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This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I

Joint Co-Authored project with Shinzakura and Flynt Coal.

Once, Sunset Shimmer had desired nothing more than to return to Equestria and assume her rightful place as its supreme ruler. Instead, she discovered her place amongst the humans of the world she thought herself exiled to, never assuming that the students she’d bullied would become her best friends, nor that she would come to see an alternate version of Twilight Sparkle as not only a friend, but a sister. Yet it came to pass, and though the previous year had been hard, Sunset had finally let go of the past.

Yet the past refused to let go of her. Something dark and sinister reached from beyond to hurt Twily, buffeting her mind with nightmares of strangely-colored ponies and macabre events to come. Sunset recognized it as her homeworld, especially the description of a dark, twisted version of Sunset’s own unicorn form. Furthermore, the discovery of a second link to Earth deepened the mystery: an ancient Italian artifact adorned with cutie marks, amongst them those of Queen Faust and Princess Celestia.

In the end, Sunset chose to rush to her foster sister’s defense, knowing that the path would lead her back to her haunted past, and possibly into the vengeful hooves of Celestia. But what she didn’t know would be that it could lead her to her own mirror image, a darker version of herself:

A version known as Raspberry Beryl.

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Chances that Sunset with get vaporized on the spot?

Anybody got a coin I could flip? :twilightoops:

I was expecting Octavia to accompany Sunset through the mirror to save her cousin. It would have been a source of potential funny encounters (like pony Vinyl).

Nope, Sunset's doing this one solo. I mean, did Tavi go through the mirror with her at the end of the last book?

It's here at last! And on my birthday! :yay:

I swear the first book is still on my read later list. I'll get around to it and then this eventually! :rainbowdetermined2:

4774358 Not taking that bet, sorry.

Given how concerned about her that Celestia seemed at the end of the first Equestria Girls movie, I'd say that Sunny's been worried for nothing all this time. I don't think that Celestia's going to do anything to her other than talk.

I hope.

And somedragon needs to get his scaly little tail kicked for what he did.:facehoof: Especially since Sunny was trying to explain things to Twilight.:facehoof:

Now we know why he really left the room (other than to clean his claws like Twilight said to, that is): to send a message to a certain sun princess.

Nice one, Spike.:facehoof:

4774363 Agreed.

4774416 Yknow, considering that Tavi's on the story image, I thought the same thing. That, or this world's Tavi will be involved in some way.

And...yeah. Things escalated. Quickly.

First, just asking this due to book ones' schedule: Will this Book be updated at the same pace, or be more sporadic?

Also, because it needs to be said. "AH'M GONNA PUNCH THAT DRAGON IN THE FACE".

This is not going to end well, is it?


From the looks of things, Spike's going to be the undermining annoying antagonist who's mad at Sunset for something that isn't even her fault. I mean, blaming her for being turned into a dog, really? You went through the mirror on your own accord and she didn't build the thing so...the brat needs to suck it up.

If we're going by Equestria Girl's reaction, considering that Celestia's first words were concern over Sunset, their meeting will probalby be something like...

Sunset: "No! Please don't kill-"

:trollestia: "SUNSET YOU CAME HOME!" *gives bone crushing hug*

Sunset: Uh...huh?

Now, LEAVING Equestria when local goddess/teacher/mother figure has been waiting for her to come back for several years...THAT may be a problem.

4775115 That's a very good point, and Twilight needs to remind him of the results of his own actions.

After all, if I remember Celestia's instructions about going through the mirror after Sunset (and I kinda do; I just re-watched my DVD of it yesterday), she said that Twilight was to go through it alone. It's not Sunny's fault that the little shit didn't listen to her (Celestia).

('Course...we all know that the reason that he did it was out of loyalty to and worry about Twi, but that was way beside the point, as we all know. Twilight was to go there alone; what happened to him once there (the "being-turned-into-a dog" thing was purely his fault. But, of course, he doesn't see it that way.)

Yeah, that's my take on it, too.

And that's true. But I bet she loves Sunny enough to let her go back to the new home, family and friends that she now loves. Won't be easy for Celestia, I'm sure, but, like the saying goes,

"If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back to you, it's yours.
If it doesn't, it never was."

I'm thinking that Celestia does love Sunny enough to do just that.

Now, on the other hoof, when Sunny explains just why she's back (temporarily to her mind, I'm sure), and what's been going on back at her new home to her sister, Twily, that may also present a problem.

And I forget. Had Twilight and the girls returned their Elements to the Tree of Harmony yet? Or have they?

Like I said, I can't really remember, as I don't know how much time (in Equestria) has passed, as opposed to Sunny's new home.


Hint: at least more than a few seconds. :trollestia:

I think this story managed to make the featured board faster than On Wings did.

