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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


The royal wedding is over. Fate has spiraled off in a completely new direction. But the ponies have proven strong enough to overcome it and are closer friends than ever for it. The journey of the Cutie Mark Crusaders is reaching its conclusion. Discord and the Nightmare of Diamond Tiara are done preparing however, and are ready to bring the world to its knees in one swoop. And one last climbing out of the dark is needed. Years in the making. Now is the time to end this.

Shining Armor, "What is there really left to say?"

Pinkie Pie, "Except that we hope you enjoy the show."

This is it. Let's set the stage and assemble the actors.
It is time for things to come full circle!

PLEASE check out the ton of recursive fanfics of this fanfiction series. A lot of heart went into them! They also answer a lot of unaswered questions. http://mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart.com/ For heaven sake they rock! Kendell2 and Oracle Mask and Richforce and Ardashir and Jawmax and Persona22 and Dragon of Twilight and ItsFromPeople and all the rest!!! http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/Pony-POV-Series-Fanworks-fanmedia-By-Category-332817406

Cover art by Atomic Chincilla, the same guy who did the art for the original Discorded Ponies Epilogue and Trixie's Discording and Rainbow Dash's Reharmoization episode. http://atomic-chinchilla.deviantart.com/ I really wish I had the brains to ask him to include Scootaloo's new braid. But I had already asked him for several changes already.

Chapters (105)
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Comments ( 1806 )

Here we go. Final chapter, sadly...

An appropriate soundtrack to the coming battle:

...wow, so this is it huh? Last story in the Pov-verse? This is where everything ends. I just...

Two years, I was there when it all started and now...I am here at the end. I can't believe that this is it. All of it, all of the adventures and fun and heroism boils down to this. I don't care if you retire after this, if ou ever write again. Some of us hope to only have one good story, you sir...created a master piece. Nothing more to say then,

I know I already said this over on DA, but I can't stop myself from posting this part of my comment again:

Since this looks like it's shaping up to be quite interesting to read, my thoughts can overall be summed up as:
Here We Go!

Let's begin...
Or not, since I still need to work though Season 7 after a full re-read of everything else.

:pinkiehappy:: Let's show that nasty Discord the REAL superpower of teamwork! We WON'T just fade away like the old Ponyville! For Wind Whistler! For Galaxy! For all of the Paradise Ponies! WE WILL NOT FALL! WHO'S WITH ME?


A very nice beauty. This being the pony pov series, you know you're gonna be in for a long ride with plenty of surprises along the way. But seriously. Cool music!


This being the pony pov series, be ready for the a long ride, plenty of twists and turns, and surprises and everything in between.

And . . . thank you. Thank you for sticking through everything. *hugs* And I'm. . . . I'm touch you chose THAT SONG! Thank you. *hugs* I jus . .. thank you. Thank you very much.


Lots of people seem to be in a music mood. I like it. :-)


What can I say, the song is one of my favorites of all time. ITs been kind of inspiring in its own way and sums up the fic/the girls/ and the series in general. Its a great way to start it and a great way to end it.

*hugs back* hey, its been a great ride

So the epic Finale of this Story is finally on Fimfiction :pinkiehappy:

Let's hope they defeat Discord and give Diamond Tiara the happy End she deserves


Words I doubt many bronies would believe they'd hear themselves type. :-)


give Diamond Tiara the happy End she deserves

Before your POV-Series I would have never guessed to write something like this :pinkiesmile:


Just be ready. This is being a season of Pony POV Series, get ready for a long haul.


It's far from over. Now i only I could get over this awful writer's block.


Believe me, this may be the final season, but is far far FAR from over.

"Discord is beaten, but it's the scars you can't see that take the longest to heal. Let us begin."



