This is an interquel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book III.

Summer jobs. Every teen must have them, even teenage Canadian child soldiers who are trying to blend into the community of Canterlot, California. For Adagio Dazzle and her sisters Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, it's no different. So when their mentor and guardian Madrigal Storm insists they do, they're at a loss of how to proceed next.

Fortunately, there's a small pizzeria in nearby Sunnytown hiring night guards at well above minimum wage, no experience necessary. What harm could it be?

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7DSJ: Three Nights at Freddy's


I believe I've missed something. :applejackconfused:

I like it. When will Dagi make the animatronics eat lead?

For those of us just joining us, this is the simple premise:

Five Nights at Freddy's...except if a teenaged Black Widow from Avengers got the job instead of Mike. And was also Canadian.

you just canonised five nights at freddy's within the 7dsj universe.

Blue gets final call on if it's final or not and so far I think we're at "semi-canonical", meaning that something happened during these three days, but this might not necessarily have been it.

Either way, having fun.

5685974 Ah, okay. And I'm glad you're having fun writing it. ^^

I suppose that all the chapters will be this short? Or will the rest be the average length of any chapter in any other 7DSJ?

“Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. was not responsible for accidental death, dismemberment, etc.”

Shoulda backed out, Dagi...
Anyway, let's see what kind of train wreck this turns into! 7DSJ-FNAF, GO!


Yay! The animantronics are screwed! Sorry. Sirens are just OP.

5686159 Nah... One taser and the circuitry shorts out on all of the robots.

Okay, so let me get this straight...

In one corner, we have four, possibly five psychopathic, and possibly spirit possesed robots who love to kill security guards. And in the other we have Adagio, whom when compared to her cannon counterpart has taken about a billion levels in badass.

...anyone else think this is too one sided?

5686346 Yeah, I forgot how utterly badass this Dagi is. Taser or not, she'll fare far better than I ever will.

it up so much hype , so much excitement,
Ill be here waiting so when you get this out of your systems i be be right here.

Why do I have the feeling that Equestrian magic will have something to do with this?

Golden Freddie


EDIT: and that's not counting the FNaF2 robots. Including them
Toy Freddy
Toy Chica
Toy Bonnie
The Mangle
Ballon Boy
The Marionette
Shadow Bonnie


EDIT: Oh come on, people, it's not like this is Majora's Mask or anything.

Oh, wait, that is basically how you survive the second game, isn't it?:trollestia:

I would have prefered if you have avoided showing the animatronic´s perspectives and thoughts: part of the horror of Freddy´s is that neither the character or the player knows for sure what is wrong with them.
And having firearms is cheating :duck:

Who said this fic was playing by the FNAF rules?

Traumatize the traumatizers and you'll be safe!

You want to be the one to tell the heavily-armed gunbunny she can't do what's she's been trained to do? Be my guest.

5690867 I don't know about him, but I sure as blazes wouldn't!:twilightoops:

Mainly because this Adagio is way more competent and scary than the one in Rainbow Rocks!:twilightoops:

Besides, I thought that a security guard; any kind of security guard; was supposed be armed!

Depends on the jurisdiction. In some cases, there's even a difference between armed security and unarmed.

5691009 Hmmmm, good point.

In this case, I'm thinking armed. Right?

Or wrong?

In either case, something just tells me Adagio wouldn't care. Sunnytown being what it is, I'm thinking she'd be armed, anyway.

Given that security guards at restaurants (if they even have them) are typically unarmed, well....

in any case, Dagi is Dagi.

Things can only escalate from here...

Like the fact FNAF3 jut released 40 minutes ago?

Freddy's is clearly different from Chuck E. Cheese's, if the pizza is good.

Well, given the better food and adult entertainment (i.e. weapons), maybe Dave & Buster's is the better comparison. XD

5691175 But Dave and Buster's doesn't have arcade machines from the 80s, like Freddy's does. I know where I want to go, animatronic monsters be damned!

5691095 Hmmm, well, you do have a point there.

And truer words were never spoken.:raritywink:

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