That is Most Excellent MUAHAHAHAHHA:pinkiecrazy:

Every Wednesday, just like Book 1.

At this point the Mane Six don't have the EoH anymore. As for the exact amount of time...well, you'll find out later:trollestia:


Well, while I don´t doubt Celestia still cares about Sunset, she isn´t likely to let little things like stealing the Element of Magic, claimimg its power to turn into a demon, amass an army of brainwashed teenagers to take over Equestria, throwing a fireball to Twi´s face.. slide. First and foremost, she is a ruler, and needs ro be sure Sunset is no longer a threat to her kingdom.

4775457 What, til Chapter 2 is up? Yeah.:ajsmug:

And I think that Blue just answered my question. Thanks, bud.:twilightsmile:

4775562 That's basically what I wanted to know. That's why I asked.:raritywink:

And I can wait to find that out, too.:twilightsmile:

But Dang! next Wednesday seems a long way off after that chapter-ending!:facehoof:

Gah, I hate cliffhangers!:twilightangry2:

No offense to our dear writer.:twilightsmile:

(Although I'm assuming that it's between when they gave the Elements back, and the end of Season 4.:applejackunsure:)

Lotta ground, time-wise, there.

4775594 Well, I guess that the rest of us will just have to wait and see, huh?

I'd recommend rereading ROTF chapter 26, at least the opening scene. That should give you a general idea of at least when ROTF ended in regards to S4 canon. However, with regards to this story in the timeline, there's going to be more than enough info down the road to figure out when it's happening.

4775748 Oh, okay.

But what's RTOF? Story-titles reduced to letters confuse me sometimes.:applejackconfused:

(Say the gal who does it to some of her own fics.:rainbowlaugh:)

EDIT: Ugh. Never mind, BB. It just clicked in this l'il pea-brain of mine what you meant by RTOF.

Return of the Furry, right?

I swear, sometimes I can be so danged witless.........!

I have not yet seen the first page ... I cannot favorite this fast enough. :rainbowderp:

Spike..Oh my god...



4775562 Also, i'm just gonna guess it's somewhere in S4 before Finale...

Or, otherwise, a fling far enough for Twilight to re-create her treehouse.

It's also entirely possible he doesn't trust her in the slightest. After all, how is she back in Equestria? As far as he knows, there's only one mirror connecting the two worlds, and it's under both heavy guard over in the Crystal Empire and it hasn't been long enough for it to have reopened.

4775880 Okay, so I got the first ands last words of the title wrong. I was close, though.:raritywink:

4776290 I know, but without even bothering to get any tiny INKLING of what might have happened?

I've met 5 year olds that think things out better!

I seriously hope he's getting punished for this, at the least..

I'd much rather see Celestia greet her by hugging her.

Well, as you can see, that did not happen.

4776949 I still hope that it won't be as bad as she thinks it'll be.

Given Sunset probably expects the most extreme outcome imaginable, Celestia can still do some pretty bad things and still not be 'as bad as she expects'.

Or...it could be worse, given Celestia's abilities and everything that has happened between the two.


These are the same creatures that let everything Discord did slide after he said I'm sorry in the finale and gave him a second chance before even that when they took him out of stone despite not having any reason to do so.

Once ponies and whatnot change, they let them go.

I've been been looking forward to this encounter. Well, this one and the realization that there is, in fact, a Princess Luna.

Oh, there are fates far worse than death that Celestia can put onto Sunset.

Like eternal summer school:trollestia:

Or, more seriously, a life sentence of servitude to the crown and virtual house arrest, like what Raspberry Beryl mentions she has. After all, Sunset wouldn't be able to return home should a similar fate befall her.

Actually, Celestia asked the Mane Six to free Discord for undisclosed reasons toward the end of S3, and Fluttershy does tend to chew him out at a moment's notice whenever she warns him about misbehaving to his old extremes. Plus, every time after that episode his attempts to be as extremely chaotic to the point of hostility were both ultimately his undoing via karmic backlash, so he unintentionally negates that problem anyway.

Compare that to, say, Sombra, who to date is the only confirmed villain in the show to have actually been killed and he didn't really even do anything after spending a thousand years as a black smudge freezing his butt off in the middle of artic nowhere.


Sombra enslaved an entire race and went up against the Sisters in combat. Five seconds after he showed up, he went back to invading the Crystal Empire and its pretty safe to say he wanted to conquer it, or reconquer it really. Just because he failed didn't make him any less wrong.

It's the same with Discord, sure everything that we saw blew up in his face, but that's not why they forgave him. By the end of the end of the season, he was genuinely apologetic and had changed in contrast to when he got sick and they all just went "HA! you got what you deserved." since he really didn't care about how his actions could have harmed Twilight and Cadence's attempts to strengthen their relationship. It was Fluttershy that apologized for him, but it was kind of obvious Discord didn't give a damn and was pretty put off on how his plans failed.

