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This story is a sequel to Empty Skies

With the Crusaders facing their punishments after the Anon-a-Miss incident, Sunset Shimmer finds herself with a new home, a new job, and a new group of friends: the Wondercolts soccer team. But as Sunset normally finds, things aren't always quiet and peaceful in the city of Canterlot.

A series of (mostly) one-shots set in the "Clipper!verse" before or between the events of Empty Skies and the Friendship Games later that spring.

And pssst, thanks to the incredible Gpizano for the cover!


Three Suns and a Dawning Heart [DRA, SAD, SoL] (Part 1): Sunset hesitantly returns to Equestria for the first time since she broke off with Celestia. Twilight assures her that Celestia will be more than happy to have her former student back, but Celestia isn't the one Sunset's so worried about...
Three Suns and a Dawning Heart (Part 2) [DRA, SAD, SoL]: Her weekend with Cadence going better than she could have ever dreamed, Sunset heads to the Crystal Empire with her big sister. When her secrets start spilling about her escapades in the human world, though, Cadence's emotions are hard to ignore and even harder to impede...
Three Suns and a Dawning Heart [DRA, COM, SoL] (Part 3): Sunset finds herself back in the human world with an extra by her side. If she can't convince the princess that her life on Earth is worth living, Sunset may lose her new friendships...
Fire Among the Woodwork - Sunset learns about two girls' plan to ruin Spitfire's reputation while at one of her soccer games, and tries to stop a damaging message from getting out.
Dark Skies Still Bright (part 1) - Finally apprenticing under Soarin's faithful watch, Sunset feels like her life is going well. However, a question poised by Nightshade leads to bigger challenges.
Dark Skies Still Bright (part 2) - COMING SOON
Sun and Son - COMING SOON
Empty Anger - COMING SOON
Girls' Night

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When you really think about it, you can kinda see where Sunset gets a bit of her non-bitch side from.

“Not a blood sister, but a friend who became an older sister. Her name’s Mi Amore Cadenza, but everyone calls her Princess Cadence. I usually went with ‘Cady’ or ‘Big Sis’, but hey, that was me.” She laughed dryly.

Way to defy the norm. Usually when I read about the Sunset/Cadance dynamic, Sunset was always mean to Cadence, with varying results. I approve of the sister angle.

Yeah, the cadence and sunset being friends element is an underrated addition to sunset stories. I remember one using it as another reason for sunset leaving and hating twilight, as she saw cadence babysitting twilight after celestia had taken interest in her.

GASP! Aunty/Big Sis Sunset's a thing!

8526376 I find it strange that most fics I've read with the Sunset/Cadence dynamic is that Sunset's older than Cadence and is usually mean to her in some form.

I'm not sure, but I'm glad you found it eventually!

just read through the original story, and this, tonight, good shit, You got my approval.

Soon, actually! I've been working on the next one for the past few days~!

Comment posted by Dr Mysterious Shade deleted Aug 2nd, 2018

So are Diamond Tiara and Sour Sweet gonna face any retribution or are you gonna let them walk away scott free?

That will explored in the proper sequel. These are side-stories that happen between the two.

Looking forward to seeing what this Celestia’s reaction to Rainbooms is.

Celestia is going to be royally pissed at the Rainbooms, and most of CHS. I fear for them hahaha

Sunset had a good feeling that everything was going to be alright.

The jinx is strong with this one.

She didn't say it'd be alright for everyone else just that it'd be alright by her standards and that's all that really matters :raritywink:

A jinx is a jinx, no matter how vague the wording/meaning or how mentally unsound the jinxer.

Better hope Celestia doesn't go searching for the Crusaders....

Kinda wish it would be Cadence going. Shining can rule for a few days.

Little confused thought in the last Story Sunset settled things with the Rainbooms?
Don't get me wrong!
Love how Rarity was terrified to be around Sunset, shows the scars still need to heal over time, and be a good while before she can even think of trying again with Sunset.

Also got to ask, is Sweetie Belle and Applebloom friends still or ex friends? As Applebloom super genius level iq had ehr spill the beans on Sweetie being the one who took the pictures on Sunset's phone.
Which resulted in her being kicked out of her sister's home.

Excellent chapter. I was kinda hoping Spitfire would show up but I can roll with it. Definitely digging the mother-daughter bonding at the mall.

“This can’t be very comfortable.” Celestia continued as they looked over at her.

I resent that statement, I can fall asleep just about anywhere.

What a cute end.

Love this kind of stuff between Celestia and Sunset

She agreed to "give them a chance" in Empty Skies, but it isn't something one awkward Monday lunch will fix. The wounds are still fresh, and it'll take more awkward run-ins like this for Sunset to eventually get comfortable around them again.

As far as the CMC go? I don't plan on updating where they are after the events of ES, because, plain and simple, Sunset just doesn't care enough about them. From a meta standpoint, I can say that their friendship is done, and their relationships with their sisters/sister figures are heavily strained.

Diamond Tiara and Sour Sweet will be covered, however, just later on in the sequel story to ES. After Three Suns is finished, this will go back to being mostly extra one-shots to tie everyone over until the sequel.

Love how Soarin just continues with the mother figure line.

Cadence was left incredibly confused as to why Celestia was acting this way, but assured of one thing. “I knew Sunset wasn’t being fully honest with me last time! It’s that boss of hers, isn’t it? Oh man, looks like it’s time to remap the shipping chart again!”

Meanwhile Sunset shuddered as if someone is plotting an orgy without her consent.

You just had to put me on edge with that cliffhanger, didn't you?

So sunset has a brother and is starting a herd.
I support this and the eventual orgy.

Its blue blood i'm calling it out now it blue blood.

Sunburst seems more likely if we go by coloration. The Cake twins are similar enough and despite the coat differences there are enough similarities with Twilight and Shining for them to be related. And honestly, if it were Blueblood, Sunset might actually murder someone.

Sunset learns that presentation affects attraction:

Sunset: I'm not attracted to any of my friends.
Friends: We wanted to impress your mom so we got cleaned up and dressed nice.
Sunset: I'm attracted to every one of my friends I can see from here.
Celestia: Interesting.
(Cadence: But why couldn't I be there!?)

I assume the half brother is Sunburst, but! It would be hilarious if it was like Blueblood or something.

Oh my Celestia, I think it is Sunburst! I mean, dude, it'll make some sense since both their coats are of the same colour! :rainbowlaugh:

This moved rather quickly, and I thought the first meeting with Cadance would be harder, but this was fun.

Your dialogue punctuation hasn't improved :raritydespair:

Random Sunburst, huh?

This is weird. Weird and definitive conclusions from Cadance and Celestia. And then Celestia can go, but Cadance can't? I guess Luna is something Cadance doesn't have, but still. Just feels weird.

This is almost unsettling in how cheesy this is.

It's definitely not Sunburst. Nope. Why else would he have randomly showed up earlier?

Anywho, this was weird. Fun, but weird.

I've admittedly had a lot of fun reading all of your comments! I know I've always struggled with my dialogue punctuation, but I thought I'd improved in a year's time! Oh well, always something to improve upon in writing. I'm glad you've enjoyed this whole train wreck of mine.

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