• Published 24th Apr 2017
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Empty Skies - SunnyDays

With gossip and slander rampant at CHS and a target put on Sunset Shimmer's back, she flees the school in search of solace. She never expected to find allies in the most unlikely of groups: CHS's soccer team, the Wondercolts.

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4 - Crash

“What’s the sudden rush, Dashie?” Pinkie asked her friend as she showed up on the front porch of her house with a backpack full of overnight gear, looking almost Princess Twilight’s level of frazzled. Not that the pink-haired girl looked any better, only a shadow of her usual bubbly self. Still, Dash’s composure wasn’t normal.

“I think we fucked up, Pinks.” Dash came inside, unloading her bag onto the couch.

“No offense, but ‘no duh’.” Pinkie sighed, “We have your whole team against us now.”

“Not against us, just disappointed.” Dash said with a sigh. “They really do seem to think Sunset’s innocent.”

“Yeah, they do.” Pinkie nodded hesitantly, “But do you?”

Dash was silent, staring down at her phone. Without another word, she hit a name on her contact list, and the phone rang out from the silence of the two friends, until a voice on the other side picked up.

“Dash?” Came Fluttershy’s patient voice.

“Flutters, no BS, do you think Shimmer is Anon-A-Miss?” Dash asked.

“U-um, I-I…” She stuttered, startled by the sudden question.

“Be real, Flutters, it’s just Pinkie and I.”

After a small pause for a calming breath, Fluttershy replied, “N-no.”

“Then why didn’t you tell us?!” Dash exploded, “That could’ve saved us from a lot of trouble!”

“...W-Well, I did at first.” That seemed to make Dash calm a little. “But… I started to second-guess myself after seeing her and Surprise in Pinkie and I’s first class. A-After that… Y-You all were so sure, a-and standing up to you all when you’re so sure is really scary. E-Especially y-you and A-Applejack.” She sniffled, “I’m an a-awful person, aren’t I?”

Dash blew out a breath, running her hands through her hair.

“No way, Flutters. You just made a mistake. We all did.” Pinkie calmed her, wearing a forced smile. “Now we just have to make it up to Sunset.” She looked at Dash.

Dash crossed her arms, brow furrowing, “But how?”

“...We catch the real Anon-A-Miss?” Pinkie suggested.

Dash’s eyes widened, and she smirked, “Hell yeah! We’ll take them down, and apologise to Sunset after.”

“Uh, girls, can’t we apologise to Sunset first?” Fluttershy said.

“Are you kidding?! There’s no way she’d accept our apologies like this; we have to show her how sorry we are!” Rainbow insisted.

“...Or, you know, help her catch Anon-A-Miss instead?” Fluttershy muttered.

Dash paused, actually listening to her friend for once. “...You know what?” She locked eyes with Pinkie, “Maybe we should apologise to Sunset, or, at least, try to. Get over to Pinkie’s when you’re off of work tonight, Flutters, then we’ll talk.”

“...Thank you, Dash.” Fluttershy smiled on the other end of the line.


Sunset put her bag down on Surprise’s double bed, the mattress creaking just from that. The room around was blindingly colorful, several cartoon and motivational posters plastered across the walls. Across from the bed sat a little box that held Surprise’s thick laptop.

“Ohhh! Hold on, I think my parents are cooking dinner.” Surprise smiled, “Go ahead and get comfortable; I’ll call you down when it’s ready!” With that, the girl headed downstairs, leaving Sunset to herself.

Sunset let out a sigh, leaning back against the side of the bed, and pulled out her phone. She scrolled through her pictures, all of which being about herself and the girls having fun and goofing around. Those smiling faces looked alien to her at the moment. ‘...Somehow, I don’t care much anymore.’ Sunset’s posture drooped, ‘I’m surviving without them, aren’t I? Maybe I don’t need these girls… Besides, Surprise and all seem nice. They’ve been nothing but nice to me since I’ve fallen into this mess. Maybe… Maybe I should just find better friends.’ She scrolled over for the last time, and her heart clenched. The first picture she’d ever taken on her new phone was right after the Battle; a selfie of herself surrounded by the girls, Twilight at her side. Her hands were on Sunset’s shoulders, and she looked so happy, so proud of all of them.

The picture sent her crashing into a train of panic as she scrambled over to her backpack and fished out the journal linking herself with Princess Twilight Sparkle. Sunset hadn’t talked to Twilight since the Windigo conversation, and her stomach turned for ignoring her friend’s questions for a few days. But then, she looked down at Twilight’s last message to her.

