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Takes place during the events of 7DSJ: Book 3

A long time ago, Raspberry Beryl used her gift of dark magic to create fake precious stones, selling them for cheap so she could have enough money to feed herself. Until her secret was found out and she was run out of town, only to start the cycle anew elsewhere - such was the life she felt cursed with as the descendant of King Sombra.

Nowadays, her fortunes have reversed - friends, family, a warm home, and a position where her unique powers of darkness can be put to use in protecting ponies as opposed to harming them. Everything seems to be going her way until dark crystal randomly erupts from a small farming community. By investigating the disturbance, she may brush with remnants of her past...and another shadowy remnant of the legacy left by her corrupt ancestor.

Chapters (4)
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Excellent beginning, BB. Well met.
Eagerly awaiting the second chapter, and beyond.

Keep up the rad work.

Yeah! More of Berryl's (mis)adventures!

Excellent second chapter, BB! Love it!

And is it just me, or are the only real morons in this story this pair of Sombra followers?
'Cause they sure seem like it to me.

A bunch of Darwin Award winners these guys

They're Sombra disciples. We're not exactly talking mental giants here.

8873716 Yep, pretty much.

8873732 Well, obviously not, if they're dumb enough to be HIS disciples.

I mean, I know that some folks ain't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed (*cough*SnipsandSnails*cough*), but THESE guys are beyond the pale!:facehoof:

Hmmmm, okay, the crystals in Las Pegasus aren't Razz's original ones.

I'm smelling some idiot Sombra cultists behind these things.:facehoof::ajbemused:

Stupid is as stupid does, ma'am

Yeah, they are ALL taken care of.:trollestia::moustache::pinkiecrazy:

This is interesting. Although the description says that this event takes place during 7DSJ: Book III, it also mentions Twilight's Crystal Castle which does not exist until toward the end of Book IV. In fact, since Razz is back in Equestria, I would surmise that this should actually be after Book V.

This is an inconsistency that should be addressed.


Ah, good catch! I'll modify that.

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