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The holidays are fast approaching for the city of Canterlot. Snow is on the ground, carols fill the air, and the students of Canterlot High await release for winter vacation. However, its never peaceful in Canterlot for long. Right when things are looking calm, secrets start spilling around the school. With more being revealed each day, all eyes turn to Sunset Shimmer, the former bully of CHS. With the school turning against her and no clues to follow, can she possibly figure out the culprit and clear her name?

Of course she can. You know this story. At least, I assume you do. You're probably here because you want to see an alternate take on the event after all. A timeline can be altered drastically with nothing more than a single decision, just one choice, at the right place and time. So the proper question is: Can Sunset make it to her happy ending...and will the choice even be hers to start with?

TvTropes Page: Here

Co-writer: SunnyDays

So I'd like to give two quick shout-outs.
First one goes to Dainn for his wonderful tale, 'Anon-a-Miss'. It was the base inspiration for this little drabble of mine.
Second one to cerealkiller78 for her branching story, 'Silent Night', for more or less creating a sub-genre of a sub-genre and for the Dark tag on this story.

Featured: 3/21/17, 3/26/17, 4/23/17, 5/13/17, 6/2/17, 7/11/17, 8/6/17, 9/16/17, 12/2/17, 12/20/17, 2/25/18, 6/3/18

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This actually looks very interesting I will be tracking this one and adding it to my favorites. I look forward to reading more of this once you get a chance to post more to it.

8005507 They aren't as prominent to the story as the listed characters are.

All Rainbow had ever really said was that she traveled a lot and her line of work could be a bit perilous at times.

Spitfire is Rainbow's mom confirmed! :rainbowdetermined2:

My first tought was Daring Do as Rainbow's mother.


Well still the same they framed her and such? I understand won't be as focus on those three, hope they are metnioned or appear every now and then in the aftermath of everything that going to happen.

8006148 I simply am only allowed five character tags. I marked what I deemed most appropriate. I plan to cover as much ground as I can.


Ok, well i do have to fess nervous about reading this one glad the tragedy tag wasn't put up, usually that means someone going to die.
Thou i taking a guess friendship will die but maybe a new one will form with others.

*reads description*
Ha, thanks for the recognition, good sir.
And nice work to GPizano for motivating you.
If you have an idea that you really want to write about, then by all means, follow through.
I would also like to put out there that Cerealkiller is a She not a He.

I enjoy stories where the protagonist gets betrayed/framed/revenge, so the majority of the stories on here revolving around Anon-A-Miss usually end up turning into an All You Can Eat Buffet for me.
I'll be keeping an eye on this.

8007348 Thanks for the tip with CK. Wasn't sure myself.
I've been wanting to write this out for awhile as a stand alone story. I have to agree, the betrayal genre is quite the fascinating one, especially with the various twists on it. I myself have a few planned for this. A couple have been hinted at already. :raritywink:
Above all, I aim to please. I dearly hope everyone that has favorited, tracked, and followed both this story and myself will be satisfied with the outcome. It's a long haul, but hopefully a fun one!

ooh another anon-a-miss story to throw in the mix? Ill be keeping an eye on this story, liking what youve got so far!

Sorry for the late review. I was hoping to read this after you mention the story behind this, still how long till "you know" happends.

8014422 No such thing as late reviews, my friend. Comment whenever you want. Just be sure to tag spoilers as such.

You don't know how much a breath of fresh air Dash being the first to believe her, especially because of the gore tag.

You know ... this is my first time seeing a story on here where one of the five actually stayed with Sunset instead of the entire group leaving her behind in the hallway.
Please update soon because this could be a pretty big game changer.
I love it when things are different.

Also ...
The Lumineers - Sleep On the Floor

I like where this is going; you're really pulling me in.

“Maybe some other time!” Pinkie jumped up on Rarity’s bed, holding a hairbrush like a mice, “Cause we got something to say!”

I think you meant "mic".

This looks like a promising divergence. I can't wait to see how the rest of the Humane Five and the Human CMC behave.

8014513 Congrats! Nice job on catching the first reference! I plan on updating as often as I can. And BLAST! Spellcheck fails me once again! Thanks for pointing out the rodent! I'll fix that ASAP. Can't have mice in Rarity's house.

Appreciate it! Nice to know people are enjoying this.

Hope you find them believable through all this. I'm doing my best to make everyone seem...human.

A topic that will never not bother me in canon. ELEMENT OF L O Y A L T Y!

can rainbow dash be like this the whole story? i want her to be at sunset's side permanently in this story. she would be a big help because she's one of the first of the girls to know she's completely innocent. please keep this up! :pinkiehappy: i love it!


Great work here! This is what should have happened; at least ONE of them would believe her (I just thought it would be Fluttershy).

And fave. Normally, Anon A Miss fics make me wanna make Dash suffer, but this is a nice change.

Finally an anon-a-miss Fic where one of them us there Fucking heads.

8014426 That's why i mentioned as "You Know"

"So much for loyalty."

