fairly well. I'll be tracking this one, looking forward to seeing where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'm currently looking for one, anypony want to help? :pinkiehappy:

This is really good. I like it!

This is a very interesting story you've got going here. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Btw, still looking for an prereader/editor =D

So one orb collects energy and the other spreads caos. I like it. It will make for quite the struggle, having to fight on two fronts so to speak. Anyways good story so far keep it up.

18880 well your getting there, but thats not quite all. Theres still a much bigger part the the plan. Still, thats pretty good two chapters in. :twilightsmile:

Great story so far realy looking forvard to see how this goes.

P.S (“I do, the sooner you become friends with my friends the better off you’ll feel.” Twilight smiled.
“Friends?” Trixie asked) Even Trixie question that sentens!! shouldent it be? (the sooner you become friend with my friends the better off you’ll feel.)

P.S.S Did i say this is a great story?

20211Thank you!

P.S. Whut?

Okay, the lack of italics for thoughts is throwing me off a bit. that whole paragraph that started with "This really is my chance to start over." I thought you had switched to first person point of view. You really need to put italics in for thoughts.

"They slowly made their way across the bride towards the house." ... what?

Occasional errors aside, good job so far, I like it.

thanks for the note, fixed the thoughts

Like the story, very interested in reading more. Update soon :twilightsmile:

I love the concept here! Trixie's ego being established as a curse of sorts or a split personality. So far the story has been great. Please continue with what you're doing :pinkiehappy:

This story is really good. Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

25783Lucky for you, I plan to to keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Well... that was an odd chapter...

I get it, though. This way, Discord comes back and can act as an antagonist. I just found the chapter weird because Chapter 3 ended on a cliffhanger, but this chapter is focusing on new characters. I don't mind it and I'll continue to watch for the next chapter. I think some people might take it negatively. :applejackunsure:

that was the point. Epic Cliffhanger ho!! :pinkiehappy:

*horrible Luna pun*
The plot has been thickened!


one question, why obsidian walls? obsidian is a type of volcanic glass

Well, in Minecraft its the strongest most explosive resistant block :twilightsmile:

lol true, i guess it is a different universe tho so obsidian could be stronger then diamonds...i suddenly want an obsidian sword :twilightsmile:

I read the entire story (thus far) today, since I love Twilight x Trixie stories. I have to say, it's very interesting and a bit different from what I usually find. I'll admit a few parts were confusing, like what happened exactly at the end of the last chapter (which I'm sure you'll eventually explain anyway), but for the most part it was pretty good and cute. Twilight and Trixie are adorable to together, and while I honestly don't believe that Discord would resort to using THAT kind of "chaos", this plot thus far seems pretty intense and intriguing. I can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

28075well uh, to explain that without giving out to much info. Think of S02E02 on a much bigger scale:twilightsmile:


Okay, like this story a lot. I'm a Twixie fan, so that might helpInteresting on these... doppelgangers?

Ok its official this story pwns white people

"I put my tour on hold and raveled back to my hometown."
You might want to fix that.

Aside from that, I need to reread this because I forgot what happened so far.

38104 god damn spellcheck :facehoof:

time skew is kinda wierd to me.... but really like story concept

At Pinkie’s hurt look, Dash quickly apologized which seemed to set the pink earth ponies mood back to fun. The four of them continued to talk about random things until sometime later, when Twilight and Rarity joined them.

its "pony's" not "ponies" one is plural and one shows possessive

o and love the story

Eh.. Don't blame spellcheck too much. At least you used a real word:pinkiehappy:

great job dude

really you have out done your self

i have been neglectiing to read this and i just had it sitting in my sub box, and today i decided to finally read it

and i am NOT disappoint

27925 lol


NOTCH FIX THESE GOD DAMN LADDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if you dont get it its an mc joke,

nova is not happy

back to the story, really good job, i absolutely love this idea

38364 Why thank you very much :twilightsmile:

I was surprised Trixie didn't flip out about her hat and cloak being salvaged. I always thought it would be a representation of her ego being that she only wore it during shows. The back story explained it, though, so I guess it's okay.

Ever notice in these Twixie stories that Twilight always seems to have the hat and cape?! It's almost like a cliche now :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter, keep going :pinkiehappy:

Great story so far ^^

It's so nice and heartwarming, it almost makes you forget about that dark tag up there (That's right, I see you up there, waiting to ruin all the happy!). Anyways, the story is very good, and seems to be getting better every chapter, I look forward to what comes next :pinkiehappy:

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