This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book III

A Tale of the Berylverse. Joint project with BlueBastard and Flynt Coal.

The climax to the Seven Days in Sunny June saga!

With weeks to go before Sunset is to realize her dream - being adopted by the family she loves more than anything - her world is about to fall apart: the human Sunset Shimmer has reappeared and it's only a matter of time before her loved ones come across the human girl who has no clue of what has happened over the course of the past five years.

But if that's not enough, Divine Right and Cantata Blast begin their final plans to summon a force beyond comprehension and to bring the world to its knees using arcane powers. All it calls for is a sacrifice, or two...or more.

Fortunately, they can be stopped.
Unfortunately, the one who can stop them's a little busy with personal issues at the moment....

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Well, better late than never right?

Even if it is going up at 2 in the morning:twilightblush:

Nice cover. Is the guy in the back with purple hair Divine Right?

Jesus fucking Christ you weren't kidding when you said this was going to be dark. I had a feeling someone would die in the first chapter, but I hoped I was wrong. This is so sick and yet it all makes sense in the end. It's how this sort of stuff works when you get right down to it and if you don't do it right it can backfire horribly, I only hope I can keep myself from pacing as my nerves are wracked with paranoia. The best kind of author is one who can cause me to detach myself and watch everything as a specter as it occurs. One that pulls me in, but doesn't allow me the comfort of seeing the role through a single pair of eyes. It's everything I was expecting and while I can't wait for the next chapters, I dread them.

Woah man... an explosive start to the new book... TOTALLY worth the wait.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the time when Sunbringer once more gets to sing the song of battle.

Keep up the good work.

oh my this truly made my hair stand on end especially with what Divine Right has planned for many virgins whatever all that blood is for and whatever demon that idiot is going to summon it has to be something from Equestria since Calvacanti had connected to equestria and Sombra made a deal with him.

6387498 so if I had stay'd up just 20mins more I could of read it sooner? blast it all o well better to read it with a fresh mind then one struggling to read a single line 5 times over.

Not. Happy. About. That. At. All.

Yup, that's him.

What a great thing to wake up too!

And all of my snacks are almost stale now...


Yeah, totally hear ya on that one.:trixieshiftright:

And so it begins. People really have no idea what's in store for them, do they? Mua ha ha ha :pinkiecrazy:

Knowing that she had to get up regardless, she stumbled over to the bathroom, ignoring the pain in her hips, and after spending a few minutes doing things that would best be described as “horror film-worthy” for ponies, finally departed the sanctuary of upstairs, and walked downstairs towards her fate.

Elck.. At least you could get up.. Unlike somebody else over here in snack land.

“You know, maybe we should move in together.”

Call me old fashioned but, for the love of GOD Tia get married first! You two have probably already done the do however... Ah fuck it, hope you don't break up.

“I know, Uncle Noblesse,”

Hehe, Uncle Nosebleed.

... Oh wait... FUCK! IT SAYS NOBLESSE!!

Well... What a way to start a story.. The final chapter of a series...

Wow. Just wow.

Damnit, where the hell were you last night? We had a group chat going with the readers and you totally should have been there!

I tried to look, but I couldn't. Intelect, strenght, foreknowledge, planning, every possible adventage was rendered moot as I stared into this user's avatar-- two pinpricks to a primal void, two empty and shallow shells that didn't even pretend to imitate life. They where a mockery of existance itself, a phantasmagoria of materia, that had only imprinted themselves into the RGB signals of this universe by a whym.
Life was useless. Her eyes were everything. They where everything. Space and time themselves surendered themselves to the fake demieyes that could have stared a rock, a experience so horrible that innanimate objects sparked life within themselves to experience the sweet release of death.
But it was moot too. The antropomorphical representation had already escaped, carrying enough hay and beacon to feed Mort and Bincy for millenia.

That is a very strong opening. Worth the wait and now I don't think I'm going to need my morning coffee, too much adrenalin in the system after reading. :pinkiegasp:

Now I'm beginning to think my predictions from after you posted the teaser with Sunset's speech might be more spot on than I thought. The phrase going to hell on an express elevator with a cut cable seems to be rather spot on for where Divine is going to be sending things. I also have a feeling his own plans are going to backfire on the turd in a karmic and very bloody way.
The way he's corrupting those artifacts, yeah no way that ends well for him. :rainbowderp:

Dang it now this chapter is going to be like an ear worm in my head until more comes out. Curse good writing!! :pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

Worth the unexpected extra wait and looking forward to more.

:twilightoops: ...Divine is one sick fuck... This will not end well...

And Sablestia has just gone from "be wary of" to "totally ship".

Is it just me or in the cover art does Divine look like friendship is Manly Rarity?

Its probably just me.


At least he's not trying to kill her like the other Sable Loam ultimately wanted to.

Truth be told, that's exactly what my first reaction was when I saw the render:rainbowlaugh:

Darn now that you both have mentioned it I cannot stop seeing it. :rainbowlaugh:

Needless to say, he is a fabulous bad guy because of this:raritywink:

Well shit.

Already things are going downhill... And it's only gonna get worse before it gets better.

6388368 Oh, you just now figured that out?

That was made pretty clear in the last book, I think.

And anyone who thinks that they have the "divine right" to rule over an entire planet and its citizens, is certifiably nuts. (Adolph Hitler being a clear case in point.)

Whether they'd truly descended from the "Little Corporal" of Corsica and France, or not.

And just out of curiosity, I know you guys have probably done a ton of research for this bit, but ... is there still a House of Bonaparte existing today? I kinda find that pretty hard to believe.

Then again, I remember watching a documentary on one of the History Channels awhile back that said that some of Hitler's family still exists (that of his half-sister and her son, I think), and that, of all places, it's in the US itself.

