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The Better Scotsman Duck

Editor to those who seek editing. i also am going to eventually start writing a fanfiction.

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I'm going to be honest, i have no recollection of following you.... ...wait. Are you an editor? Cause that could've been the reason I followed your profile.

2422044 not all wiccan's are female there are thousands that are male. But I understand why that happened as well so there is no worries at all. I look forward to your continued thoughts on 'Why? A tale of Anon-a-Miss' and hope to hear from you again.

2421694 im sorry. i had just assumed because of your user name that you were a women

2421674 uh try sir I am a male not a female but thank you so much for the comment I look so much forward to reading your next comment on the next chapter once I get it posted.

2419826 ma'am your writing on Why is some of the best I've seen in fanfiction:twilightsmile:. i'm honestly looking forward to see where you go from here.:ajsmug:

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