• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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What Happens at Clipper's, Stays at Clipper's - SunnyDays

Various one-shots set in the universe of "Empty Skies"

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Three Suns and a Dawning Heart (Part 1)

Twilight sat across the table from Sunset, slackjawed. “It was the Crusaders this whole time?!”

“Eeeyup.” Sunset nodded, sipping her soft drink with a neutral expression. The two were sitting outside a fast food restaurant, as it wasn’t cold enough today to really warrant being cooped up inside. The two had ordered a large plate of fries (Not cheese fries, mind you, because Twilight had some weird thing against cheese. Sunset didn’t really understand that.) and were currently sharing it between them as they caught up on the last few weeks.

“And the girls couldn’t tell?! Their own sisters!” Twilight’s exclamation only made Sunset roll her eyes.

“No.” She said simply. It wasn’t taking long for her to get peeved at this already, it seemed like nowadays Anon-a-Miss was all she heard about from everyone. At least the girls had some sense to shut up about it, and her new main group were just as sick of the rumors and talk as she was. Twilight recoiled a little at the forceful tone she had taken, and Sunset sighed. “Sorry, Twilight. It’s not you that I’m irritated at,” This was a half-truth, “it’s all the fuss that’s still going on.”

“It’s only been a week.” Twilight said, giving Sunset a sheepish look, “G-give it some time.” Sunset responded simply by putting her head in her crossed arms on the table. “Yeesh, is it really that bad? Are they still blaming you and everything?”

“They’re in the minority if they are. There’s probably a few who still want to pin this on me. But everyone is being rather strange around me. Not a clue why.” Sunset said casually, popping another fry into her mouth.

Twilight frowned down at the fries, as if thinking something. “...Sounds like you could use a break, Sunset.”

Sunset swallowed the fry she was eating, going for another. “Like what, taking a field trip?” She asked.

“Actually… I mean like coming home.” Twilight said.

Sunset’s stomach tied itself into some ridiculous and probably impossible knot. “To Equestria.”

Twilight nodded with a smile, “To Ponyville with me for a few days! Just to go back to our actual world for a time.”

“I don’t know, Twilight…” Sunset gave a tight grimace, almost like it hurt, “It’s been more than four years now, and I haven’t really even considered going back.”

“Is this about Princess Celestia? Because I can assure you that she’d be nothing but accepting of you coming back to Canterlot. The first time I came back from this place, the first question she asked was-”

“-I’d just rather we not.” Sunset bit her lip, looking away.

“Well, nothing says we have to go back to Canterlot. I mean, the portal comes out in my castle now.” Twilight assured, “I know it isn’t the best solution, but I think for your own sake, you need to step away from all this. I can offer you place in Equestria; I can’t offer you anything here.”

Sunset looked up at the lazy, dark clouds drifting above them as she thought about this. Twilight wasn’t sure why, but pain spread across her face as she did so, her eyes heavy. Silence gathered between the two like freshly fallen snow and blanketed around them for some time. Twilight watched Sunset’s face shift through several different emotions as she deliberated, and let out a breath, defeated.

“Alright.” She decided finally, “I can afford to take off two days from school. Just… give me some time to prepare.”

“Of course.” Twilight smiled. She wasn’t exactly sure what Sunset could possibly be preparing but kept her mouth shut. It was perfect timing, though, considering what Twilight prepared herself to do. “Think the rest of the afternoon will do for that? I did promise the girls I’d spend the night with them tonight.”

Sunset waved her off, “I’ll make it work. Oh, and tell the girls I’m not coming. But thanks anyway.”

Twilight gave her a weary smile, finally grabbing a few fries before Sunset could finish them off. “I’m sure they’ll understand. But in that case, I’ll see you tomorrow morning, then.” She bit into one of the fries before heading off in the direction of Fluttershy’s home.

Sunset watched her go, noting the brisk stride to her walk and her straightened back. She almost felt sorry for the girls. Almost. Sunset had known the princess long enough to spot the “I’m so giving a lecture soon” walk when it was in action. It was pointless to try and warn them, so Sunset sat up, dumped the empty fry carton unceremoniously into the outdoor garbage can, and made her way over to her bike.

It wasn’t anything special, really. She had bought it off of Misty’s older sister earlier this week, and it was serving her just fine. It was probably a vibrant yellow, once upon a time, but with age, the yellow had faded to a muted gold. She ran her hand over the frame, brushing the snow off her seat to warm it up a little before perching on top of it and kicking off.

She rode down to the strip mall that Clipper’s was located in, empty and quiet as always, even without another snowstorm on top of them. Soarin said it really picked up once spring started, but Sunset was sure he was just being optimistic. Despite the empty streets, lights were streaming out from each of the shops. Sunset only cared about one, though, and left her bike chained up at the front of Clipper’s before pushing her way in haphazardly.

