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In the EQG Holiday Special, Sunset figured out that Anon-a-Miss was actually Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom.
But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?
For those who haven't seen it, the comic can be read here:

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Please don't tell me this fic ends the way I think it's going to end. I've seen way too many fanfics with similar premises to know where that tends to lead. :twilightoops:

YAY Another Anon-A-Miss story. I love these so much.

Looking forward to the next chapter

6577510 Well, it doesn't have the "Tragedy" tag on it, just the "Dark" one.

So, hopefully that means that this one won't end with Sunset dying for once.

You know its kind of sad really. The holiday special happen after Rainbow Rocks so all Sunset has to do to convince the others she's innocent is point out if her friendship wasn't genuine they wouldn't have been able to create the giant sky alicorn and defeat the sirens.

I hope Sunset doesn't die. If she can't solve things, she should just leave. The Humane 5 aren't worth this sort of grief. Go back to Equestria or go somewhere else in the human world. Make new friends. Have her meet up with SciTwi. Anything.

CHS students as a whole were horrible (with perhaps a few exceptions-I didn't see Vinyl getting involved during the cafeteria scene for example. Other characters like Flash and Derpy were also absent.). They sent Anon-A-Miss secrets about one another for what I assume was petty revenge/cheap laugh then got mad when the same happen to them.

Most of these stories end with Sunset suffering. Let's hope this one is different...

There really aren't enough of them on here.

Hopefully you won't be disappointed.
Thanks for reading.

wow, she's a lot more big hearted than i am. if i got treated that way by my friends after doing so much to redeem myself, i'd have told them to fuck off. then i'd go bring the real assholes to justice, and rub it in every ones faces just how wrong they were.

Oh, you feel bad for her now?
Just wait until I upload chapters 5 and 6.
But that won't be for another 3 weeks or so.
Assuming you're still following along by then.

Goddamn I a tually forgot about the EG comic.

6578624 ...woah...seriously, that's the first chapter...something tells me poor Sunset is gunna be put through the ringer on this one. And moreover...I'm curious as to what comes of it? Frankly, Friendship only means as much as the quality of friend...and right there, I feel the Main 5...aren't living up to the proper level of friend. Wonder just what will happen to Sunset's reformation, or hell her life in general with this.

You have my attention good sir.


You know its kind of sad really. The holiday special happen after Rainbow Rocks so all Sunset has to do to convince the others she's innocent is point out if her friendship wasn't genuine they wouldn't have been able to create the giant sky alicorn and defeat the sirens.

It would have made so much more sense if it took place between the first two movies. Nobody's been given a reason to trust her, and her friendship with the other girls is still really weak. Instead they decided it should take place after she manages to be the tipping point in summoning a magical avatar of friendship to wreck shit with a laser made of friendship.

I suppose having it all take place after they've really become friends makes it more tragic, but it also feels cheap, right? Sort of like those stories where a bunch of bad stuff happens to someone and just as your suspension of disbelief is hanging by a thread, someone adds in that it was their birthday or something. The character has it worse but the audience isn't really going along with it any more.

That was all aimed at the original comic, by the way. It wouldn't really be fair to give a fanfic a hard time for accurately following the source material, even if I have some issues with that source material.

lol, sorry, sorry, I'll be quiet now


Very excited :D

Here's what I see eventually happening :

Sunset : So. This is it? This is final? This is everything? You reject me? You do not believe me?

Others : Go away you stupid bint!

Sunset : Well. I guess this proves it. You aren't really my friends after all. You never were. I guess I'm not surprised. I mean it was so easy to ruin your friendships back then when I was mean girl. The fact that you turned on each other so easily then. Just proves you don't know anything about friendship and were never my friends or each others either. I wash my hands of you losers. I'm going back to Equestria and Twilight who actually is a true friend, unlike you liar five.

Yep, that's how I see it going.

What I hope happens is that she's put through the utter ringer and then much later on, Anon-A-Miss is exposed so that we get to see all LARGE amounts of drama that would ensue. I just hope it doesn't end in suicide. That dark tag makes me weary.

“It’s just like Pinkie said; something doesn’t feel right about all of this. The Sunset Shimmer that I remember wouldn’t have been this careless. She’d never do something this obvious if it meant suffering the wrath of the entire school. Instead of throwing it around all over the place, she would have held on to the secrets that she had uncovered and would have then used it as leverage against the other students. Compared to her usual approach, this is just plain sloppy, amateurish even.”

Yes! Someone is finally thinking! Anon-A-Miss wasn't Sunset's style. Good for Rarity to notice this.

Scootaloo, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle… you three are so dead when Rainbow finds out the truth.

