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A pegasister with a lot of heart to go around. No really, please take some. Please.

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Join in on the Hell and High Water/Empty Skies Discord channel! https://discord.gg/dszqzrm



CURRENT PROJECT: (To be determined)

Chapters on all current projects will be posted by the end of each week unless notified.


BACK-BURNER PROJECT: (To be determined)

All back-burner projects are to updated whenever I'm either bored for the moment with the current project or just randomly feel up to writing out a chapter. Back-burner projects get bumped to the top priority once the previous current project is finished.


- What Happens at Clipper's, Stays at Clipper's (ongoing)
- Embracing the Fog
- Butterfly Stroke
- Timelocked
- Various One-shots


Double Whammy · 8:52pm January 23rd

Hey guys, not sure if everyone noticed, but I managed to get down the last bit of Three Suns over the last two days. I apologize for all of the delays in updates, but I'm going to try to tentatively inch back into my weekly writing schedule, even if it's just a small update to Clipper's.

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Thank you for faving Breaking (Down The) News.
The Sun would like your statement before they make up the story anyway. :moustache:

Aww, thanks! Honestly, I'm honored with the views that I have already. Empty Skies hitting 200 likes blew me away.
That aside, I was going to keep writing whether or not I had low viewership. Writing's just too much fun! I'm glad everyone enjoys my works, though, and I can't wait to keep sharing even more of my ideas with you guys.

For someone who has 100+ Likes on their stories, you're somehow underrated... How?

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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