Remember who you are. And find your family.

This gave Sunset pause, staring down at the message, trying to think of just how to reply to that.

...I think I have, Twilight. Or, well, they found me.

The girls apologised to you?’ Came Twilight’s hopeful response.

No. They avoid me at all costs.

Oh no...Are you okay?’ Twilight asked.

Yes. I’ve taken your advice, Twilight. I found myself a real family; a family that’s done nothing but help me since the start despite every little shitty thing I’ve done to them.

And the girls?

Sunset clenched her fists, ‘I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m so angry at them for just ditching me like that. I was completely alone for two days.’ Her vision blurred with tears. ‘I just don’t understand it Twilight. How can they be true friends if they just drop me at the first inkling of doubt? Were they ever even my friends?

Oh, Sunset… I know you’re upset with them right now, and I’m glad you’ve found another group. ...But maybe you need to take a break from all of this for awhile. You need time to heal, and if you try to face the girls like this, you’ll only say things you’re going to regret. I would know. Don’t do anything rash; just stay safe. Also… Know that the portal back to Equestria is always open if you need it.

Thanks… But I have a home and a job now.’ Sunset cheered herself up with the news, ‘So, maybe I’ll take you up on that later, once all this is figured out.

You have a new home?!’ Was the first response, ‘That is amazing!’

Yeah, one of the guys here is incredibly kind. Offered me a job and a place to stay when I told him I was homeless. But that’s not the point! Don’t worry about me for now; I’m in good hands.

Well… I’m glad to hear that. Keep writing back to me; I’ll try my best to keep in touch in return.

Sunset sighed, ‘Alright. Good night.’ She closed the book, sighing and sitting up.

“Sunseeet~ Dinnneerrr~!” Surprise called from downstairs.

With a steadying breath, Sunset composed herself, “I’ll be right there, Surprise, just need to wash off!” She said, heading into the bathroom and splashing some cold water onto her face.


Misty leaned back against her seat, looking out at the dark morning around her, waiting for Surprise and Sunset. “Late…” She sighed, leaning back.

A knock was heard on the passenger window, and, assuming it was Surprise or Sunset, Misty rolled it down.

“H-Hey, Mist! We missed the bus, c-can we ride with you guys?” Dash asked, nodding to another teen beside her that Misty recognised immediately.

“Gilda?” She blinked.

“Y-Yeah, dweeb, I can’t afford to skip today. L-Let us in!” Gilda’s teeth chattered.

“You do realize Sunset’s riding with me, right?” Misty asked with a scowl, looking Gilda over distastefully.

“Do you realize I got a verbal lashing from Spitfire and Soarin yesterday?” Dash asked.

“That’s not at all surprising, Dash. Did this one finally stick?”

Dash frowned, “Oh come on!”

“Am I wrong?”

“...No.” Dash sighed, looking down.

Gilda stuck her hands in her pockets, shivering, “C-Come on, Fly, I have a math test today! I’ll miss it if we walk!”

“And you.” Misty’s glare sharpened at Gilda, “Don’t you have some Freshman to steal lunch money from or something?”

Gilda let out a breath of smoky hot air, “Look, Mile High Club, I know we were at odds in Middle School, but since Dash and Pinkie visited me during Spring Break… I realized I wanted to try to make amends.”

Misty paused, all this somehow seeming all too familiar. “...Get in here. But Sunset takes the passenger’s seat.” She mumbled.

“Sweet. Thanks, Mist.” Rainbow said, she and Gilda piling into Misty’s car.

“It’s no problem for me. ...It will be a problem for Sunset though.” She muttered, typing up a text to Surprise and Sunset.

Meanwhile, inside the other Pie household, Surprise stuffed her gallon-sized bag of hand sanitisers into her overstuffed backpack while Sunset looked on. “Ahh, thanks for waiting Sunny, these hand sanitizers needed to be perfectly sanitary, “ Surprise said, throwing her bag over her shoulder as Sunset’s phone buzzed.

Dash and Gilda needed help. They’re with me in the car.

Sunset froze, “Oh shit, Dash is with Misty.”

“Ohhhh no.” Surprise frowned, “Uhhh… Should we go? I mean, what are we gonna do, just… not go to school on our last day?” Surprise asked.

“No. No. Let’s just… act like we did with Pinkie there.”

