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Sunset was very hurt and betrayed by her so-called friends after they callously dumped her during the Anon-A-Miss incident. However, she can't bring herself to leave; she can't go back to being the person she was - aloof, cold, and alone.

And so she buries it. Tries to forget it. Easier said than done.

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I still say the CMC got off to lightly inthe real world they be expeled, I also hope the students who sent all that stuff to the CMC get suspended for making things worst!

7450043 Trust me. I am far from done with these three. By the time I'm done with them, they're gonna wish they had been expelled.

Huh. This isn't half bad so far!

“Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I can see it on your face. You’re all ‘Oh my gosh! It’s one of the sirens! Call the police! Ahhhh!’” Aria waved her hands around in mock horror.


Her eyebrows furrowed, an unsure look flashing across her face. It vanished a second a second later.

Accidental repeat.

I love Anon-a-miss stories, and I liked this first chapter.
You have my attention for the time being.

Yeah Celestia not perfect and the Princess Version is even less perfect.
But not going into that, and sad to say Cyber Bully is underestiamted, and can be done in various manners or subjects.

The movie Unfreind is a horror story but it based off how a girl who went to a party passed out drunk in a very embrassing manner was recorded and sent on the net.
end result she blew her head off in the aftermath, after the rude crude remarks and insults and her rep ruined and being the laughing stock.

Wow, brutal but not surprising.
Will we know what happen to the students who sent secret to them that got posted?
Sure they have a lot less friends now for what they did.

7450340 Try no friends at all.
I was originally was going to have them expelled, but then decided that that wasn't good enough. If there is to be any chance at redemption, they will have to be punished in a way that they will truly understand the consequences of their actions. Just like Sunset did.

As for the other students, I haven't really gotten to that point yet. The concept is there, but it hasn't completely formulated for me yet, if that makes sense.

Liking this. Sunset distancing herself is good and the CMC getting bullied is great. Can't wait for more.

She had thought about writing to Twilight and telling her about what happened today, but decided against it. Knowing Twilight, she would feel obligated to come here and try to fix things, and Sunset didn’t want that. Twilight was a Princess with her own duties back in Equestria; she couldn’t always be around to fix everything. And this was a situation, Sunset believed, that simply could not be fixed.

Is Twilight ever gonna find out how badly the Rainbooms(and especially the human cmc and the rest of the students) messed up? She left Sunset in their care and they abandoned her without a second thought. The Princess of Friendship is sure to have some choice words for them if word of how bad things got ever gets to her. :twilightangry2:

7450479 Rest assured, Twilight will play an integral part in this story.

Hey is Twilight going to come through the portal and give everybody sans Sunset the verbal smackdown of their lives? If they had done that in the comic, that would have reassured me that I didn't blow off my money and expectations on a POS.

Actually I don't think that would have salvaged any redeeming aspect of the story at all. It wasn't worth buying.

But that's enough of my ranting; this is a great story and I'll keep an eye on it.

And....disappointing. Another forgiveness fic. Pass. There are too many of these


They could be mentioned at the side, on what happen to them.
One of them could be Lighting Dust, or one of the flower girls.
Or some random back ground character, as long as it shows for making thinsg worst they had to face the conquences as well.

that way it shows nobody ogt off lightly.
Do the crime do the time.

What happen to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo gave me a flashback to The George Lopez Show. I can see Rarity and Scootaloo's mom having a similar question.

Rarity/ Scootamom

What are you going to do when she's not grounded?

Cookie Crumbles/Scootadad

I win battles not wars!

...I'll start to retract what I said. I still think this is going to a predictable location, but I'll be damned if the ride there isn't fun. :pinkiecrazy:

This won't end well.

Hmm, they're actually facing peer consequences, while never something I'd encourage, nice to see someone finally address that.

damn!! cold as ice! love this sunset right now.... just wish she went to the portal.

i didnt know the story started yesterday! this is really interesting! :pinkiehappy:

Can't help but feel like you're jumping to conclusions here.

7451087 I made two more comments as I read. I comment as I read, chapter by chapter. The road is getting better but I still think the destination will be the same

This. This is the kind of fic I'd read on a regular basis. At first, I thought it would go through the whole clichéd forgiveness route, but it doesn't seem at way, and that's what I find so awesome. There's forgiveness yes, but there's no forgetting; no putting this behind their back; no acting like it never happened. There is a scar on their friendship that they all can't look past, and it's slowly eating them up, making them wish they could go back to what it was last time.

It's just beautiful how ruined the 5's friendships and lives are, how things are just going to get worse and how much they can take before something breaks them apart completely. Consider this fic faved. I can't wait for more.


