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Sunset Shimmer, the most antisocial student at Canterlot High School. No one would guess that she's actually the mysterious vigilante, Blacksun. But what happens when someone enters her life and flips her world upside down by asking to be her friend.

Will Sunset, A.K.A. Blacksun, be able to save who she needs to save with this wants-to-be-friend wasting her precious time? Or will Sunset learn that she's the one who needs saving?

Throughout their journeys, Sunset will fight threats both in school and out of school. And along the way, maybe the two will find that they like each other more than friends? Or Sunset's become delusional.

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You have my interest I hope to see more

Wow, this is a really interesting. Sunset as a anti-hero vigilant is an awesome idea.

I just hope her god-like powers doesn't mean everything is easy for her. After all, were will the fun be in that! :twilightsheepish:

OMG it's Watamote in Equestria. This should be fun.

8186077 Well obviously no. Imagine Twilight Sparkle, but a little more offensive.

8186080 Indeed. :pinkiehappy:


Sunset reached Saitama's and Saiki's dilemma. When you are so powerful, what else is left to be and to do?

Yet, doesn't the portal open every 3 years or so? She could try it again.

8186102 She's only been there for two and a half.

Umm, the authors note seems unfinished. Who are you thanking? Either way, I like the story!

It's certainly an interesting premise but I think we need a bit more information about her situation:
How long has she actually been there? We know its a little over a year but has she been in school all that time?
How and When did she realise that she had powers?
And Why is she comfortable killing when canonically she only tried to kill after being turned into a demon?

But apart from those nitpicks of mine it is an intriguing idea and I'd like to see more.

I think the word you need is Anti-Hero

8186535 It has an AU Tag, so maybe this Sunset is just a lot different than normal Sunset.

8186680 Okay, so, I'm going to have flashbacks but I forgot about the whole killing thing, so I'll remember to add that to the flashback. This was just a prologue, summing up the past and nothing that'll be heavily touched upon. It's just setting things up. I hope that was a satisfactory answer.

8186579 Bruh, I think you're missing the point. Sunset... Only hurts bad people... If she were an Anti-Hero, then she'd be like a self-centered neutral person who would either fight anyone for her own personal needs. In this, she's a self centered vigilante. She's nothing like any Anti-Heroes I know of. Though I believe you may have a point, so I shall look deeper into it after I finally get ten hours of sleep. So thank you for the comment but I'm outta it right now...

Goddamit bp Why did you put the picture after my amazing argument over the spider's butt houses. That was supposed to convince you not to put up that picture.

8186966 I asked three people. Two voted for this, and you're the only one who opposed.

8186966 and i was one of the 2 that voted for this story picture :pinkiecrazy:

You do know some people consider Batman an anti-hero right?
The Punisher is definitely an anti-hero

Pure heroes are lawful good anti-heroes are chaotic good

Many people mistake mercenaries for anti-heroes
You probably have heard of Deadpool he is not an anti-hero he's a mercenary

Other anti-heros include:
James Bond
Alucard from hellsing
Reformed Vegeta
The Hulk
Dante from devil may cry
Shadow the Hedgehog
And many more

8189791 Okay, I get it. I was super tired. :twilightsmile:

interesting story so far ill be fallowing this

care to explain whatever happened to the other sunset?

aside from that it's a great story so far

Haven't you ever heard of dramatic reveal? But thank you.

Intriguing, definitely wanting to know where this will go next, both in her vigilante life and her social life.

Thank you! :pinkiehappy: It's a pain trying to give both enough depth to be interesting.

Very interesting story.

So on one side of life she is known as the anti-social butterfly, gifted with high intelligence so that she can take classes with ease what brings her a lot of jealously.

And on the other side she is the nightmare of the Changelings, she is... Batmare. Yes, I know this joke is bad. :pinkiecrazy:

I do wonder though, will she come into a situation where she HAS to come clean with the human 5 (or at least her maybe first real friend Fluttershy) about her identity?

So let me get this straight, Sunset's human doppelgänger was killed by human Chrysalis punching a hole straight through her? :twilightoops: And there is that interesting bit where she says that Celestia said that Sunset wasn't ready. :trixieshiftleft: Is her vendetta against the Changlings an effort to claim justice for her inter-dimensional sister? In the last chapter you said that things were going to be revealed dramatically so I guess there are quite a few more of those in the future for us. Interesting story so far and can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Interesting, I look forward to reading more, especially about Sunset and Fluttershy. :ajsmug:

this story is interesting thoe i dont get why every one hates sunset

Either they avoid her cause she's really weird, she's a jerk, or because she gets special privilege.

that has not been conveyed very well cus so far it seems there is some deeper reason like she did something major

Only Cirrus stated she disliked Sunset. And then after that was when it was explained that kids in her class didn't like her due to her being able to sleep in class.

Hype so much hype for this , dude this is like mr robot meets fim meets I don’t even know what , it’s good like realy good , I’m so excited to see what happens next :-) give it all you got , and keep up the good work

Thanks! :pinkiehappy: Next chapter's about half way done!

My theory about the 'parents' of sunset :We haven't see sunset's parents and she refer to celestia as her mother when she was in equestria... I think Principal Celestia is her mother here too, but hey, it's just a theory, a Fanfic theory, thanks for reading ! (and it can be the reason why chrysalis kill the sunset of this world). but for the father and the brother, no clue. maybe sunburst her brother ?

great story so far, I really want to read the next chapter =).

Been awhile, great to see this updated again and looking forward to the next one.

Ooo. Just read this, and I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Now, I wonder what that pendent is?

EDIT: Never mind, just realized what it is!


I hope they end up being Sunsets friends.

“There’s… A bit more…” Fluttershy said, looking down. “The person I talked to was Sunset Shimmer...”

Dun duh duuuuun! (dramatic_eagle.wav) :rainbowdetermined2:

...i can't tell if your excited or angry

Is this still being worked on?

Well, good luck with real life stuff. Good to know this is still being worked on. :pinkiehappy:

Well, uh... Sunset is going crash her social boat some more and drown... Get the joke?! It's about sirens and drowning! Why are you not laughing? It's a joke, you're supposed to laugh! Oops, I think I went a bit too far...

Still, which would you like more? Vigilante or awkward Sunset?

Why not both?

Man, this reminds me so much of "It's not my fault I'm not popular" but with the protagonist having super powers and essentially bein' from Equestria. Shit's still 10/10 tho. Lookin' forward to the next chapter. :rainbowkiss:

the focus on the sirens after the long wait made the chapter feel like filler

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