This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book II

A Tale of the Berylverse. Joint project with BlueBastard and Flynt Coal.

In the past year, Sunset Shimmer's life has changed radically and now she finds herself with a family and friends - a life she treasures. But changes are on the horizon, challenges and issues that might push the former unicorn to her limits and beyond.

But Sunset's never been one to back down from a challenge.

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Well that's a fancy cover.
Hope that this story finishes with all loose ends tied up.


I love the gratuitous French. Also, how many years of writing experience do you and BlueBastard have?

Blue? Dunno. Me? Thirty-five or so years, why?

And if you think it's gratuitous, you haven't been paying attention to the first two books. XD

5342775 That's really impressive. Out of all the stories you've made, I think All-American Girl was my first one and this one is my favorite so far. The Seven Days trilogy seems like the equivalent of a YA novel instead of pony fanfiction, and it's that good!

Thanks! Truefact: he. she. we. is a pony fic that I deponified into a YA novel for submission, and am now reponifying so people can read it.

I also have a novel in the pipeline, a webcomic that relaunches in January and a blog that I keep forgetting to update. :twilightsheepish:

5342801 Two versions of the same story? Wow.

Hooray, it's finally here! Thanks for the birthday present! I see that Fluttershy and her mom greatly disagree about her dad. Why does Rainbow have summer school again? Yikes, Sombra was a bad egg in the past. So, he's married to Chrysalis. I wonder what their kids look like? Hopefully at least a few of the students coming back can turn things around for themselves like Sombra apparently did. Celestia's in her fifties? Those kids are bad news, good thing Sable Loam was there. Magical email and texts? Cool! Great, a new diabolical villain (he said sarcastically)!

I'm strappin' myself in for the final ride! This is gonna be wild, especially with Sable Loam in the plot. NEVER thought I'd see him again! And Fluttershy looks to have her own interesting subplot involving her dad (although the previews hinted at that, and by that I mean you ripped it all from here).

O My God....... It's beautiful
:fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: :applecry:

Technically you've never seen him - this is the human one. :trollestia:

Yup. According to my mother-in-law (who is a high school teacher), the average high school principal is in their fifties - the really good ones are in their late forties...and likely headmasters at private academies. Plus, I'd mentioned her age in the first book and even if I didn't, Celestia, Luna and Velvet grew up together - and I did mention Velvet's age.

Took me until the end of the chapter to recognize his name. Then I was like "Oh shit!".

WOOHOO It's up.

A very nice start. Loved the scene with Luna Rainbow and Sunny. Looking forward to another thoroughly enjoyable ride.

for someone with ur writing experience...i was surprised that u made one particular spelling error right there at the is spelled 'Alpha'...not 'Alfa'...the 'ph' makes the eff sound. it can be a common mistake, but i still hate to see it...

burning ninety-five degrees

They're lucky Canterlot High isn't located in Red Bluff. It used to get up around 118 degrees in the summers when my mom used to work at the Ide Adobe State Park when I was a kid.

5343245 several reasons: one, i looked it up a long time ago, i was curious about the Greek alphabet. two, ive seen it used before in notable published works, not fan fic. three, the spellchecker says so when i write it in the comments box, my word processor and Advanced Spellchecker...i could go on...

“Anyway, I should introduce myself. Sable Loam – I’m the new Civics and Earth Sciences teacher here.”

Oh, FUCK. There's no way this can be good.

And you'd still be wrong - Alfa is the way it's spelled in many of the Romance (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) languages. Not everyone uses the ph combination for a fricative. I should also add that in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, the equivalent for A is Alfa (regardless of language), not Alpha.

Like I told the other reader: if you thought it was just gratuitous French, you haven't really been paying attention since Book I.

Liking what I see so far. Faved and tracked.

So, instead of getting frequent flier miles for lunch,” Rainbow suggested, “why don’t we just have lunch at the In-N-Out


Best burgers this side of the country!

Are we going Da Vinci Code with the whole "divine right" thing?

Ooh, rruby and mmitta? I wonder if the Blanks event happened on the Equestria side even more now.

5343640 wrote : "Best burgers this side of the country!"

I prefer Burger King myself.

Or buying the hamburger meat at the store here.

Then baking it with Heinz 57 sauce and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.^_^

Personally, being from the LA area, I prefer Tommy's. But In-N-Out is a very close second, followed by (here on the East Coast) BGR, Big Buns and Five Guys.

keep the greatness coming.

where I live in Alaska. best burgers come from Eskimoburgers in Nome, Alaska.

5343707 you'll have to ask Blue on that.

Hurray! Book III is out! *does happy Snoopy dance* :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: I cannot wait to read more of this most awesome series!

I'm quite ecstatic how well this series gone. This is still probably my favorite story on here!

So Sombra married Chrysallis...and they had at least one kid.

Do they now have three daughters named Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk?

A new villain??? Interesting.....

if overzealous could be best described as “religiously fervent on the level of the Inquisition”.

I somehow missed this line my first reading, how I don't know. But upon reading seeing it on the second read through one thing popped into my head and then just wouldn't leave.....

(except the version running in my head had the EQG CMC in it for some reason. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh? I'm wondering if pony!Sombra may have left some of his blood on the far side of his portal. Either that or someone has worked out the importance of the humans who potentially have an Equestrian ancestor. Maybe it might not even be Twily. Flutters has a mysterious enough past to make me wonder if she is this universe's equivalent to Skye in Agents of SHIELD.

I do hope Sunset's powers aren't going to turn into a deus ex machina.

5351482 Considering how she behaved before the events of EQG, I think a lot of her friends' horror is their thoughts on how Sunset would have been if her magic had been unlocked from the get go.

@Shinzakura: Is this going to be a weekly updated fic?

So, Fancy Pants is Coco's brother here. Glad to see he and Fleur are still together. He has no idea of the irony there. Glad to see that human!Twilight is doing better. So, the spell did keep the 'rents from worrying as much as they should have. Again, cross-world irony. So, the human CMC are obsessed with scout badges, since Cutie Marks aren't a thing here. So, Octavia's a bit jealous about how close Sunset is to Twilight. OK, if Rarity tells you that you're being overly dramatic, you know it's bad! Please use words we can understand, I read a lot, and I'd still never heard of "pusillanimity" before (BTW, it means weakness or fear of danger, for the rest of you). So, Sunset can actually do slight of hand without magic. Again, irony. TMI Lyra, Trixie doesn't need to know if you're a virgin or not. Ouch, note to self, do not get on the bad side of either of those two. I wonder how Celestia will react if she finds out about her alicorn counterpart? Poor Coco. So, Coco is friends with Crackle? Watch out for Suri Coco! You Troll you!

Uh-oh. Looks like something's rotten in the state of Denmark, at least where Tavi is concerned...


Crackle? :facehoof:
Now you're just messing with us. :twilightsmile:

Still loving this story, and I look forward to the Christmas tale.


Hmmm I think I have an idea as to what's really thrown Tavi's darker thoughts into overdrive. If I had to guess I'd say those papers she and her mother picked up were adoption papers for Sunny.

Hmm I was wondering for a bit there where I'd seen Crackle's name before in this story, then Suri's name appeared and it all came back. Nice play there.

I can make it...I can wait till the 7th. BUT NO LATER MY FRIEND

Hmm I am sensing Nightmare Octavia making an appearance in the near future lol. Loved the update and look forward to more in January..

Can't help but think that Octavia's jealousy of Sunset came a bit out of left field. Something to do with Equestrian Berylverse I'm missing horribly?

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