“Hey, Sunnybuns.” Nightshade didn’t even look up from her phone as Sunset came in, “Bro’s in the back, finishing up for the night.”

“Lovely. I’ll be in my room.” Sunset muttered, pushing past everyone to head toward the break room.

Spitfire caught her wrist, “Woooaaah, wait a minute there Firespewer, what’s going on?”

Sunset groaned, “Spits, I’d like to kindly ask that you let me go, as a friend.”

“Well, as a friend, I deny that shit. What’s up?” She repeated back.

“This thing called Anon-a-Miss, ever heard of it?” Sunset snapped.

Spitfire stared at her for a moment, “I take that to mean CHS hasn’t shut up yet, have they?”

“NO! They haven’t!” Sunset roared, putting her face in her arms and clenching her fists.

“Yeeaaah, I’m not surprised.” Putting her hand on Sunset’s shoulder, Spitfire motioned the two to Sunset’s room. “Come on, let’s get this shit out where we aren’t in the middle of a store.”

Sunset allowed herself to finally slump over into her bed once they were inside. “Ugh.” She growled, “It’s not even just that I’m upset about, Spits, I just can’t explain all of it!”

“Well, why not?”

“Because it’s pony stuff from the world I’m from! You just downright won’t understand!” She fluffed her pillow aggressively before pounding her face into it.

“...Christ, if it keeps you from doing that again, try me.” Spitfire grimaced at how harmful that looked.

Sunset let out a muffled breath into her pillow before sitting up, “You won’t understand half of this, but fine!” She threw her hands up, “Twilight wants me to go back to Equestria for a few days because it’s,” -Air quotes- “‘Good for me’, but she doesn’t understand! I ran away to this world because I was a selfish asshole who wasn’t going to listen to her mentor because she denied me some knowledge I probably wasn’t ready for. But that’s also her fault too, so I won’t be that sorry for what I did, which makes me an ass still. What I really did, what I’m really afraid of…!” She paused, the anger and tension draining from her body as she flopped over onto her bed with a sigh, “Is that I hurt my sister. I know I did, too.”

Spitfire blinked, “You… Have a sister?”

“Not a blood sister, but a friend who became an older sister. Her name’s Mi Amore Cadenza, but everyone calls her Princess Cadence. I usually went with ‘Cady’ or ‘Big Sis’, but hey, that was me.” She laughed dryly.

“And… You’re afraid of going back to Equestria, because you’ll possibly have to face her again.”

“Right on the mark.” Sunset rolled over to her side, facing Spitfire, “I left without a goodbye, a note, or a second thought. I just… up and left in a rage. I left her behind completely, and I feel terrible about it.” Spitfire sat back and let Sunset continue on, “And now I’m trying to come up with excuses to how I can’t go. It’ll be embarrassing to be chewed out by Celestia, sure, but it’ll be downright crushing if I have to look into Cadence’s eyes and explain that I left without even thinking about her.” She slunk over the bed, “I was so selfish…”

Spitfire then struck the final blow. “So… Then you’re going to continue to be selfish and stay here.”

Sunset bit her lip, attempting to sit up and send the young woman a harsh glare, but… Damn it, why did she have to be right?

She put her hands up, “I’m just saying, Sunset. If you care about her this much, shouldn’t you go back anyway? If I were her, I’d want to at least know you’re okay, and that you didn’t forget about me.” Sunset flinched, biting her lip. She sat up again, running this over and over in her head. “I think you should just suck it up and go.”

“...I mean, it would finally let go of that guilt, I guess.” Sunset sighed. “Okay, now here comes the other problem… I doubt she’ll be around when I go through. Cadence has always been busy with her own life.”

“Well then, what were you worried about in the first place?” Spits asked.

“It was the idea of possibly running into her that I was so worried about.” Sunset groaned, “Okay, now I’m equally worried about her not being there.”

Spitfire rolled her eyes with a smile, “Okay, now you’re just downright being ridiculous. Either way, Phoenix, it’ll be fine.” Spitfire put her hand on Sunset’s shoulder, “Just relax, enjoy your visit, and let things come as they come. That’s how Soarin lives his life on the daily.”

Now that made Sunset chuckle weakly, “Not everyone can be Clipper.”

“Well, that’s true. I don’t think everyone wants to, but just for this occasion, take a note outta his book.”

“Speaking of… I have to let him know I’ll be gone for a few days.” Sunset said, rising from the bed.

“There you go.” Spits nodded, “You know you won’t be missing much with us for the next few days.”