My Body is ready :pinkiesmile: and I'm really looking forward to see Maud in Action :pinkiehappy: (won't write about her further, cause I don't know how to hide Spoilers :pinkiesad2:)

All you need to do is type in the spoiler tag and you can hide text like this, for example.
Here's the tag: Start spoiler - & end spoiler -

"Let me get back to you on that in a few decades,"

SO MUCH YES! :rainbowlaugh:

Because she appreciates being sneaky to help

It makes sense, I mean, Trixie is a nice pony, and an awesome pony (and best showmare) but she's nowhere near as nice as the Mane 6, she is sneakier, trickier and more willing to play dirty if need be, she's a bit more, chaotic, no wonder Discord broke her as a warm up for Twilight. On that subject, I've noticed something, they're quite similar, both blue unicorns with a loving family, both have a talent for magic, (Though Trixie's is more stage magic and illusions, I digress) and they were both broken by Discord, and their Discorded personalities were very similar, both depressed and not really caring about each other, only Trixie had it even worse than Twilight did, and they're both the Element of Magic.

Least Miss Cheerilee was all understandin' 'bout the whole 'trapped inside a magic bubble' explanation for why we missed more days of school than we were gonna.

Cherilee's a nice pony, I'm sure in some alternate universe she's the Element of Kindness.

And Ah know technically...how do ya pronounce it? Kifuko? Is an honorary Crusader, but she's just a toddler and she won't even be able to talk for awhile...and when she can, she'll be wherever Cadence lives and not here. So...it's just me we're doin' all this for.

Maybe when she grows up she will found the Crystal Empire branch of the CMC like Babs did for Manehattan, or will, timey wimey stuff.

Ah don't get why Fluttershy wants ta help t-those ponies. It don't feel right.

The irony, with her Dark World self having helped them all break the curse.


A nod to the popular (I think) pairing ButtonBelle.

I mean they were so proud of me.

That line just makes me smile.:pinkiesmile:

"Finding your talent isn't the end, it's the beginning."

I get the feeling Sweetie Belle is going to be quoting that later and it will be awesome, maybe someone is trying to make her fall into depression or something and now that she's got her cutie mark she can't be a Crusader, she'd retort that she may not be able to go looking for her cutie mark, but Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are still her friends, and they're proud of her and she's proud of herself and that finding your talent isn't the end, it's the beginning. It seems like something that would happen here, or they'll be arc words, maybe, I dunno.

cute little puppy with a funny shadow

Blank Wolf Pup?

"Blanky, this shouldn't exist."

Blank Wolf Pup.

blank wolf

Knew it.

brush up on my forgery talents.

Wait, what?

I saw that 'no nonsense' look on Rainbow Dash's face, I wasn't getting out of this. I've actually gotten used to it, before it was so weird.

Fair enough, it's the magic of character development, Scoots, besides, Rainbow has a lot more experience compared to you, I'm sure she's done the same thing a few times in her youth, you'll have to be better than that to get past everyone's favorite poly-chromatic Pegasus.


Cherilee's a nice pony, I'm sure in some alternate universe she's the Element of Kindness.

Laughter, actually.


In Lunaverse yes, but I mean is some other hypothetical universe.


Thanks now for my Spoiler:

Since Maud is Entropy

Thanks for the comment!

And Scootaloo had to forge a letter by her parents to begin attending Cheerilee's school.


Ah. Well, at least she's honest enough not to try and do anything stupid with her forgery skills, there seem to be a couple who know Digger Wasp a changeling personally looking for Scootaloo, since nopony is a background pony, there must be some importance to them, Scootaloo's parents perhaps? I doubt you'll tell me, but I can dream.

Hope you do more even after this one ends.


Bro, please. You'll make it.

I just hope you keep going after that, 'cuz this shouldn't be the only one you do.

Just make it the big one, and work to surpass it on this frontier as you go into the new one as well.



No shit Sherlock.


Relax, you are going to be alright.

Dat cover.
I can't tell if that's Nightmare Tiara or Nightmare Sweetie.
Nightmare Avarice or Nightmare Crescendo?