“So… Absolutely nothing?” Surprise asked.

“Exactly. We’ll just stay so quiet and mind our own business, and we’ll never even notice she’s there.” Sunset said, holding her head up and making her way out to the car. Her brows were furrowed, and she tried to look as intimidating as she felt scared.

Misty motioned Sunset to the passenger’s side the best she could, as the early morning wind threw snowflakes all over the darkened sky. Sunset took her spot next to Misty as Surprise slid into the back seat next to Dash and Gilda.

“Morning.” Misty smiled awkwardly at Sunset.

“Mornin.” Gilda grumbled.

“Goood morning!” Surprise responded.

“Yeah, hey.” Dash muttered softly.

Sunset grabbed her backpack, muttering out her own reply. She could barely hear it, her ears buzzing as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Eyes were glued to her back. She could feel them. A cold shiver racked itself down her spine, and she simply repeated. ‘If I don’t see her, she can’t hurt me. If I don’t see her, she can’t hurt me. If I don’t see her, she can’t hurt me.

For a solid five minutes, the car was completely silent. No one said a word, and Misty focused her efforts on driving. It would have stayed that way for the entire trip, before Surprise finally got bored, reaching past Sunset and turned on the radio, which blasted out a heavy guitar-centered rock song.

“YEEEEEAAAAH~!” Surprise headbanged, pumping both fists into the air.

“Pies are a riot.” Gilda snickered to Dash, who simply gave a smug smile and a shrug.

“...Wait, how was it on that radio station in the first place?” Dash asked, blinking.

It was now Misty who was feeling awkward. Dash couldn’t help but snicker at her friend’s bright red face, and even Sunset was forced to bite her lip, her attempts to look angry fading fast.

“Sh-shut up, Dash!” Misty laughed despite being flustered. Surprise giggled, and even Gilda flashed an amused smirk.

“Okay! Soooo, what brings you two here?” Surprise asked Gilda and Dash.

“Slept in again. Missed the bus.” Rainbow shrugged. “Typical me.”

“Yeah, how typical.” Surprise giggled.

“Dad’s not great at waking me up in the morning, as Sunset knows.” Dash said. Sunset stiffened in her seat, and Misty sent Dash a warning look from the reflection in the rearview mirror. Dash simply sighed, crossing her arms and keeping her mouth shut for once. Once again, the car was silenced for a few moments. Luckily, they had arrived at CHS, and Misty parked towards the back of the parking lot. “Thanks for the ride, Mist.” Dash said, she and Gilda piling out of one side of the car.

“You’re quite welcome, Dash.” Misty replied, she and Sunset waiting in the front seats.

Dash pressed her lips into a tight line, looking over at Sunset, who looked back at her. “Hey, Sunset, can we talk?” She asked, knowing that Sunset could hear her through the window.

Sunset hesitated for a moment, “...About what?”

Rainbow sighed, “You know what.”

“Depends, then. Are you going to leave me sobbing in the middle of the parking lot?” Sunset asked accusingly.

“No.” Dash shook her head, sighing.

“Alright.” Sunset nodded slightly, opening the door and walking out. She leaned against Misty’s car, “Go ahead.”

Dash took a deep breath, clenching her fists. “I…was wrong.” Immediately, Sunset’s eyes brightened, though her expression remained firm. “I shouldn’t have immediately pinned this Anon-A-Miss thing on you; I should’ve taken a step back and seen that you were only hurting by this.”

“And you should’ve seen how obvious that account’s a total setup. Even I saw that.” Gilda added.

“Don’t help, dude.” Dash sent her a pointed look.

“I’m just sayin’.” She teased.

“Wait, so you knew it wasn’t me too, Gilda?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“Why didn’t you say anything?!” Dash turned to her.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that the majority of this school are dumb as a pile of bricks.” She snorted.

“Thanks, Gilda.” Sunset deadpanned.

“Hey, we were rivals for top bitch after Spits stepped down. I’m still sore you won.” Gilda joked.

“Well, asshole, anything else to add to my apology?” Dash raised an eyebrow.

“Nah, I’ll shut up. For now.”

“Thank you.” Dash continued, “Sunset, the point is that we were wrong. Pinkie and Fluttershy agree with me, and we wanna help you catch Anon-A-Miss.” Misty and Surprise grinned to each other from where they had settled in front of the car. Surprise looked especially proud. “If you’ll… let us, that is.” Dash added, flinching slightly.