“Yeah, I do know.” Sunset agreed. “Think all those orders will really take him a week?”


“Oh geez. Maybe he should teach me how to make them later.” Sunset mused, “I’d feel a little more useful that way.”

“Bring it up with him, I’m no judge of that.”

“Alright then, judge Spitfire, is court closed now?” Sunset asked, raising an eyebrow and heading to the door.

“I just said I wasn’t-” Spits paused, “...court dismissed, you’ve been found guilty. You have been sentenced to indefinite hours of dork community service.”

Sunset laughed, “Thanks, Spits.” She closed the door behind her, following the sound of muffled whirring to Soarin’s workshop and the small warehouse in the back. She knocked thrice once the sounds had quieted.

“Come on in!” Said the deep but always cheery voice of Soarin.

Sunset went in at once, casually leaning up against the door. “You know, maybe you should teach me how to help you fill out these orders.”

Soarin’s smile didn’t waver. “Sorry, Sunset, maybe when I’m not swamped with orders I’ll have the time to show you properly. That’s not something I want to rush.” He said, sanding off one of the guitars he had just carved. “But, sure! That’d be a huge help. And I’d pay you more for it.”

“Cool. I look forward to it.” She nodded. “But until then… Just wanted to let you know-”

“-OH! Sorry, Sunset, I just remembered!” He tossed her something, “These are yours!”

She nearly didn’t catch the ring of keys she was suddenly thrown, “I take it these are the keys to the shop?”

“Yep! Just in case.” Soarin nodded, “Made no sense to have me run over here every time you had to leave, so I made copies.”

“Perfect!” Keys made things official, and Sunset was incredibly happy about that. “Even more perfect timing, because I’ll be gone for a few days.”

“You’re leaving me?” Soarin pouted playfully at her, turning away from his work.

She laughed, “You massive dweeb. Yes, I’ll be gone for like two days. Princess Twilight actually managed to convince me to visit Equestria. Do I have your permission?”

“No.” Soarin shook his head.

Sunset blinked at him. “Uhhh…”

Then, he burst out laughing. “Do you really need my permission, Sunset?”

Her cheeks burned, “I-I mean, no, but if you want me to stay, I can tell Twilight to-!”

“You’re too cute, Pheenie. Go. It was just a little joke.”

“Th-thanks Soarin.” They shared a short chuckle and both turned away, Sunset backing out of the office and closing the door softly. She crossed the hall, passing the main room, where Spitfire and Nightshade were both looking at her with sly expressions. She glared at them, “Oh, go back to bickering.” The heat in her cheeks didn’t fade, and her brows furrowed, “I’m packing, goodnight!” She said with a huff, retreating to her room quickly.


Twilight was waiting at the fast food restaurant from yesterday, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity waiting there with her. Rarity’s van was parked next to them, the engine whirring softly.

‘Huh. Wasn’t expecting Rarity or Applejack to be here.’ Sunset was a little taken aback by the sight of the other two as she walked up to the group.

“Good morning, Sunset. The rest of the girls send their regards.” Rarity said to her.

“Aren’t you three going to be late?” Sunset asked them, looking the group over suspiciously.

“Well, yes, but what’s one late day?” Rarity asked, smiling weakly.

“Dash and Pinkie said sorry that they couldn’t make it,” Fluttershy said quietly.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, they have clubs this morning. I know.” Sunset said, “Then again, so do you, Rarity.”

Rarity smile grew a little softer, “That’s true. But it’s alright, I wanted to be here to give you two a ride.”

“And ah’m here just because ah wanted to see ya off,” AJ said simply. “Ah know ah’d have no excuse not to.” She gave her own weary smile. “Come on now, don’t just stand out there in the cold, Sunset! Get in!” She opened the back door to Rarity’s van, motioning for Sunset to get in first.

“Thanks.” Sunset nodded, taking her offer. Twilight slid in next to her, and AJ on the other side of Twilight.

“Mmm…” Twilight mused aloud. “So… Are you at all looking forward to coming over a little bit?”

“Well… It’ll be kinda nice, I guess. I haven’t walked on four hooves in a few months.” Sunset said.

“Is there anywhere specifically you want to go?” Twilight asked her, “Anywhere you want to see? The Crystal Empire? Manehatten? Cloudsdale?”

“I think we should just start with Ponyville, honestly,” Sunset said. “You know… Start off small. Besides….may have already been to the Crystal Empire for a bit, worried the guards might recognize me.” She joked weakly.

“Right, right.” Twilight nodded as Rarity stopped her car in CHS’s parking lot. “Anyways, let’s get going!”

