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Read my fics. Comment on them, tell me if you like them or if I can improve something. If someone could make pages for them on tvtropes that would be great. Enjoy.


Unable to take the cruel and wrongful accusations of her being the secret-posting blogger, Anon-a-Miss, by her former friends and the rest of the students of Canterlot High; Sunset Shimmer runs away vowing never to return. When the true identity of Anon-a-Miss is finally revealed, it is too late. The guilty and remorseful students of Canterlot High set out to find Sunset. Little do they know that their holiday season is about to get even worse. Their mistreatment of Sunset has attracted the legendary punisher of the naughty, the Krampus. Krampus and his helpers begin hunting the students one by one with the intent of giving them a Christmas in Hell. Can Sunset Shimmer find in her heart to forgive all who've wronged her and save them from a fate that is probably more than they truly deserve?

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Why haven't we got an Anon-a-Miss group ready? I'm sure plenty of people would like that!

:facehoof: I just read her name as Princess Celestia instead of Principal Celestia.:facehoof:

Grogar what are you doing here

The story is good so far, but what's a krampus?
Also are some of the lines here were also from another story as well right?

Oh I see huh never thought there would be such a thing. So I'm excited what he is going to do to them

Not sure how I feel about this, I like Anon-a-Miss stories, but don't like Krampus much.

6873690 There is the accusation group, it covers Anon-a-Miss, Canterlot Wedding, and a couple other similar stories.

Interesting, gonna keep track of this too. Also

He is also known for swatting children with birch rods, swinging rusty chains and shoving children into his sack to drag them into hell or eat.

I love Germanic folklore

This is an EXCELLENT read. You've peaked my interest.

I'm not sure what to think on this story. While I do want them to be punished i don't want of them to die.
I'll still give it a chance.

Oh here a diea for a Amon-Miss Story idea, say when Sunset Runs away she winds up meeting a Rock Band maybe heavy metal, and winds up tagging along with them.
Could see how hurt she is and one of the members takes her in be a older sibling to her follow by the rest of the band.
Months later the Rainbooms see her on t.v. rocking it out with them for fun on stage.

6878306 Don't worry they're not dead, they've just been captured by Krampus and his minions. (Spoiler Warning!) It's a little similar to the Krampus movie that recently appeared in theaters last Christmas. Also, that does sound like an interesting idea for an Anon-a-Miss story.

I've heard of the Krampus, I believe it stuffs naughty children in a bag, correct?

6880989 That's right.
This is a picture depiction of Krampus. From what I heard, he's according to Folklore as the Anti-Santa. He kidnaps children who have been naughty, puts them in a bag and takes them away.

In this story's case, since the students of CHS treated Sunset bad, they've been noticed by Krampus and therefore, one by one, he's gonna hunt them down, take them away and hopefully not hurt them; let alone kill them, as they try to find Sunset and earn her trust again.

Students of CHS, good luck.....You're all definitely gonna need it.

6881462 though I think he'll spare Twilight

6881545 Twilight not in his jurisdiction so she'll be alright... probably.

6881936 You could say Twilight has diplomatic immunity.

6881999 Both her and Sunset. Everyone else; including the CMC and the humane five, are pretty much in deep s:yay:t.

Am I the only one who noticed that some lines are almost exactly like lines from other anon-a-miss stories?

6882915 Okay I admit, some of the lines in the first chapter are from my EQG + Hatred Crossover. It just seems like a good way to start the story. But the rest of the chapters will be new ideas. Keep watching, thank you.

attention, I have created a group for Anon-A-Miss stories, please submit them

That's like watching a Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street movie and no one dies. I'm seeing this as something of a monster/slasher fic so I'm will to ignore my hopes of everyone surviving.

Besides this story takes place from that Primus awful Holiday Special and I say these idiots needs to a good punishment from their stupidity, Including the Human 5 for throwing Sunset to the wolves.

Yay Snips and Snails are gone. No one else has to get taken. You can stop now author. Everyone lives happily ever after as soon as they find Sunset and free Vinyl Scratch and Octavia cause I like them. :pinkiehappy: please?? :pinkiesad2: (I hope) please don't take even one member of the Crusaders or i might cry :fluttercry: oh crap I gave them an idea

The CMC started Anon-A-Miss.

The school all blamed Sunset for a crime she didn't commit.

Her friends abandoned her when she needed them.

No one is innocent.

They will all get their punishment.

Prepare to cry a river.

For me I will wait patiently for the next victim. :pinkiecrazy:

Welp, cross Snips, Snails, Sunflower and Babs off the list.

Who's Next?:pinkiecrazy:

No offense, but Krumpus should consider that CHS somewhat associates Sunset Shimmer with demons and evil.

How would he convince he's just punishing them for being jealous clingy sabotgers (The CMC), or disloyal friends who drop their friends for their egos (the Mane 5), or selling out others (the rest of the school)? He might end up conniving them she's evil if he's not careful.

I think the next people to be taken are:
1. Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna
2. Flash
3. Trixie
4. Any one of the Main 6
5. Any one of the CMC

Cross the diamond dogs, DT & SS off the list.
When they find out about Krampus; as Sonic from Sonic Generations puts it, they better find Sunset like there's no tomorrow or for the students of CHS, there won't be a tomorrow.

Poor Snips and Snails. :(

I'm even MORE attached to this story than ever! :D

First off, I'm pretty sure Babs doesn't live in Canterlot. Second, I'm not fond of jumpscares.

Such incredible ideas you're using this chapter. :)

are the dazzlings going to get it?

this needs lyrics because of the chapter title


Ohoho this story gets better and better:pinkiecrazy:

Sunset..What did they do to you....:fluttercry:
I mean the students, not the Hell Deer.

Next one to go should either be Flash or Celestia and Luna because why not hahahahahah :pinkiecrazy:
How come theyou didn't do anything to Sunset when they saw her?

7118769 Why should they? Sunset hasn't done anything wrong since the Fall Formal and she's been good the entire holiday season. In the holiday special, the roles that Sunset and the CHS students had in the first Equestria Girls have switched.

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