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Part 1 of the "Clipper!verse"
CHS has become a breeding ground for assholes and rampant hatred in the halls. No one knows this better than Sunset Shimmer, whom, without her friends at her side, is the prime scapegoat for all the slander being thrown around. Tired of being the punching bag for all of CHS's problems, Sunset searches for something, anything that will make her life feel worth it again. She needed to prove her innocence. What she didn't know was where her tired feet would take her.

Now, she finds herself surrounded by a group that may be willing to believe her. With new friendships forming between Sunset and CHS's soccer team, the Wondercolts, will she be able to clear her name? Or will the ever expanding reach of Anon-a-Miss smear it beyond the point of no return?


Beta readers: Uria the Sacred Beast, River Road

*Rubs hands together* It's about time that I put my own little spin on the Anon-A-Miss thing. This story spawned in between talks between Uria and I over his own story. It is also heavily inspired by GPizano's stories. Be sure to check them both out if you enjoy this!
Edit [6/19]: Welcoming River Road into my entourage of beta readers! Welcome River, and thanks!
Edit [6/30]: Featured! OMG!
Edit [6/30]: AND 100 likes?! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much!
Edit [7/10]: Featured again! Yay~!

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Looking promising, Sunny! Can't wait to see where you go with this. I know how much you like your Wonderdorks.

Looks great already ! :)

I read this I liked it a lot hope to see much more to it. Very well written and made you did a wonderful job on this. Keep up the good work.

Can't wait for more.

Oh, you know I do. It's a shame how little they're characterized. But oh well, more for me to pick up!

Good luck on your own story, btw. :rainbowwild: I cannot wait until chapter 8 is ready for me to beta.

Thank you all so much! Glad to hear you liked it!

8117832 I can see where you took some inspiration from Uria's story:

Both girls froze. An alert had gone off on Misty’s phone, making the two aware that Anon-a-Miss had posted a new piece of blackmail.
Pulling her car into a nearby parking lot, Misty looked over at Sunset. Her backpack was in the trunk at the moment, and the girl had been without her phone for the entirety of the time they spent at Clipper’s.

I honestly wish there were more Anon-a-Miss stories where someone gives Sunset the benefit of the doubt before anything drastic happens, so far I have only seen around 5, one of which I have not read.

Honestly, the Anon-a-Miss stories are some of my favorite on this site.

Funny enough, I actually asked Uria if I could use that exact detail in this. I just thought it made way too much sense.

And honestly, in my first draft, I had almost all of the team believing her from the start (Except for Fleet; she's always been a bit petty in my eyes, but I love her anyways). But after looking back at it, I realized that it made no sense to have them completely trust her at first except for Soarin and Spits.

8117883 Based on them already having graduated, and being "untouchable" during Sunset's first year, it makes sense they would be more open to believing.

Taking a small break in writing and came across this, and since I love Anon a miss stories thought I'd give it a read while resting my fingers. Glad I did, I really love what you did with this so far and hope to see more of it in the future. Can't wait to see what the Wondercolts think about Sunset not having a phone as Anon a miss posted and see what everyone thinks once they find out Sunset is homeless.

8117902 The thing is, Misty would have a hard time proving that Sunset did not have her phone when the post went up. All she has is her word, and if Misty suddenly shows open support for Sunset claiming to not be Anon-a-miss, then she and/or the rest of the Wondercolts could become targets of bullying.

8117914 True, but at least if the ones in the shop are as close as that, then I'm sure they will believe Misty, and a few people who believe her and are there for her, even one even, is totally better than none. :pinkiehappy:

8117919 Yep. No argument there!:pinkiehappy:

Oh goodness, you two are making me want to write out the next chapter tonight! :twilightsheepish: I'm so glad everyone likes it!

8117946 In my opinion, when it is a good story premise, and the first chapter is done well, I only want to see it do well.
Good luck!

8117946 Like it? I LOVE it! :raritystarry: Whenever you do write it, I'll be sure to read it. Thanks for creating and publishing this story here. :yay:

Okay I am loving this story, The wonderbolts believing Sunset and wanting to help her, can't say I've ever come across a story like that. Are you going to adress how Spitfire and Fleetfoot left Soarin alone? and will Soarin and Spitfire hook up in your story? I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work.

... *Quietly pushes followed groups out of the picture* ...I don't know what you're talking about~?

I don't want to spoil too much of what I have planned, but I will say this. The only couple that will be explicitly stated together in this story are Misty and her boyfriend. Other than that, let your shipping imaginations go wild.

...And also, what Soarin said to Fleetfoot earlier won't go unexplored. ;D

I love this so far I can't wait to read more

Looks great. Tracking and faving. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much! Glad you're enjoying!

I'm loving the look of this so far.:pinkiehappy:

So far this is really good and look forward to more.:pinkiehappy: I've got to say though...I really hope that Sunset and the HuMane 5 get back together this story.

8118003 ooooh I see? Then I shall practice patients by Letting as you say my imagination run wild as I wait for the next chapter.

very nice and interesting start, looking forward to future chapters :pinkiehappy:

Thanks so much!

