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This story is a sequel to A Hairy Problem

NOTE: It is highly recommended you read the prequel first before reading this one.

It's been months since Applejack was cured and things returned to normal. Sure, there was the whole deal about swapped cutie marks, then Twilight becoming a princess, and then something about a magic mirror and Spike getting his species demoted to "dog" temporarily, but otherwise it's business as usual.

Or at least it had been until Apple Bloom begins to act much more aggressively towards Diamond Tiara than she used to, much like Applejack did towards Sandalwood initially. Except, Apple Bloom can't be turning into a werewolf, they're all gone now. Right?

Then again, King Sombra was supposedly gone, too.

Sequel: Seven Days in Sunny June

Now has a TV Tropes Page!

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nice and i really liked how you used Ponyacci i think that was the best of the characters in all micro series

"Let it begin! Let it begiiiin!!!"

Poor Applebloom. that must hurt. :applecry:
Hmm... if the unexpected micro-blood transfusion gives Apple-bloom Lycantropy philanthropy lycanthropy Werewolf-ism, would it also prevent Applebloom From going full-wolf? (for those who have no idea what i am talking about, read the previous story. No seriously, READ IT!:flutterrage:)
Also, great start, looking forward to seeing where this goes. Have a mustache. :moustache:


The good news - I actually have the story up to chapter 6 edited and already uploaded, ready to be published, with chapter 7 currently in the works and from there up to chapter 10 outlined.

The bad news - I'm sticking to the 'every Wednesday' update schedule I worked out with A Hairy Problem and technically this WAS supposed to actually be up tomorrow instead of today. I wasn't expecting it to be approved literally minutes after hitting the submit button.


Yeah, I really liked him and the Pinkie micro in general. Seemed kind of a waste for the character to just show up the one time, so I put him into the opening of my story.

Well, actually...[insert major spoilers here]:trollestia:

This is one of those moments where the only phrase to fit the situation is "HELL YEAH!"

Scooter-loo transportation

YES! :pinkiehappy:
:pinkiecrazy: L̵̥̦̻̜̝̲e̯͇̼̰ͅt ̯͍̜͈͇t̗̙̝̮̮̹̥́he̜͔̯͕̲͝ b̟̖̹͇l҉̫o͟o̞̮̠͖̤̥̝d̡͕̦͓̙ ͈̮͈̱o̳̟̥͡f̤͕͜ ̙t҉̪͕̻h͟e̩̮͞ ̣̼̳̥̹b̧͎̺͕̲̜͎ͅe̪a͈̪͓̭͍̲̕st̰͕̗͕ f̯̞͘l̰̕o͉̳̻̥͝w̺̘͝ ͍t͔̥̖̠͜h̷r͔̤̬̖̰͈o̯̞̙̘̣̭u͇̤̻̞͈̣ͅg̰͖̜̦͔̦̲h̶̬̖̝ ̸͖̲he҉̲̙̱r͎̬̹̻̱͇͟!̧̦͇̟̹̙ :pinkiecrazy:

Can't think of anything else besides what's in the Author's Note box.

Tracking. :rainbowdetermined2:

3080212 should I start reading the pony comic series when I get a chance?

There wouldn't happen to be a pony comic website would there?

Aww, the CMC's innocent "activities" are really hard to read sometimes. Still, I'm eagerly waiting for more Applebloom :yay:

Analyzing the facts from A Hairy Problem, Applebloom has a 50% chance of not becoming a full wolf, since only her mother had the blood immunity to the full-wolf curse...

One word for account of awesome sequel to awesome original: :yay:

secret obsession for cake

secret my ass :trixieshiftleft:'

“The real reason why my poor daughter can’t do anything more than hover is-“


The real reason Scootaloo can't fly is because she's actually an earth pony. Her wings are stuck on with double-sided tape, and somehow not a single pony ever noticed, including her.

WHY CAN'T SCOOTALOO FLY?!??? TELL ME!!!! TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

"Pinkie remained silent as she just looked down at Sweetie as if she’d just said something crazy, like “Set phasers to hug” or somesuch. Then Pinkie realized why everypony was so confused.
Friendship is Witchcraft refereeeence!:pinkiehappy:


Wait ... If Applejack was the one that "bit" Applebloom ... And the only cure is to kill the werewolf that bit her ... This could become increasingly interesting ...

Her coat and mane clearly looked harrier --> hairier

Aw, I was hopin' AB would have clear bucked DT's teeth outta her bully skull... :ajsmug:

:pinkiecrazy:AWATED JUSTICE!:flutterrage:

Hmm now do the little angels keep the transformation to themselves or do they become Cutie Mark Crusader Puppy Trainers :scootangel:

Poor applebloom:fluttershysad:, shes gotten nothing but pain this entire time

Aww, admit it Scootaloo, you bought that sleeping bag exactly because of the girly design.

but since there is really just ONE werewolf in the whole chapter, the change seemed appropriate.

There are at least two, Applebloom, and the poltergeist. I don't know what I'd think about Cutie Mark Crusaders Werewolfs though. If that is even planned. :twilightsheepish:

All applebloom has to do now is kill applejack. Boom. Shes fine

Damn, I forgot that one. Thanks for reminding me.

Ha, what a blatant attempt to get out of rhyming for Zecora. C'mon dude, next time don't take the easy way out. :ajbemused:

It even happens to be "Talk Like Zecora" day or something, so you pretty much picked the perfect day. :facehoof:


Actually, it was deliberate...and any blame can go to me. I was the one who suggested it, because I thought it'd make for an interesting note if Zecora ran afoul of the Poison Joke. The fact that we did this long before Equestria Daily decided it was in charge of coming up with arbitrary holidays is entirely coincidental.

:facehoof:For the love of God Applebloom you are suffering from a horrible curse left by the most evil unicorn ever, are the sister of one of the Elements, AND FREAKING KNOW TIWLIGHT PERSONALLY! OF COURSE SHE CAN BE BOTHERED WITH YOU!

Nyo, I wonder how Applebloom will react to eating meat. I can see it right before my very eyes: The CMC running aimlessly through the forest to catch one of Fluttershy's critters! Anyways, great chapter, now I want to know who the cloaked pony is. :twilightoops:

“That’s the ‘Screaming Mynah’?” asked a stunned orange dodo.

EVEN, the narrator is mocking Scoots.

One thing i just noticed. :rainbowderp: The CMC have Orc logic they painted it red cause red 'uns go fasta :scootangel:

Black mane, mastery over dark magic, red eyes that go shadowy. Yea I'm pretty sure it's Sombra

So, with the plan settled, the three agreed to figure out a regimen on how to make an adolescent werewolf the absolute worst nightmare that ever came to life. Diamond Tiara was going to learn that karma had a name, and that name was Apple Bloom.

Oh no children. This can't go well.

Haha, reference to Button's Adventures.

There's a cute little image in this batch of livestream requests on the "incompetent lightning dust" tumblr that might be of interest/relevance to this story. :)

Huh. I was sure somebody was going to comment on the two new characters I introduced, or at the very least the fact I have Flash Sentry totally fail at life to the point a pony princess who looks anorexic can out drink him easily.


Oh my god that is adorable. Thanks for sharing!:pinkiehappy:

YEAH!!!!!!!!! Never was there a spoiled brat more deserving. :twilightsmile:


yeah muhahaha *laughs in a evil way*

i bet she will flinch whe she sees Applebloom at school the next day.:yay:

Good job on this story so far, funny and good on other parts.

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