So....the wolf got reborn huh? And now he's protecting Sweetie from the shadow's that corrupt/possess. Neat.

And so, the final disc was placed in the console, which was started up as Pinkie and her foals all crowded around to watch the opening movie, catching glimpses of various points in the game as the theme song played. Before too long the opening narration had begun.
Pinkie watched with a smile as the practice battle came and went before stepping out to check on the treats she was baking, returning just after Sweetie's brush with the shadow's...


Having the wolf attacking the corruptions be a tutorial battle? THAT IS GREAT! :-D

I love this little narrative you wrote! Thank you!

Nice to see Pinkie Pie having her foals playing an RPG enriched your enjoyed of this story si much! Thank you! :-D

5153325 No good sir,thank you for writing one of the best series of ponyfics to have ever graced the internet.
I look forward to seeing how the swan song unfolds.

An abnormal fog hangs over Ponyville.

Twilight had a discussion with Trixie about how they have a Story-Breaker Power by being Elements of Magic.

Scootaloo has caught the Daring Do bug.

Rainbow Dash is afraid to find Scootaloo's parent's, because doing that might separate her from Scootaloo. And Scootaloo-s parents, who appear to have been secret agents working against the Changelings, are now looking for their daughter.

*sees what happens with Tootsie Flute and Alula*

*thinks back to Silver Spoon's Last Temptation*

Oh dear. Those two are going to make things spiral out of control in a dreadful hurry.

*sees how Twilight, with her Story-Breaker Power, can't copy the spell that Umbra Breeze uses for the Foal Free Press*

Batten down the hatches! This is sure to be a massive shitstorm!

Over with Sweetie Belle, a wild Blank Wolf appeared!...as a puppy who seems to be loyal to her.

Sweetie Belle had a close brush with getting turned into the infamous "Sweetie-Bot", but the Blank Wolf Pup took care of that no-thing before it could get her. Nice work, Blanky!

Scootaloo is seeing the memories her G3 incarnation had in her dreams. Something tells me this might become a plot point.

So, nothing left to do now but prepare for the shit to start hitting the fan!


Nice brief set of comments on some of the happenings in this part.

I think I'll upload these chapter once a week here.

The way i see it the end is never the end. It is merely a new beginning. I smell spin off. If i'm wrong everyone and the author can chew me out unmercifully. Have a nice day


Do you enjoy the story so far?

5169436 yes and I want to read more. I'm actually only on season 2 but I like what I'm reading

Here it is! :pinkiegasp: The final season :pinkiehappy: I will follow it till the end!!!! :yay:

Alula smiled to herself. 'And maybe, you need a little loosening up.'

Surprisingly, this characterization is accurate in my fanon as well of those Cloud Kickers who neither summoned Winning-Through-Degradation nor were touched by cross-time synchronous effects from Winning. Young-filly Cloud Kicker was an awkward, intellectually-precocious girl who tended to creep out most other Ponies when she tried to make friends with them. Her main interests were history and sports: the former because she could lose herself in the romance of past ages; the latter because it let her interact with other Ponies in ritual ways that didn't depend much on her (almost nonexistent) social skills.

In other words, she was in many ways similar to the young Twilight Sparkle, and in very few worldlines does Twilight turn out promiscuous. That's why even the tainted Cloud Kickers tend to like (rather than merely lust after) Twilight Sparkle -- they sense not only a kindred spirit, but a kindred spirit to their younger and more innocent selves. That's also why the evilest Cloud Kicker -- the one from the Degradingverse worldline -- controls but does not destroy Twilight Sparkle. The last remnants of goodness within her resist harming Twilight, just as they resist harming Alula or Dinky.

My mainline Humanoidverse Cloud Kicker is somewhere in between the Degradingverse Cloud Kicker and yours. She has been tainted by synchronicity with my mainline Ponyverse Cloud Kicker, but has never had direct contact with Winning-Through-Degradation and hence is cheerfully rather than sadistically promiscuous. She's quite loyal to her friends and family, including Lavender Lace, toward whom she feels protective. She liked Pony-in-Humanoid-Form Twilight Sparkle almost from the first time she saw her, and would be her friend if Twilight was around more.