Thanks for giving it a shot! I do co-write pieces of Hell and High Water on occasion as well as being his beta reader, so Uria and I work extremely close. He's been excellent as my beta reader in return!

8119507 anything for a great writer

Interesting first chap!

8119507 Oh Sunny, please! You're gonna make me blush.

Anything for you, babe. :raritywink:

Aww, thank you! :twilightblush:

Finally a character that points out the clear thing Anon is not Sunset because she wouldn't be so sloppy in hiding who it she is.

Damn i cant wait to see the next chapter of this XD

Thank you. xD Now that I'm home, the next chapter should be up by tomorrow evening.

That's always something I've noticed about this whole "Anon-a-Miss" disaster. The CMC made it VERY obvious that they were blaming Sunset, and no one points this out. Well, I guess nothing gets around the Misty.

Hope you dont do the "were sorry" and now everythings ok route lol

8151674 Misty? Also I planned something similar for one of my stories that someone will give Sunset credit for being smart enough to not be known.

Like the chapter. When I first read the conversation between Pinkie and her cousin, I thought Pinkie was a bit OOC. But the explanation for her behavior you gave later just makes sense with her personality.

On an unrelated note, hope you did well on your finals! (If you already took them, mine were last week)

I hope Pinks can see the truth.....:pinkiesad2:

Now I kind of hope that Pinkie gets around and sees reason. Or to use Surprise's explanation, she sees that following the mass isn't automatically the right way. :ajsmug:

If so, then this will be the first Anon-a-miss fic where Pinkie is the first to see the truth before the rest of the humane five do. We already had a few with Fluttershy being the first and Hell and High Water by the Sacred Beast had Rainbow Dash being the first.

8152140 Well, it would be the second premiere. I never read an "Anon-a-miss" fic where the Wondercolt soccer-team decided to help Sunset. So Pinkie Pie as the first one -from the human counterparts of the Element Bearer- who would look deeper into the whole thing would be a twist in this trope anew. :pinkiesmile:

8152156 I know but, still. I'm always more interested in an Anon-a-Miss where any of the Humane Five learn the truth before the rest of them who isn't Fluttershy.

8152167 Yeah, fics where Fluttershy -well, as the human Element of Kindness obviously- believes first that this can't be right and doesn't want to believe it are more common.

What wonders me always is that Applejack never seems to see the truth in any of these fics until now. I mean as the supposed to be "Bearer of Honesty"... you would think she realizes that Sunset tells the truth when she tells them that she isn't Anon-a-miss.

I hope the CMC actually get expeled in this fic, and lose all trust with thier siblings.
If the Rainbooms forgive them with theier family crap i want Susnet to explode on them and rip them apart verbally and dump their sorry asses!

8152175 With AJ having made the accusation in the first place, he'd have to step down and admit that she was wrong. That doesn't come easy to someone with a level of pride like her's. Beyond that, she's stubborn to a fault, especially if alternate evidence points to family instead of the likely suspect.
There can be situations where that could work, but Applejack believe in god first is the least likely situation.

Ah the arrogance before the fall. Such a pain to listen to, but hey; the higher they feel, the greater their inevitable fall.


Loved the chapter, just what I needed after the crap afternoon I had, so thanks for posting it now instead of tomorrow! I never thought about Pinkie in this way, but really does seem very logical and very likely a possible motive behind some of her actions. Hope she does come around though, but it looks like Sunset is making a great new group of friends who will stick by her better than her old ones.

*Cracks knuckles* Ahhh... Nothing I like better than coming home from a long day at work to discuss and answer to comments. Let's do this! :rainbowdetermined2:

There was one thing that made me laugh about your comment, Ze1a7in: Pinkie's entire portrayal in the original comic was OOC, to be honest.
But because of that, I've enjoyed writing Surprise during these scenes. I feel like the fandom's forgotten what we learned about Pinkie in "Party of One" and "Cranky Doodle Donkey"; Pinkie feels the need to be accepted by those around her, otherwise... She goes a bit bonkers. :pinkiecrazy:
I find that using her more confident cousin as a foil was the best way to get through to her. (Plus, you know, I didn't want Surprise to just be another Pinkie.)

I can honestly say that I can't applaud Uria more for that. He tried so hard to have that be believable, and I can see it.
As far as your conversation about Pinkie goes, the way I see it is that I never judge a character on being "perfectly" loyal, "perfectly" honest, etc. The idea of the elements (in my opinion) comes from what the girls hold themselves to. AJ's awful at telling lies, holds herself to a level of honesty with others, and values that.
As for Rainbow, in her eyes, Sunset's betrayed her loyalty. That's a kick in the teeth for her. She's not exactly blindly loyal, and ahem you may be seeing that come up soon.

...I hope you mean that directed at the humane 5 or the CMC. xD

Thanks! I'm glad I could make your day better, and that you enjoy the little character analysis Surprise did on Pinks. As for her coming around, we'll just have to see. :raritywink:

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