Hey, wait a second! If the story's already finished, then why not just upload the whole thing, rather than post two chapters a week? That makes a lot more sense to me.

I'm guessing this will go the way of Journey of the Spark...

OK, seriously, if this is STILL Apple-Bloom and crew, then I'm seriously questioning why they went THIS far now! Moreover, how in the sweet hell are they going to be exposed/deal with the fallout? I mean, Scoots just went along with humiliating her sister about THAT in front of the entire school? I can understand a few things, but this is far bigger than that now! I think we need to check in with the CMC, otherwise I'm not sure i can swallow something like this happening.

Either that, or we have another person doing this, only thing that makes sense. Best of luck, but this chapter has me concerned with how you're going to handle this.

6583183 More like on days like these, kids like them...
S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L :pinkiecrazy:


I'm going to have to agree here. The comic already did enough damage to the characters. There isn't a need to make them worse then they already were.

6583283 And that's what the author said in the notes "I just hope that no one gets disappointed with the end result."

6583283 what if it's that whole 'we've come to far to stop now' kind of mind set? i mean, they did become the new pariah's of the school. but here, they weren't exposed, so they had no reason to force them to stop. i've seen, first hand, how far that kind of thinking can make someone go. there own fear of punishment and retaliation overcomes whatever negative thoughts they have about what they're doing, and so they just keep going farther and farther down the rabbit hole, until they can no longer see the light.


So kind of like Sunset's own fall? Though the difference was she was blinded by pride and ambition. However before the whole 'raging she-demon' thing she still had standards. Every other major villain would of used Spike as a hostage, and be perfectly okay with hurting him to get what they wanted, but Sunset didn't, she let him go.

Again, the whole Anon-A-Miss thing doesn't fit Sunset's M.O. when she did stuff like this there was a point: Power and Control. She'd humiliate and blackmail to eliminate competition, she covertly destroyed friendships with bogus text messages and e-mails to keep people from uniting against her, etc. She wouldn't humiliate people for the sake of it.

The human CMC here are just blinded by jealousy and going on a power trip. They've forgotten their goal-they weren't just after Sunset. They were after all their sisters' friends. They wanted to break up the Humane 6 so their sisters would spend more time with them. Now? Now they're being jerks for the sake of being jerks. They didn't have to post the stuff people sent them, but they still chose to do it.

6583573 I'd agree except for one problem...they could simply end it. No seriously, their tracks are covered, all it takes is just closing up shop and vanishing off the grid. I've actually seen that kinda thing happen, so what strikes me is why they are motivated to continue, when it would be simplicity itself to simply stop and savor their triumph before returning to the grind. Hell! I mean, as is things are just building!!

Ok, gunna be honest, it's gunna take seeing the CMC to really get me to stop harping on all this. That's what I want, a well constructed seen with them hashing things out, and how they come to the idea to either keep going or not. Not even confessing to their crimes, I'm just talking about them adding fuel to the fire.


I'm not saying I'm disapointed, I'm saying, as things stand, something needs to happen to establish continued motive for these characters, or their previous established selves are called into question. I'm not asking for a huge thing, one well constructed and thought out scene with them would be enough. Give the CMC enough face-time for us to understand their thoughts and motives on this, and I'm good for whatever else comes. I'm just stuck on how much this seems to be going too far even for them in the comics. That's all I need, an establishing shot that has their characters expressed, their reasoning touched on, and the argument they make to either stop/move forward/confess or not.

6585050 I'm completely with you, really i am. i was just thinking that they are still kids, and they're in to some seriously messed up shit right now. so maybe they aren't thinking as logically as they should be. not to mention that this is the CMC, who are known for not making the best decisions in just about anything.

Comment posted by LyricaMelody deleted Nov 1st, 2015


Hey, wait a second! If the story's already finished, then why not just upload the whole thing, rather than post two chapters a week? That makes a lot more sense to me.

1.) By spacing things out, there's a better chance of more people seeing the story, compared to if I were to upload all 14 chapters at once.
I want an audience.
The more people reading the better.
Oh, and this also gives late readers some time to get all caught up.

2.) This gives me more than enough time to triple check my work and make sure that everything is to my liking.

3.) Despite what I said at the end of chapter 2, there's always a chance that I might decide to either change or add something else to a specific chapter before I make it go public.
If everything goes up at once, then It'll be too late to change anything.

4.) It's fun making you all wait.
In all seriousness though, I might decide to put out 3 chapters a week if enough people enjoy the story.