She and Humanoid Trixie don't get along well, though they don't actually quarrel, they just mostly avoid one another. When she meets Piercing Gaze, she finds him attractive and flirts with him. If Trixie knew about this, she'd really hate Cloud Kicker. Thankfully, Trixie doesn't know.


Let me spell this out.

This Cloudkicker is CHASTE. She is not bisexual.

She's doesn't mind not standing out. She doesn't think herself superior to others at all.

She's HAPPY to be a background pony.


The kind of 'loosening up' Alula meant is NOT the kind you'd wish on anyone! But Alula is too young and naive to realize this!


This Cloudkicker is CHASTE. She is not bisexual.

(*nods*) Yes, I assumed that. She's neither been possessed nor tainted, so if she shared any personality traits with the Winningverse or Degradingverse Cloud Kickers, these would be friendliness, intelligence, loyalty to family and friends, and interests in history, sports and weapons training.

In other words, she'd be a pretty admirable and likeable Pony. Which is what you showed.

And yes, I thought that Alula just meant that Cloud Kicker needed to be willing to consider falling in love, not that she meant that Cloudy should become promiscuous!

"Dreams are weird."

They are, aren't they?

Yer world is 'bout to change, and not for the better.


We're as connected as Nightmare Moon is responsible for Twilight Sparkle bein' born.

6 words for ya Mirror. "The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo." if that's a reference to that, then you are awesome.

Yikes! What the-?! NIGHTMARE PINKIE PIE?!

Yep. It's worse than you think.

"Yeah, she knows not to bother the cows for their bridge game, leaves the sheep alone for their poker night, and we made sure she knows not to get herself hurt botherin' the pigs."


"Oh, heheheh, sorry." He gave us a sheepish grin and brushed the back of his head. "Scaring ponies is my special talent." He showed us his flank: a jack-o-lantern. "I' kinda let it slip sometimes, I'm Phobia, nice to meetcha!" he exclaimed, giving a smirk and offering a hoof.

I feel a disturbance in the Force, for some reason, I don't trust this colt, probably due to reading Chaosverse with Nightmare Phobia.

"Ahem, that is enough for now." Burr, that voice is frosty. Where did she come from? It's this really pale blue unicorn lady, is she his nanny or grandma? She's wearing this hood-cloak thingie, and I can't see her eyes...

An Avatar of Entropy perhaps?

"But that makes no sense! We can't remember things THAT differently. And girls, I swear, I didn't have anything to do with Button Mash!"

OK, something is off here...

"Bon Bon," Lyra said, "I have something to confess."
"I'm really, SECRETLY A CHANGELING!" Green flame, and Lyra revealed her true form.
"What? But I'M secretly a changeling!" Bon-Bon shifted into her changeling form.
June Bug stuck her head through a window, "Well that's a surprise! Cause I'M secretly a changeling too!" And she revealed herself as such.
Moth looked at her family, feeling very confused and conflicted. "Why did none of you bring this up before?!"

Because they aren't normally Changelings, and something very strange is going on.

"Muffin, it's me! Your mommy! Ditzy Doo!"
"No Muffin! I'm me! Your mommy! Derpy Hooves!"
"Muffin you can tell right?! It's really me!"
"Muffin, don't listen to her, I'm me!"
"Okay, joke's over, I opened the TARDIS and found gardening tools inside and the inside as big as the outside, so where did you girls move my real- GALLOPING GALLIFREY!"
"DOCTOR! LOOK OUT! SHE'S AN ALIEN! Quick! Zap us both! Hey!" They shouted together.
"Dear, we're hom-" said a third walleyed grey Pegasus and a second brown Earth Pony walking in. These ones the opposite gender of their counterparts.
"...Since when did I have a daddy?" Dinky asked.