So she decided to take a third option; people hated her for being bad, and when she tried to be good, it blew up in her face. So she decided to be neither. Neither bad nor good, she would just be. She would only do or say when asked, and she would not stay too long. Just enough to keep around, not so much as to push away or to open her heart. She was never going to make that mistake again. She was never going to let her “friends” hurt her again, and she was never going to give them reason to hurt her again. Not an ideal system, but overall she was content with it.

This. This describes my life and philosophy to a T right here. I can completely understand and feel what Sunset is going through right now.

Interesting start, now I'm curious where you are going with this :trixieshiftright:

I really love how Sunny is handling all of this right now, it's more than understandable

You should really slow down with how fast you post these chapters. If you post too many at once, I don't think your story will be given the attention it deserves. Bait in readers by filling with them suspension, let them be excited for the next chapter.

Don't blame her at all. I wouldn't be quick to forgive everyone if I was wrongfully accused. I'd probably be spiteful just to let them hurt longer.

My thoughts when Sunset had her little melt down.


7452867 You think that's something? Just wait til the next chapter....

Please ... please update this soon!
I need more darkness!

Comment posted by The Red Butcher deleted Aug 5th, 2016

And now I'm done. Screw forgiveness, I hope you bleeding heart morons choke on it. Same crap EVERY where I go on here I swear to God himself.

man i'm hoping that Sunset heads back to Twilight Sparkle's world of Equestria, never to forgive the Humane girls, the Crusaders and everyone else in the school and never to return! just on that, does Twilight KNOW what has been happening to her since the Anon-a-miss Incident? :rainbowhuh:

7453806 "She will"? which part, the Sunset heading back to her world or Twilight coming to the Humane world? it's kinda hard to figure out which is which:applejackconfused:

7453795 Too bad that's not happening.

So far what I've read has left me intrigued. Any idea when the next chapter will be up?

7452867 Well shit, Dainn has cast a positive view on this story. Now I have no choice but to like it. :rainbowlaugh:
In all seriousness, I still reserve judgement. Believe me, I don't want to dislike this, but the first few chapters just felt too familiar if you catch my drift. Anger, sadness, accepted apology. It seems to be straying from that though, which I'm eternally grateful for.

7456253 Everyone has their opinion and their own tastes. But even so, I'm very glad that you've at least decided to give it a chance. This is my first fanfic on this site, and in fact it's my first MLP fanfic PERIOD.

I also appreciate everyone whose given this story positive comments so far. I promise to try not to disappoint.

7456395 At least yours is going better than my sole attempt did.:twilightsheepish:
But yeah, I think I may have been too harsh in the first few chapters. Commenting chapter by chapter isn't always fair, I will admit.
For you're very first fanfic at all, this is actually very impressive. Mine was made way back in middle school, much to my regrets, and thankfully no longer exists. As I stated earlier, this story does seem to be taking a different track than I'm used to. Perhaps that station i see in the distance is apart of another stories route? (Where was I going with the train metaphor?)
The last time I made precognitive judgement on a story was with 'The Day He Came Home', and that was a mistake. When I finally caved and read it, I actually quite enjoyed it, the same was true with Steven Universe and...well, MLP. I'm seeing a pattern. Anyway, I am looking forwards to see where this goes, and no matter where it does end up, to quote myself: "I'll be damned if the ride there isn't fun. :pinkiecrazy:"

7456710 I had had similar thoughts about Steven Universe at first. When I first saw the promo for it, I was not impressed. But then I saw that it was by Rebecca Sugar, who had done work on Adventure Time, another great cartoon, so I decided to at least give it a try. The first episode was a pleasant surprise. By episode 4, I had completely fallen in love with it.

There is no mythical 24-hour waiting period to report a missing person.
Hell, depending on the circumstance, say a runaway, homeless teen who you may have driven to suicidal mindset, any kind of waiting period would actually be detrimental.

I get where you're coming from when you said that things are starting to look familiar, and your previous comment about a dislike for Forgiveness Fics.
I try to avoid reading Forgiveness fics because 9 times out of 10 they usually end up leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
For me it's even worse if it's an anon-a-miss themed story and the author has Sunset look past everything that happened during the comic for the sake of giving the story a "Happy" ending, and for a moment there, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to read along after getting to the very end of the 3rd chapter.
However, I really like what the author's doing with Sunset's mental state.
Pretending to be "ok" so that everyone will think that she's "fine", so that everyone will stop trying to "help" her.
I don't think that I've seen that done before with anon-a-miss stories, and if I have, I don't think that I've seen it done as well as it's being done here.
Now, make no mistake, part of me is still going to want to stab something if this ends in one big group hug followed by some silly "Friendship can beat anything" cliche.
But if the author continues to keep the story going the way that she has up until now, then I probably won't mind it as much.

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