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Another day of no progress on Earth comes to a screeching halt as Adagio Dazzle senses a pulse of Equestrian magic. Rushing to find the source, she and her siren sisters discover the last thing they could have expected. A young girl claiming to be a pegasus stands before them, scared and lost. With nothing else to do and not heartless enough to throw the filly-turned-human onto the street, the three sisters decide to take the buttercream girl into their care.

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This story is a sequel to Empty Skies

With the Crusaders facing their punishments after the Anon-a-Miss incident, Sunset Shimmer finds herself with a new home, a new job, and a new group of friends: the Wondercolts soccer team. But as Sunset normally finds, things aren't always quiet and peaceful in the city of Canterlot.

A series of (mostly) one-shots set in the "Clipper!verse" before or between the events of Empty Skies and the Friendship Games later that spring.

And pssst, thanks to the incredible Gpizano for the cover!


Three Suns and a Dawning Heart [DRA, SAD, SoL] (Part 1): Sunset hesitantly returns to Equestria for the first time since she broke off with Celestia. Twilight assures her that Celestia will be more than happy to have her former student back, but Celestia isn't the one Sunset's so worried about...
Three Suns and a Dawning Heart (Part 2) [DRA, SAD, SoL]: Her weekend with Cadence going better than she could have ever dreamed, Sunset heads to the Crystal Empire with her big sister. When her secrets start spilling about her escapades in the human world, though, Cadence's emotions are hard to ignore and even harder to impede...
Three Suns and a Dawning Heart [DRA, COM, SoL] (Part 3): Sunset finds herself back in the human world with an extra by her side. If she can't convince the princess that her life on Earth is worth living, Sunset may lose her new friendships...
Fire Among the Woodwork - Sunset learns about two girls' plan to ruin Spitfire's reputation while at one of her soccer games, and tries to stop a damaging message from getting out.
Dark Skies Still Bright (part 1) - Finally apprenticing under Soarin's faithful watch, Sunset feels like her life is going well. However, a question poised by Nightshade leads to bigger challenges.
Dark Skies Still Bright (part 2) - COMING SOON
Sun and Son - COMING SOON
Empty Anger - COMING SOON
Girls' Night

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Twilight is more than thrilled when Princess Celestia herself summons her to Trottingham to start a weeklong vacation just between the two of them. When both Princesses stumble upon a familiar Ponyville native, Twilight finds his strange actions suspicious. Especially when Celestia swears he's someone else. Someone way older than she thought.

Annnd once again, my beta reader is Uria the Sacred Beast!

Edit (8/22): *Blushes heavily* Th-thanks to everyone who came from Uria's page! And Uria himself for spreading the word!
Edit (9/30): Added the "Alternate Universe" tag

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He was expendable, they thought. There was no honor, no code of morals, no sense of team. Soarin wasn't going to stand around and be treated like this, he was going to stand up for himself the only way Spitfire would understand: Leaving the Wonderbolts behind.

Now teamless, Soarin decides to run home to the only pony in Equestria that would never leave him in the dust; His little sister, Nightshade, captain of the rival team, the Shadowbolts.

A co-written project by Uria the Sacred Beast and myself! An alternate take on the ending of "Rainbow Falls" in which Soarin decides that an "I'm sorry" from his neglectful captain and teammate just isn't enough.

Using the basis of the Shadowbolts by PoorYorick/YoorPorick
EDIT (5/24): A certain Mr. Uria has graduated to my co-writer. Thanks and thanks again, Uria!

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Part 1 of the "Clipper!verse"
CHS has become a breeding ground for assholes and rampant hatred in the halls. No one knows this better than Sunset Shimmer, whom, without her friends at her side, is the prime scapegoat for all the slander being thrown around. Tired of being the punching bag for all of CHS's problems, Sunset searches for something, anything that will make her life feel worth it again. She needed to prove her innocence. What she didn't know was where her tired feet would take her.

Now, she finds herself surrounded by a group that may be willing to believe her. With new friendships forming between Sunset and CHS's soccer team, the Wondercolts, will she be able to clear her name? Or will the ever expanding reach of Anon-a-Miss smear it beyond the point of no return?


Beta readers: Uria the Sacred Beast, River Road

*Rubs hands together* It's about time that I put my own little spin on the Anon-A-Miss thing. This story spawned in between talks between Uria and I over his own story. It is also heavily inspired by GPizano's stories. Be sure to check them both out if you enjoy this!
Edit [6/19]: Welcoming River Road into my entourage of beta readers! Welcome River, and thanks!
Edit [6/30]: Featured! OMG!
Edit [6/30]: AND 100 likes?! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much!
Edit [7/10]: Featured again! Yay~!

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