I'm, not sure, I'm just as confused as you are.

There was a heavy slamming on Fluttershy's door that morning. If a pound could sound angry, that's what it would have sounded like. Fluttershy pulled herself from bed, ugh, was her mane longer?
She opened the door to find an angry bear in a vacation shirt looking very cross with her. "So what's the big deal?! I trust you and Rainbow Dash to look after my cave, while I'm playing volleyball at the beach and collecting sea-shells, and you never show!"
Then ANOTHER BEAR pushed the first one aside and said, "Hey! No! They were gonna watch my house while I was while I'm playing with seashells at the beach and collecting volleyballs, and they never showed!"
"Who do you think you are?"
"I'm Harry!"
"No, I'm Harry!"
The Flutters fainted.

*tilts head to the side* The buck?

"If the nation we live in, is so corrupt, so ruthless and without moral, and perfectly willing to silently remove anypony who opposes their will...how have you been speaking this message in public for years?"

That's, a good question.

"Say wha'?"

I have no idea.

"She's an evil enchantress,
Who does evil dances.
When you look in her eyes, she'll put you in trances.
And what will she do?
She'll cook up an evil brew,
And gobble you up in a big tasty stew, sooooo
Watch out!"

... I'd make a joke here, but I'm above that.

Yearling turned and yelped at the pony with the maze cutie mark suddenly in her wrong.


"I'm sorry Button. You're a good kid. But you really should go home to your mom right now."
"But I really should go home to my mom right now." The colt stuck his game back in his bag and ran out of the room.

Jedi Mind Trick.

It was as if the world itself was rejecting something, and failing.

Well sh:yay:t.

"We're just taking the Foal Free Press to it's ultimate greatness!"

OBJECTION! No, no you're not.

"Please, call me Princess Animatia Erroria."

Animating errors, making things that shouldn't be, be. I'm not entirely familiar with the more cosmic "reality itself" stuff here, but, I'm pretty sure that's pretty bad.

"Because our true editor-in-chief has returned."

Nightmare Diamond Tiara...

"Doing whatever he wants, like the brat always does, no matter how I try to discipline him."

Considering this is probably an Avatar of Entropy, Phobia must be Discord... Nuts.

"You can't know where to properly set a broken leg until it is broken, as for why you...only those of ability and unrealized potential may alter fate, even a fate most unnatural."

Applebloom still being a blank flank, this must mean her. You Magnificent Bastard.

Discord, "I've waited far too long for this moment. DO IT my baby girl!"

?????, "As you wish father. The world will never remember this day. Because it'll be what has always been."

Pinkie Pie, "Not if the Cutie Mark Crusaders can help it . . . saving the world depends on them? . . . Uh-oh."

That last part made me laugh far more than it ever should have.

I'm honestly on the edge of my seat right now, because, while I don't get scared easily, since I like knowing things, things I don't know, unnerve me, and here, we only know the symptoms, not the infection, I have no idea what Discord and Nightmare DT are doing and it honestly creeps me out, we all know they're absurdly powerful, Discord is practically omnipotent, a Magnificent Manipulative Bastard, a master of Xanatos Speed Chess and the Indy Ploy, and dangerous as hell. If not for the whole point of Pony POV being no matter how dark things get, there will be a happy ending, and the characters will earn it, fighting for their happy ending. I patiently await your next chapter.


Thanks for the play by play! I'd respond, but it would be all spoilers!


It's OK. I'll just wait until chapter three. I gotta say, when do something, you sure don't half do things. Pony POV could probably be it's own novel or something, heck, if you changed some character names and made them human or something, you could probably make this a real book. Well, 7 books and one in progress.


It's OK. I'll just wait until chapter three. I gotta say, when do something, you sure don't half do things. Pony POV could probably be it's own novel or something, heck, if you changed some character names and made them human or something, you could probably make this a real book. Well, 7 books and one in progress.

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