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It’s the Christmas season, and all are at home with their families...except one. Labeling her as a scapegoat during the Anon-a-miss incident, a number of students have abducted Sunset, intending to make her pay for all the secrets she spilled....Again.
There's just one problem....She didn't.

You guys know Dainn's "Anon-A-miss" Story. But if you don't, leave now, and go read his story. This story is a direct branchoff from his, continuing immediately after chapter 5 of his story. You NEED to read his story up until chapter 5, to understand what's going on in this one.
This will be a darker telling of what goes on after chapter 5 of his story.
The original story belongs to Dainn! Be a stalker and follow him, his story is really good!

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Wow this was really sad to read. I hope you continue this too this has started to become interesting. :fluttercry:

Is Rainbow still a traitor in this?

Oh wow, nice work!
Nice touch with the metal rod.
That was pretty innovative.
I remember you saying that you wanted her to have a permanent mark.
Can't wait to see how things play out.

Oh, and I laughed at what happened to lightning.

Woah, that branding seemed like a pretty dark take on how the Equestria Girls dolls usually have their cutie marks on their cheek. Or is that just me?

Again, the saddest thing about stories like this and Anon-a-Miss is that they DO happen in real life. They're rare instances, thankfully, but they do happen.

6636090 Oh, woah, that actually never even occured to me when writing this, and they've got it right over their eyes...



6635766 Haha, it was fitting...

I rather not see Sunset die, if she does, then please like it to be in a hospital bed with Twilight and Princess Celestia there to see her one last time.
The salt on the wound being the Rainbows are told by the nurse she wants nothing to do with them, meaning her last words be %^%$ off to them, sure they will break down, Rainbow the hardest.

If she lives love to see her walking towards Rainbow who unable to say anything and when she tries. POW!!
Goes down with broken jaw by Sunset, as for the CMC think six months detention won't even be the least of thier worries thinking being expeled, and how thier families will react and what punishments will be given to them.

I wouldn't mind if she dies or lives, just as long as the Rainboom realize their mistakes and receive their comeuppance. This story is good. I definitely want to find out what happens. Keep going.

If Sunset does die..Here's my little speech to everyone (expect for a certain few) once they find out the truth about Anon-A-Miss and Sunset's fate..

Hm, Sunset may have a chance to survive if one ancient villain make sure that some little girl won't be alone in the cold night..

Eh? :rainbowderp:
Sure, Dizzy not a fan of violence but he is in Equestria...
Let's just say, Sunset not only "Equestrian" on this side of mirror.

Boy...I sure hope the Crusaders appreciate the sacrifice Sunset is making for them!

And naturally the abusers don't want to believe.... I'm sorry but there's only so much bullshit I can take.

Sunset cursed herself. How could she have let that slip….HOW?!

"Well, let's see. You've been exposed to extreme cold for longer than most humans garbed as you are can stand, you've been beaten within an inch of your life at least twice within twenty-four hours, you have lost more blood than is considered healthy, most of you body is bruised, several ribs are cracked, you're most likely starting to experience dehydration by this point and you've suffered enough cranial trauma that you're hallucinating....

... But other than that you're totally fine!"
-paraphrased (heavily) from Tony Tony Chopper, One Piece

Anyway, there's a real storm brewing for Gilda, Hoops, Lightning Dust and their crew. Better hope Hurricane Sunset decides to be merciful.

Next few chapters, Sunset gets so angry that her magic activates, a pair of demon wings burst from her back, and her good eye changes to black and green.
She awakens the next morning in the middle of a forest, several miles away from Canterlot City, all alone and in the snow.
That's when she notices that her clothes are covered in blood.
The last thing that she remembers is getting attacked again by the mob of students.

I agree with Vamp Dash I have been trying not to lose it with your completly oh hey lets make a story that has as much violence as this and act stupid about how no one would notice what was going on or the fact that you seem a bit of a bastard author I can handle some of this but the whole branding was one of the last straws.


And don't forget the brand

Hm, let's see if one of this groups have chances to find Sunset in time.
1. Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna - they know who's Anon-A-Miss from Sunset, that she leave Sirens and don't show in CHS, also they maybe know that Gilda don't appear at school too and have (maybe) bad story with aggression. Chances - average.
2. Twilight Sparkle - she's only one with who Sunset continue talk, know about visit to Sirens but not results, and maybe don't have answers on some letters. Chances - average.
3. Sirens - they don't have MyStable, indifferent to Sunset's fate, on the brink of death, but pragmatic and familiar with bad side of humanity. Chances - low.
4. Humane5 - two words, RAINBOW DASH. No chance.
Sorry for bad and cynicism.

