This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book V: The New Frontier

A tale of the Berylverse. Takes place concurrently with The Golden Age of Apocalypse.

Canterlot, California - the 35th largest city in the United States, a bustling metropolis filled with hundreds of thousands of people, all with different lives and motivations. Yet so many of these lives are intertwined, tied to one another like Gordian knots.

As events unfold in another city named Canterlot, on another world, in another reality, one could see why things are so different...and yet why things are so much the same.

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Wallflower reference, who knows how that's going to work in this world!

Good to see Neighsay is still a jerk. I wonder how long until he finds out just who is and who is not Sunset’s friends.

I thought Starswirl was male. And doesn't Trixie have blue, and not olive, skin?

The Berylverse is a more realistic take on EQG, hence the realistic skin color. If you're reading this, you're way late into the game and should read all of 7DSJ first.

“This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.”

With the "reset", did Gilda still stab Sunset?


Yes she did. It still sounds like most of the stuff surrounding Lightning Dust and Gilda still happened.


It's a safe bet that unless specified otherwise, everything that wasn't shown as being different in book V happened the same as it did originally

Well, this is going to blow up in Pinky's face. Being told to cling on hard to Sunset, when her own isn't capable of giving those feelings back.

One Pinky doesn't have all the information, and the other isn't seeing the truth due to her rose colored glasses.

Alternate worlds, and alternate outcomes. Lovely :ajsmug:

So sad what happened in this particular universe.

And everyone complains that 7DSJ is too dark. :trollestia:


Well it isn't like dark stories are rare, just quality ones are. And between 7DSJ and AAG you do have the dark part of the market very well cornered. I wonder what advice the Pinkie from AAG would give both of these versions of her has she could give good advice to both I think.

Great side story! Makes me wonder how Pinkie manages to travel to another reality even if the fragment is inside of her.

Into the spiderverse vibe?

Well... That was unpleasant to read.

Raspberry get in touch with herself? Sunset decided to channel her aunt? Or was this from one of the more local powers taking petty on the poor girl?

I assure you, the next one will be markedly brighter in tone.

Man, and I thought Razz's horse dad was worthy of ripping his jaw with my bare hands

Well, you’re welcome to do that; I’m sure Razz wouldn’t mind much.

"Markedly", Hum......CMC plus tree sap?:trollestia:

You’ll see - only a week to go!

She kinda beat me to it (the killing part). Oh boy, what I wouldn’t do to have a chance to rip his jaw (0:55)

Welp. I’m just going to take my self of outrage and channel it productively.

Fun fact, I'd actually written the rough script that ended up becoming the foundation for this chapter. We had some pretty ambitious plans for Ren and his story when we were making the game, and I'm looking forward to see how Shin translates it to written story!

Can’t blame him, Sunny is among the hottest around :ajsmug:

Maybe you can publish some of the art or music along with the chapters. That way we can visualise what he looks like, etc.

Well, that's easy: he's your typical VN protagonist, so you never see him. The closest description is above, in the chapter.

Well, I know two assholes cruisin' for a Moon trip

Suddenly wondering if Hondo did something he shouldn't have. Or if this is just more of this human world seeming to be a reflection of equestria, and there simply not being enough ponies to cover the amount of people...


No they need to go to the same place as Sunset banished that demon. I hope both of these two and Suri all have major karma come their way so bad that not even their parents money can save them.


No they need to go to the same place as Sunset banished that demon.

Pinkie's secret torture chamber?

Oh, now we finally know what that Paris reference was in the sister story that Sunset or the SIRENS made. Huzzah.

(That was actually bothering me cause I had no idea if I missed something or not.)

Keep up the great work you two.

9361647 Hooray for shared universes!

Keep up the great work you two.

Methinks your count is off by a bit there


Methinks your count is off by a bit there

As we all know, the correct answer is pi.

In this timeline I take it Ferrets are not illegal in California? If my memory serves me correctly they are illegal and have a large underground following demand.

Yeah, in this reality they're not illegal. I thought it would be the best pet and this time it's rule of drama/cool/whatevs instead of realistic.

Is there an official blog post or something that covers all the differences pre and post timeline reset? It's hard to keep track of what the status of things are supposed to be like now.

Unfortunately, due to real life events, I'm unable to write it down or produce artwork for it; however, if someone would like to do so, we'll make sure that it's prominent.

You know, I almost want Durpy's egg donor to do something stupid and it get back to Sunset via Aria.

Besides that, here is to hoping that Photo Finish, and steals every last bit of that "woman"s fame in time.

I think you do not like Derpy. You just cannot help make her life hell.

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