It's probably the biggest OOC thing on this site when the stories have the ponies going "Okay you did something bad, and although you've had a change of heart and are no longer evil, we're going to punish you like humans would."

Ponies just don't do that. Hell, look at the latest in the the comic series is featuring Trixie. After enslaving Ponyville, then getting off scott free, she's in Manehattan doing a magic show instead of even getting community service. She's also helping the police catch a thief, but its of her own free will, not because someone is making her do it.

Every time Sunset's fears came up on the matter back in 7DSJ Book 1, it was generally along the lines of "I'm a dead mare the absolute second I go back to Equestria" or somesuch. Sunset still probably expects something like that, especially since Raspberry mentioned the death penalty offhandedly shortly before Celestia TP'd Sunset to the castle. But the entire reason Sunset's risking her life in the first place is because she values saving Twily's life more than her own, and the knowledge of being alive and not having done a thing to stop the nightmares other than pretty much abandon her human family is Sunset's worse case scenario.


It's probably the biggest OOC thing on this site when the stories have the ponies going "Okay you did something bad, and although you've had a change of heart and are no longer evil, we're going to punish you like humans would."

Ponies just don't do that.

Then why is Fluttershy so scared of being thrown in a dungeon/banished/both of those things back in "Bird in the Hoof" exactly?

Also, I would like to point out that Equestria is governed by what is basically a very lax form of absolute or limited monarchy, depending on how the foundation of Equestria is regarded. There are of course superior laws established (or at least I did so back in ROTF) that can't be messed with, but really Celestia's rule as the lone princess for over a thousand years being relatively unchallenged after the NMM affair shows she can do whatever the hell she likes and nopony's going to even try to stop her. I shouldn't need to explain how human monarchs with absolute power could kill people whenever they wanted, nor how the potential for that exists with Celestia's near godlike status, so you can't really say "ponies wouldn't do that" when Celestia has more reason for executing Sunset on counts of treason than Henry VIII ever did for executing Anne Boleyn.

Ultimately, however, this is getting WAY off track so I would like to end the discussion here. The comments should be about 7DSJ, not about Equestrian Retribution on godlike entities as deemed appropriate in a PG rated cartoon.


Actually that was Twilight who gave her all the fears about everything during her out of proportion freak-outs, and I never said ponies don't do that period, I said they don't do that when the criminal is unrepentant. They killed Sombra and imprisoned Tirek, but when the bad guy has a real change of heart like Trixie and (eventually) Discord they let them just go do whatever because there's no real reason to punish them other than the 'you did something bad and now you have to pay for it' mentality, which ponies have never been shown to have.

I won't argue universal knowledge as that's what you've established in your story, although the Sisters Journal actually goes into how the government in Equestria works if you want to check it out.

Oh boy, this is looking really good right now. I can't wait to see what happens!:pinkiehappy:

Dammit a cliffhanger. I need sleep anyway. I just started this series a week ago with and iam thourghly enjoying it




Mirror doesn't follow it's own rules? I'm betting that's going to be Important. Also, Sunset finally getting forgiven by Princess Celestia so she doesn't have to live with one eye over her shoulder and meets Princess Luna? I'm ecstatic!

Why do I feel loke whomever is causing Twily's nightmares is trying to pin it on Raspberry instead of himself?

And why do I think that, this time, it is Sombra?

Yay! It's what I hoped for in the meeting between Celestia and Sunset!

sunset shimmer first apprentice
of the moon!

4809683 idk. That's what I'm thinking too.

Great chapter.

Not bad. If there's one thing I've noticed, the pony counterparts are older and more powerful than their human counterparts.

Well of course they'd be more powerful - by default, as humans don't have magic. And while the ponies are older, the mirrors are translating them to the age of their human counterparts, which is why when Twilight Sparkle arrives through the mirror, she's a 16yo (Twily's age) instead of 26yo (which is what Blue and I have her pegged at, at least in the Berylverse.) Had the human Twilight Sparkle been a 96yo crone on death's doorstep, the mirror would have likely made Twi's life that much harder.

EqG didn't give much room to work with how Twilight Sparkle can go from a mare who, assuming ponies have stages of life separated by years similar to humans, being about in her mid 20's yet going through the mirror she translates into a 16 year old high school student.

It's not even, of course, since obviously human Celestia and Luna aren't thousands of years old and don't control a ball of nuclear combustion nor the giant space rock that's still got NASA junk on it.

So how long before Sunset and Beryl are engaged in a deadly game of cat and also cat?

“Oh, that thing? I actually have it back at Golden Oaks. Even though it is cheap plastic, I kept it around as a reminder of the experience I had as a human

Wait, ponies know plastic? Not sure how advanced they are, with the whole schizo-tech.

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