Sunset looked Dash over, “...Alright. I’ll give you a chance. After we catch Anon-A-Miss, we’ll see where things go. Only then.” She said pointedly.

“Yes!” Dash fist-pumped, and Sunset’s anger towards her shattered a little more, “I’ll prove it to you, Sunset! We’ll take this bitch down!”

Then, Rainbow looked over at Gilda. “What’re you looking at me for?” She grunted, “I had shit spread about me, too. I’m ready to beat in some face, and if you’re gonna track ‘em down, I’ll be more than happy to serve sweet justice.” Her grin turned feral.

Amends.” Misty reminded pointedly.

“Augh, dammit.” Gilda growled, “I don’t back down from a promise. ...Fine. I’ll intimidate whoever’s responsible.”

“Hold that thought, G. We’ll see who it is first.” Rainbow interrupted, crossing her arms. Gilda smirked.

“First we have to find them.” Sunset said, “Let’s head to Clipper’s tonight, figure out our next move. Hopefully Anon-A-Miss will keep posting, even over the holidays. ...It’ll be easier to track them that way.”

“Well, no matter what, we’ll take them down.” Misty nodded with confidence.

“Yeah!” Gilda smirked, “Let’s take that bitch out!”

“Whoever they are, wherever they are right now, they’d better be ready.” Dash grinned, and the group made their way inside the building together.

...So much for avoiding them.’ Sunset told herself as she saw Pinkie and Fluttershy waiting for her and Surprise at their first class.

“Sunset!” Pinkie looked better than she had seen her the other day, her hair puffed up and back to normal, “...Surprise.” She smiled nervously at her cousin.

“Pinks.” Surprise crossed her arms, grinning, “Good to see you came to your senses.”

“Yeah.” She grinned sheepishly, “Me too. ...I take it that you accept our apology, Sunset?”

“I accepted your help. Like I told Dash, we’ll talk about being friends after we find the real culprits.” Sunset said with a sigh. “I need time to think it over.” She rubbed the back of her neck.

“Okay.” Pinkie said, clearly disappointed.

“It’s a start.” Fluttershy said, trying to keep the mood up.

“Yeah.” Pinkie nodded.

“Well, for now, let’s get to class.” Surprise suggested, throwing an arm around her cousin with a reassuring smile.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Sunset agreed, the group heading into their class.


Snickers lined the hallways, and groups pointed and laughed as Diamond Tiara walked past, gripping the straps of her backpack until they shriveled up.

“Oh man, what karma.” One student snickered, “No more perfect princess life for that bitch.”

“And thank God, too.” Another added, “It was about time.”

“How the mighty fall.” A third piped up.

The bell rang, and Diamond Tiara settled in her desk, trying not to glare at everyone snickering around her. As she sat, she glanced at her phone, now open to Anon-A-Miss’s MyStable page. ‘When it was the rest of these losers, it was fun. Now, it’s just infuriating.’ She glared at Silver Spoon, who gave her a smug smirk back. ‘Ugh. I just wish everyone would forget about that stupid divorce shit.’ Glancing in front of her, she noticed Scootaloo come into the room. She grinned. ‘...Perfect timing, buttmunch!’

With a wicked smile, Diamond Tiara mentally pulled one of the many dirty little secrets she always held over her favorite punching bags, and began rapidly typing up an anonymous message to Anon-A-Miss herself. ‘We’ll see who’s the butt of the joke now!’ She grinned deviously, hitting send.

Almost immediately, she noticed Scootaloo’s phone buzz on the desk in front of her, and watched her discreetly check it. Scoot’s face twisted into a grimace, and threw her phone back into her backpack with a muted huff.

‘...Huh? She posted it that quickly?’ Diamond blinked, looking down at her own phone and refreshing MyStable. ...Nothing. Her brows furrowed, ‘No, no,’ She scoffed in her mind, ‘Those three are too lame to do something like this.’ She paused again, looking down at the phone in her hand. Before she knew it, she was scrolling through the list of targets, glancing up every now and then to stare at the back of Scootaloo’s head. ‘Those morons aren’t in here. Anywhere. What the Hell?’ She glanced back over to Scootaloo, ‘Pfft, I’m being stupid. It was probably an embarrassing text from her grandmother or something. There’s no way Anon-A-Miss saw my message yet. I just have to wait until tonight.’ She decided, focusing on the teacher as she walked in.

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