Yeah,I'm going to have to agree with the other guys. There's only so much a person can do without being labelled mentally ill and psychotic. Even by the first chapter, they were going too far. Unless they have a mental illness that makes them blind with rage and reason, it makes it hard to believe the story. Still,I enjoy this story and can't wait for the rest. Keep going.

6647485 Most people will find it hard to accept that they almost killed someone for no reason and will accept any explanation necessary in order to still consider themselves the 'just' ones. The majority of humans just don't like being in the wrong and disregard anything that doesn't agree with their worldview (feel free to view people who seriously watch fox news as reference).

I had genuine difficulty figuring out what you were trying to say. You should really use more punctuation.

That said he isn't wrong (I think?). The branding was kind of over the top, and if there were more than a very small number of people there for that it's going to really hurt my suspension of disbelief if no e of them start to realize they're the bad guys here. If it's just Gilda and a henchman or two it's more plausible, since she's clearly off the deep end and any friends of hers probably are too. The plan clearly involves murder so I wouldn't put this kind of brutality past them, but the larger the group gets the more likely someone is to have a working conscience.


I have been trying not to lose it with your completly oh hey lets make a story that has as much violence as this and act stupid about how no one would notice what was going on

Uhh...Dude...She's barely been missing for 24 hours...Celestia gave her the rest of the week off...and for those that think Gilda's acting crazed and demented...Guess what? That's addressed in the chapter!

"In the crazed state Gilda was in."

NOTE: Gilda is NOT in her right mind. She is consumed with rage. This is the whole reason Sunset doesn't want to tell her about the CMC, because "she could go and do something she would regret later on."

And just as Mellow said, anger can cause a person to do some seriously scary things they wouldn't normally do.

Also, Take into consideration that Gilda was the one who organized the ambush against Sunset in the first place. She riled everyone up against her...For everyone to find out NOW that she's innocent, would spell Gilda's doom, and Gilda knows that, hence why she wracks her brain to think of a plausible explanation on the phone.

As for the other students, they've pretty much been brainwashed by Gilda into believing without a doubt, that Sunset is the villain, and therefore, everything their doing is justified.

Or at least that's what I was going for in this story. These are all students who hold a serious grudge against Sunset, and not just for Anon-a-miss, but for everything that's happened in the past.

Honestly, these students are hurting...and hurt harbors bitterness, which leads to hate, and from hate, branches out every kind of evil, while making the person completely blind.

But as for those who are still convinced that at least ONE person would be bound to have a working conscience....It's only the second chapter into the story...and less than a full 24 hours have passed....Who knows, maybe someone DID have a working conscience during the branding scene....but just didn't speak up for fear of what would happen.

6648378 People willing to go to the extent of killing others just so that they would have the moral idea to prove they are right? Pretty much summarizes every religious war ever.

Rainbow Dash..All I have to say is this

Oh and Crystal Prep to the rescue..?

Oh, you work a night shift too?
Same here.

They're, not their. Any time that saying "they are" would work, you should use they're.

Yep,Gilda is insane.

6659913 Blech, Night shift sucks....Shouldn't even be such a thing...

6660151 I knew that....:derpyderp2: I definitely DON'T need to go back to grade 5 :derpytongue2:

You got the two mixed up a few times, right when Indigo and Sugarcoat show up. I probably should have just said that the first time, didn't mean to patronize you.

6661267 LOL, Dude, don't apologize! I'm tryin' to be funny, being sarcastic, saying I probably DO need to go back...I meant nothing offending to you, if that's how you took my comment...

Fair enough. But I still should have mentioned where the mistakes were made, so you don't have to go hunting for them. Just basic courtesy.

No No! Don't kill her!!!:raritydespair::raritycry::fluttershysad:

“But where’s the fun in making sense?...”


if you want to:fluttershysad:

This is what i want to happen in the next chapter. I want it that in the next chapter, as soon as the knife enters her chest, her phoenix persona breaks out and beats the shit out of everyone. If this concept sounds familiar, it was done in 'Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked.'

It didn't say Sunset got stabbed.
Just that she closed her eye.
My prediction for the next chapter?

Sunset's about to transform/lose control of her magic, and go on a rampage.

Nice knowing you Gilda.
You're about to die.


6700371 If that does happen, bad times will be had

Oh GOD I made a bad time joke, someone shoot me :facehoof:

6701148 Haven't seen anything about Undertale but that song reminds me of the song Stalker in Castlevania and one of the songs for a level in Doom.

okay you and everyone else who writes these so far out there and deranged fantasies need a reality check I mean come on *Shakes head sadly*.

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