Dear Applejack, you'll regret saying those words and what you did to Sunset.
The same goes for the rest of them, except for Rainbow of course.


(I just thought it would be Fluttershy).

Personally, I think it's better like this.
The idea of having Fluttershy either be the only one, or one of the few, to sympathize with a troubled character all because she represents kindness, is a mechanism that gets used quite a bit.
But having Rainbow take up that role switches things up nicely.
Plus, Rainbow is actually using her brain in this story.
But that's just my opinion.

8014792 Keep in mind that prior to the events of Rainbow Rocks, Fluttershy was Sunset's favorite target for several years. She gave her a chance, but seeing as though Sunset has seemingly tossed it out the window in favor of a quick jab to the side, she reached her limit. Being Kindness doesn't mean you are kind all the time to every last person, especially to someone you see as wicked.

As for Dash, I think the show misuses her far too often. It's not unknown that she's lacking in the book smarts department, but again, she's not stupid. A character has to learn from the mistakes around them, their own and that of others, or at least they have to try to. Rainbow Dash and her four friends were split up by a text and a few arguments that could have been avoided by just listening to each other. Granted, that is something teens don't really excel at. However, we learn from our mistakes. Even if its at a risk, Dash was willing to take what AJ had said to her and use it (irony not being lost on her, I assure you).

But a choice has been made, a new path revealed. Where it goes...we shall see.

Before I read this, what is Gore and Dark tag for ?
And How bad does it get ?

Finally! An element of loyalty that, yknow, is LOYAL! Good on ya dashie.

i HOPE Sunset leaves them for good because not everyone deserves a second chance! not even the Humane 6 and CMC!
To me it's simple enough: Will the person that they have wronged have a second chance? Will someone that was abused and betrayed get a second chance at trusting people? You get my idea.

8017290 I'm not sure how into spoilers I wish to delve, but I will say that its not a tragedy and its not rated M.

Comment posted by The Better Scotsman Duck deleted Mar 13th, 2017
Comment posted by Uria the Sacred Beast deleted Mar 13th, 2017

Wow, the element of loyalty is actually proves her spot as said element! So proud of you, Dashie. :rainbowkiss:

...Now to wait until the gore, dark, and sad tags are used. Hoo boy. I know what kind of ride we're in for, and boy is it bumpy, folks. So strap in, because Uria here has one monster of a story ahead of us. :pinkiecrazy:

Thu's far it's not what i have been expected. Im not a fan of Rainbow Dash(aswell as AJ), so in that term i may be really bias because of character likes or dislikes.

It's original i must say with Rainbow siding with her and it gives it an interesting theme to it yet i saw coments and for the mane 6 and human 5 just being defined by their element of harmony has been something i have really disliked.

That's not the point. Rainbow is deciding to be loyal here, not being directed to do so by some "magical stones of destiny". If the story meant to characterize the girls strictly by their elements, Fluttershy wouldn't have yelled at Sunset at all, and possibly even AJ would've seen that Sunset wasn't lying.

8020141 True. But again i have to say im kinda bias as im not the greatest of Rainbow Dashs fans, heck that goes for the mane 6 and human 5,

What do you know. Rainbow Dash got a brain. Shame the others don't have any.

This should be interesting. What about the other girls?

Don't worry Dash, physics was my worst class in High School too. Just... Be sure to spell words right in the future, alright? :rainbowwild:

Sports outside in winter? Oh of course, in Minnesota we'd have teams of ultimate frisbee players in shorts and tshirts. Little cold never hurt anyone.

Lucky sunset too! Saved from suspicion by crappy wifi! Which actually, to be honest, why would a school have public wifi? MUH 'MERSION!

Dash believes her huh. Well now. This is a very interesting turn of events.

Down the hall, a purple-haired freshman tossed a flash drive up and down in her hand with a frown on her face. She could feel her eye twitching every few seconds. ‘Fine then, Sunset. That how we’re gonna play? Okay. What happens next is on you.’ She stuffed her hands in her cargo pants, heading towards the library. Now there was no going back.

Heh! Heh! Heh! CMC, you three struggle and post all you want. In the end, YOU WON'T WIN! :rainbowdetermined2:
...........right? :applejackunsure:

Small nitpick

Spike smiled, “Maybe Thorax will get to visit!”

This is highly unlikely I'm all for the idea that time between the worlds flows different but Thorax came after Starlight, Starlight came during the Friendship Games, and Anon-o-miss came before the Friendship Games.

8026496 Every school I've been to has public wifi to some degree. Ever since smart phones became common amongst the age group for their respective school at least. Some needed a student ID, but some just have a simple 'agree to terms' button.

8026557 :raritywink:

8026568 Star what?

You Can Give Your Broken Heart To Me

And you know that I'll stay with you,
that's why they call me loyalty!
That lyric really suits the chapter.

8026951 Thank you! Officially state the name and artist and you get a shoutout in Chapter 4

8027452 Loyalty by Mandopony, mate. That song's a definite fave.

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