This story is a sequel to A Time of Reckoning: Seven Days in Sunny June, Book IV

The conclusion of the Seven Days in Sunny June saga!

She’s defeated an ancient evil and literally saved all of reality. And due to her death and resurrection, Sunset has now become an alicorn - a literal goddess amongst ponykind. But despite all that, she's still living as a human and that means some very human problems.

Now, as the days wind down towards school and her life (thanks to her grandmother) has become far more different than even she expected, how has her life changed and how will the world before her unfold?

If nothing else, it's a new frontier....

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Great to see the Dazzlings get a better start. I bet that poor Spike will be unexpected.

You can tell I'm educated; I studied at the Sorbonne.

I can feel much better in the aftermath of seeing Infinity War.

A very good start, this.

Looking forward, with much anticipation, to the rest of it.

More I learn, I guess. This is the second Goddess Sunset fic I’ve read.

Can't wait to see where this goes although I wonder what happened to the gems that where given to armor in the other time line ...(time will tell sooner or later time will tell)

As I'd said before, they're non magical. They were just gems that Trixie's mom were safeguard gems, but are really nothing more than good luck charms.

Wait I asked that before? Well now I know hopefully I can remember this time lol still will be fun to see where the story gos

I smell a tragic end for these two

:fluttershysad: Wow just wow you know how to hit hard below the belt on this one.

I'd feel sorry for them more if I actually knew who these people were. Did I miss a story or something?

Is this universe built on pain and suffering or something? I thought the idea of the history rewrite was to give them good childhoods.

In previous chapters, Sky and Glitter have been mentioned (Velvet's older brother and kid sister, respectively) but have never made an appearance. With the time change, now they obviously do.

As you pointed out, the whole thing was for the triplets to have better childhoods (one would argue childhoods, period, since we have no idea if SIREN gave them that.) It doesn't mean reality doesn't intrude.

And 8908958 will be glad to know that it was Sky and Lotus' adoption in the new timeline that saved the triplets from becoming candidates for SIREN. As will be revealed later, had one slight change been made (as it was in the old timeline), they would be off to that darker future.


Which people are you talking about? The Dazzlings or their adoptive family? I take it you ment everyone but the Dazzlings. What has happened is Twilight Velvet’s sister-in-law just died on 9/11. Twilight Glimmer is the family rebel who cannot pull her head out of her own arse long enough to keep in touch with the family. Heck she may do tons of damage to the Dazzlings because of her attitude and their father a complete wreck from the loss of his wife.

I understand where she’s coming from, but I still don’t know if it’s right. Guess we’ll have to chalk it up to (as tvtropes puts it) moral luck.

Where Softspoken is coming from, or where Glitter is coming from? I presume you mean the former.

Well I am glad to see that Glimmer grew up. But wow it sounds like Twilight Velvet’s family is majorly screwed up at the moment. I wonder how Octavia is doing in this universe?

So Glitter is going for a cyber security degree? There isn't much else University of Fairfax is known for. Or did you mean George Mason, the university in the city itself?

Forest Ridge got a chuckle out of me, sure that school is in MD but it shows up in the local news enough that I paused for a sec and laughed.

Fairfax University is George Mason. I renamed it for obvious reasons.

Got ya, though with Mason being a founding father I'm almost surprised you didn't name it after Smart Cookie or Clover the Clever.

Honestly, it just didn't occur to me at the time of writing.


Personally I would see them (Smart Cookie, Pudding Head, Private Pansy, Hurricane, Clover, and Platinum) as being more equivalent to the equivalent of King Arthur. Some basis in fact but obscured by legend. Starswrill would be Merlin as he trained Clover according to some theories. I just do not know the rest of his mythology to figure out where they all would fall. Their names could be associated with myth and just seen in that image.

Except that we know Hurricane was Rainbow's great-grandfather, and that Puddinghead and Platinum were his contemporaries.


It doesn't mean that the names don't get reused. Rainbow’s grandfather could have been named in honor of the legendary Hurricane like how we use names occasionally in the real world. So it could have been mere coincidence that her grandfather associated with two other people who where named after legendary people. Then again there has been plenty of unusual happenings around English Lore in our world.

I have a theory on EQG naming I'll have to mention sometime.

Worst case scenario you could hit up and use names from there.

Jesus Christ, Shin. Can't those girls catch a break for once?

Why do I think that the girls are going to end up loosing their father? Crap I now feel sorry for Spike if the girls move in with Twilight and Tavi and Sunset is in the mix.

Well, let's see: they're nine years old right now. Given that, in the old timeline, they would have already executed their first potential victim at that age so they could be readied to be efficient killers, I would say they're getting a huge break right now. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

But given that this is the new timeline, we still have seven years to go.

*blows nose into tissue* already one death and it isn't even the third chapter

I wouldn't really call replacing one set of suffering with another catching a break. This is the third time the three lost their parents. Plural intentional, given how beyond fucked up this has made their father.

And the three aren't much better off, given how they're already considering potential murder as a way of protecting what little family they have left. And this time without an overarching organization pushing them to it.

Actually, they are. They had an aunt who gave them love (gave up years of her life) to step in when she didn't need to. And even though she had to step away, you'll see that Glitter loves the three.

You can't really count their birth parents into the mix. And what happened to both Lotus and Softy are tragedies. And yes, clearly Sky is a wreck without a balancing force in his life. And yes, the triplets have suffered for it. But to equate the misfortune of life to being used as child soldiers in an illegal military project is wrong.

Here, they are normal girls, not trainees. Here, every parent has tried to instill like lessons to them instead of a drill instructor beating military discipline into them. And here they are loved. So you know if they had that prior to meeting the soeurs?

So yes, they are better off. No, it's not ideal, but it is better than the alternative.

Murder? Seriously? They're triplets with a strong sisterly bond. They were just being protective of each other. And yes, losing two mothers in their lifetime is rough, but they still have family (not so much the father admittedly) trying to support them.

That's still better than not even being in their teens and being trained to murder people in cold blood, with the expectation of being sent into dangerous situations and dying as an expendable assets whose very existence is denied by the country they died for.

You don't point an arrow at someone and expect it to be harmless.

Being child soldiers is morally abhorrent, yes, and infinitely worse than what they suffered here. But it was not without its perks outside of morality. It gave them stability and direction, which is something young growing children need. The wrong kind of stability and direction, yes, but unless this trainwreck of losing parents stops it's going to seriously screw them up, and this time they won't have their souers to keep them stable and guided. I mean Aria is already at the level where she is pointing weapons at anything that seems to threaten her sisters. Without guidance and stability, that's going to end very, very wrong.

Aria and Adagio seem to be curling inwards, isolating themselves to just a circle that has the three of them. which I can imagine given how the three of them are the only stability they have from their point of view, with their mother figures dying or leaving and their father being... well, I can't really blame him since he's lost his wife twice now, but he's not able to keep it together enough for his daughters. But isolating themselves and seeing anything outside that circle as potential threats isn't healthy. Sonata seems to be able to hold it together the best of them, still able to reach out, and I pray she remains a beacon for her sisters because from the looks of it they're going to need her.


You don't point an arrow at someone and expect it to be harmless.

Nine-year-olds are generally not known for superlative deduction and reasoning.

Adoption, yeah, like that'll ever happen.

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