6590582 Okay, that makes sense.


OK, seriously, if this is STILL Apple-Bloom and crew, then I'm seriously questioning why they went THIS far now! Moreover, how in the sweet hell are they going to be exposed/deal with the fallout? I mean, Scoots just went along with humiliating her sister about THAT in front of the entire school?

I like that you're picking the story apart as you go along.
It helps me learn what not to do the next time I try my hand at writing.
It also shows me who's still "interested," which helps more than you probably realize.
Keep it up.

Best of luck, but this chapter has me concerned with how you're going to handle this.

Trust that I know what I'm doing.
Some of your questions might get answered in the end if you wait around long enough.
Don't take that as me saying "stop asking me stuff".
I'll be happy to answer just about anything, as long as it doesn't directly reveal any details about chapters that haven't been released yet.
Worst case, you're more than welcome to click the dislike button and move on.

Don't do this, Dash. Just don't do it...

Rainbow Dash you are an idiot.

dammit dash your just going to make things worst and you go to jail for hurting a innocent girl!:twilightangry2:

it can't be the sirens it's too obvious.

So Rainbow Dash wants to hunt Sunset down, claiming that she's a traitor to her and the others while never realizing that she herself is about to become the real traitor by helping these other kids.

Here' what I think might happen....
4th chapter: Rainbow helps them track Sunset down. They find out that she's trying to get in contact with the dazzlings, which enrages them even more. (Fourth chapter could be called "Rainbow Iscariot", If ya know what I mean...) Chapter ends with cliffhanger when they find Sunset.
5th chapter: Sunset gets beaten and left in an alley. Rainbow almost feels bad, but leaves with the rest anyway. Sunset is left there, until Adagio and Aria happen to come by, see her there, and see their chance for revenge against her as well, taunting her, and reveling in her misery, until Aria pulls out a knife, and plunges it into Sunset's abdomen.
6th chapter: Rainbow can't get the feeling out of her head that what she did was wrong, horribly wrong, she brings this up to Gilda, who responds with a scoff: "Don't tell me you're going soft now Dash, besides, what's done is done." Rainbow doesn't say anything, but leaves without another word.
Sunset realizes she has her journal in her backpack still, but said backpack is a good distance away from her now, forcing her to have to slowly drag herself over to it on her stomach, leaving a trail of blood, when she finally reaches it, she opens it up and gets the journal out, able to write out a single word... and some blood stains, before she passes out.

There's NO way this is going to end well for anyone...:twilightoops:

6594783 damn that's dark. :twilightoops:

but it looks like that's what mite happen.:pinkiesad2:

If thing's get much worse Sunset may do something drastic if you know what I mean.


Then one of two thing's will happen... Twilight will come in and save the day or Sunset will do something drastic. And then things will really get dark because they'll celebrate! saying she deserved what she got!

"Finally Bitch got what she deserved!"

"About time she give herself what she had coming!"

"I wish I'd been there, I wish I'd see her fall down dead, then I'd cut up the body!"

"Should of done it after the Fall Formal!"

"She should have died when she was blasted!"

"Burn in hell Bitch!"

and at this point the CMC will either fess up or lose their minds trying to keep it a secret either way the truth will come out in the end. Everyone will be shocked for one moment and then in another they'll come to a realization...

...ok, the one who did that summery below?

Yeah, them...I can see this kinda thing happening. I mean, seriously, this is getting freaking intense. ...and using this device, we don't NEED to see the CMC until after what ultimately happens, or SEEMS to happen to Sunset takes place. That event, likely, would be the death-knell for the CMC, either forcing them to loose their minds and confess expecting death or worse, or to clam up even harder. I can't say which will happen, you have me utter stumped.

...well done. No seriously, well done. I was worried last chapter, but this gambit and focus has me gripped and delays the need to examine the CMC until near the end or third act, as it were. Well played, and you have my full focus. All that's left, it to see how Adagio and the Sirens play this...and if Twilight DOES get involved, how she will approach this.

So Rainbow Dash gave up Sunset's personal information...

Okay, now I'm mad...

The King commands that the rainbow haired bitch is beheaded! AT ONCE!!!!!!:flutterrage:

But seriously, that's screwed up. Someone call Twilight and have her slap these morons silly!

Oh boy I can imagine what Twilight will say...

"I trusted you to be there for Sunset, I helped you with two threats to this world and this is how you repay me?!, by abandoning her when she needed you the most?!, you can consider our friendship over!, if you ever try calling me for help, I will not answer!"

6596454 I think what should happen after Rainbow helps these kids and all, is that her element rejects her, and she can no longer wield the element of loyalty, (Human dash only) or "Pony up" or anything...Kinda like the element of magic rejecting Sunset when she was evil.

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