Although it also said that none of them had, up to the date of the documentary's filming, had kids, and that the US branch of the family was slowly dying out.

Anyway, great start, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
(My heart really went out to Mayor Mare's daughter, though. Poor kid. Killed just because of some insane idiot's useless scheme.)

And she's only the first of many virgins to be done so. God help the others that Dimwit Wrong targets in the future.
(Hopefully, you aren't going to throw the CMC in that number. I may wind up hunting you guys down and enacting my own form of karmic justice, if you do.)

But the "virgins" thing is a big clue, right? Ooooooo, I hope for their sakes that the HuMane 5 (and Sunset) aren't virgins themselves (and that includes Twilight). But I just have a sick feeling.........

And I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get in on the Steam chat about it last night, but when I tried to, I got a notification that said I wasn't allowed to for some reason.

Also, are you saying that it's okay for Octavia and Cadance to be targets, then?

6388643 I knew he was messed up before, but killing a child for power because he thinks he's entitled to it? No. Please don't take too long to kill him off. Of course, where would the conflict be then? :ajbemused:

6388453 That's precisely why I was wary of him when he first showed up. At least I can put those fears to bed. This Sable seems genuinely good, if secretive of and haunted by his past.

I also reminded myself of Octavia and her issues right now, though we didn't see much of her here. I'm eager to see those cleaned up as well. Until next week!

Sometimes I wonder, what was this story going to become before Rainbow Rocks came out. And history has a weird way of repeating itself as this is the second time I find myself reading this story before the new EG film comes out. And again, I have to tell myself don't compare this awesome story to the new movie.

Oh, this fic is going to be good.

6388657 Okay, thanks. I'll check it out in a bit.

6388676 What?! No!!!

And not Twilight, either.

I just don't know which if them are virgins, or the right age group for our nutcase would-be world emperor, or what.
(Sunny I'm assuming isn't, because of her relationship with that jerk Flash. The others I have absolutely no clue about their virginity (or lack thereof), like I said.)

6388748 Indeed.

And I agree with on that last bit. It's be a pretty short story of that happened.

The one confirmed not a virgin is Sunset. The two possible are Cadance (since she and Shining live together), and Pinkie (based on a comment she made.) Everyone else is.

6388870 Ah, okay.

Well, that means that the others are potential victims for that madman.

And that includes Adagio, Aria and Sonata.


(and yes, I mean"nice" in a sarcastic way.)

The triplets are in even more danger, given that technically they now work for him.


I'd also say that even if they weren't working for Divine Right, what their CO has planned for the SIRENS isn't good if what happened to her own understudy is any indication.

6389003 Well, that's true. too.

Just look at what she did to Piano Bliss, for example.

And she allowed that to happen to Piano without even the slightest twinge of hesitation or regret.

I guess that the idea of being Empress of the World would do that to a person.

Too bad that it's gonna crash and burn around her and her loser boyfriend's ears in the end.

Courtesy of one Sunset Shimmer, late of Equestria, and former student of Princess Celestia.

Wait. I have a theory. It might be wrong, but...

Since Divine Right knows magic, I'm going to assume that he also knows about Equestria. Judging by the teasers, he knows who Sunset Shimmer is... so would it be too big of a stretch to think that he knows about the Vibe incident, and that Rarity, Tavi and Twily were saved? And, thus, are still virgins? And since he's going after virgins...

She didn't just allow it - she basically volunteered Piano behind her back.

Former student, nothing. To Princess Celestia, Sunset is her daughter, no matter what. You want to bet if something happened to Sunny that Divine Right might eventually find a solar flare dropped right on him?

6389132 Yeah, I know. That's basically what I meant by that.

The woman's an even bigger evil jerk than her flipped out lover!

6389154 Hmmm, true. Forget about that for a sec.


And ohhhhhh, wouldn't that a heaping helping of divine justice?

Better yet, have Celestia confront the idiot and show him that is isn't Sunny that he needs to be scared of, but her sun-controlling mama!

Although I think that before this is all over with, Sunny's gonna show him the definition of true pain for his stupidity!

Before she puts a long overdue end to him, that is.

Who is the woman next to Divine Right? Is she suposed to be Cantata?


Not Virgins-
Sunset Shimmer
Pinkie Pie [Due mostly to an offhand comment she's made]
Cadence [there were some rather heavy implications early on in regards to why shining moved out of his parents house that included the dirty bump]

Twilight Sparkle
Octavia Melody
All of the CMC & Coco.
Spike [assuming males are targetable]

Grey Area's,
Rainbow Dash [due to her on again, off again with Sorin, there's enough you can read into the text that maybe she's done it with him]
Crackle [comes off as she MIGHT have done something, I know she's young but... well, I've seen some shit man.]
Lyra and Bon Bon [does lesbian sex count in the magical world as not breaking one's virginity? Does virginity simply denote no sexual experience at all, or does it only count if the hymen is intact. likely read as no virgins to be on the safe side but still, valid maybe.]
Aria, Adagio, Sonata [Given their status as SIREN operatives, I seem to remember a statement that they hadn't done anything with anyone, but we've seen that more than once SIREN operatives are willing to bed the enemy if needed to do the job. It's possible at least one of them are not virgin anymore.]
Human Sunset Shimmer [we don't know enough at this time to make a call one way or the other.]

And that's just off the top of my head, dealing exclusively with main casters that I could think of.

6389901 learn something new every day.

Do keep in mind, that's my personal list, and MAY not be representative to the author's true list.

so this isn't the august AAG chapter?:trollestia:

Given it's September, I don't think so.

well i figured with the time delay and all :pinkiecrazy:

Uh yikes, Divine Right reminds me of Graham Jones.

The villain from the Aria of Sorrow gba game.

I hope a local Soma Cruz shows up and kills him before it's too late.

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