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A pegasister with a lot of heart to go around. No really, please take some. Please.

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CURRENT PROJECT: Embracing the Fog

Chapters on all current projects will be posted by the end of each week unless notified.


BACK-BURNER PROJECT: What Happens at Clipper's, Stays at Clipper's

All back-burner projects are to updated whenever I'm either bored for the moment with the current project or just randomly feel up to writing out a chapter. Back-burner projects get bumped to the top priority once the previous current project is finished.


- What Happens at Clipper's, Stays at Clipper's (ongoing)
- Embracing the Fog
- Butterfly Stroke
- Timelocked
- Various One-shots

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Hello! The FraudulentBrit sent me here. I read their Apple Bloom story and wondered if I could do one with Sweetie Belle in the Clipperverse. I've had an interesting idea for it too.

Thank you! I promise I won’t disappoint you

You know what, go ahead! I don't have anything solid with the CMC at this point beyond Empty Skies.
As long as you understand that it won't actually be a part of the Clipper!verse canon.

Hello there. I hope you don’t mind but I had an idea for the clipper verse regarding apple bloom. If it doesn’t contradict any plans of yours I’d like to be able to write it, with your permission of course

Thank you. I must say I’ve become a fan of your work.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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