“Yeah, see ya later, Sunset. You too, Twilight. And thanks for last night.” AJ nodded as they all climbed out of Rarity’s car.

“Tell us all about it when you get back,” Fluttershy said, smiling at Sunset.

“Oh yes, don’t spare any detail!” Rarity agreed.

The two groups walked up to the front of their school, and Twilight was the first to duck her head through the portal.

“Bye, girls,” Sunset said.

“SEE YA LATER, SUNSET!” Several voices echoed from the front steps as Dash and some of the Wondercolts joined in. Misty and Surprise flashed her their smiles before completely disappearing from Sunset’s sights, the portal’s strange magic blurring Sunset’s vision as she fell through.

“Oof!” Sunset was thrown out of the portal backward in a heap. “...Well, that was a lot smoother the last time. Still need to work on the landing.”

She heard a giggle before she was pulled to her hooves by Twilight. “Welcome home! Or, well, to my home.”

“This is your castle?” Sunset’s vision was coming back to show her a crystalline network of blue crystal walls and purple carpeted floors. Looking deeper showed shelves of books lining the massive walls, which made a whole load of sense for Twilight Sparkle. “Looks about how I pictured. Well, the books at the least.”

“Well, this is the library.” Twilight said, “...Obviously.” She rubbed the back of her neck.

“Well. It's you.” Sunset chuckled. “So… You were going to-”

“Sunset?” The two turned toward the door to see a certain dragon standing there.

“Spike, hey!”

“No way! Welcome back!” He ran over, tackling her into a hug.

Twilight giggled, “He looks different as a dragon, doesn’t he?”

“Well, I’d hope so. Not quite sure what a ‘dog as a dragon’ would look like.” Sunset snickered.

“Even more handsome, she means,” Spike smirked.

Ruffling his fins, Sunset chuckled, deciding to humor the baby dragon, “Absolutely, Spike.”

He beamed up at her, and Twilight playfully battered him with a wing, “Come on, you, let’s show Sunset around the place.”

Spike grinned, “Yeah! Just in time for the big gathering!”

“The big… gathering?” Sunset looked between Twilight and Spike.

“Oh, shoot!” Twilight put her hoof to her head, “I forgot about that! Spike and I’s family have a get-together starting this afternoon.” She scanned Sunset over in thought, “...which is perfect! My family will absolutely adore you.”

“They… will?” Sunset asked, suddenly remembering being trapped under a stage for some reason.

“Absolutely.” Twilight repeated, “Embarrassing as they can be, I promise they’ll help you get things out of your head.”

“Oh yeah. Our family can definitely make somepony forget where they were.” Spike snickered. Twilight hoped beyond hope that Spike didn’t know what he meant when he said that, but the dumb grin on his face said otherwise.

Sunset chuckled, ruffling his fins again, “You’re cute.” The little dragon beamed with pride. “Anyways, this tour?”

“Oh, right! Um… I, uh, still don’t know the castle very well myself, so… Don’t laugh at me?” Twilight gave a weary smile, “I get kinda lost in here.”

Sunset smiled back, “Don’t worry, I won’t really care.”

“Good.” Twilight laughed quietly, “Alright then, on with the totally improv tour!”

“Woo improv!” Sunset cheered teasingly, following the princess along as they attempted to navigate the massive castle.

Twilight was right about one thing, being here wiped all the thoughts and responsibilities off of Sunset’s shoulders. It was, admittedly, nice to come back to Equestria again, despite the lingering worry of running into two of the other princesses. But she had no time to focus on her worries for now. For now, she just enjoyed the good time she was having with Spike and Twilight.

“Man, you should’ve seen how Twilight looked! Her face, her mane, everything! Now that was a way to meet one of your best friends for the first time.” Spike snickered.

Sunset chuckled, feeling even better, “You sound a lot more like me whenever you first came to Ponyville.”

“No way! You’re not nearly as bad as I was.” Twilight said.

“No, you’re right. I was worse.” Sunset jested, “I doubt you accosted any of your friends for lunch money.”

“Well, uh, no. But I was kinda an…” She paused, glancing at Spike.

“She was still an anti-social asshole at that point.”


Spike raised his claws in defense, “Am I wrong?”

Twilight paused, “...no.” She hung her head with a sigh.

“And we love you all the same.” Sunset giggled.

With that, there was a knock at the castle’s front door. “Oh, that’s them!” Spike grinned excitedly, “Can I go get it, Twi?!”

“I dunno, after that comment… Oh, what the hay, we’ll catch up.” Twilight giggled, “Go ahead.”

Spike ran off excitedly, Twilight elbowing Sunset and trotting ahead. With a smile and nothing to fear, Sunset laughed and trotted along. Maybe Twilight was right, after all. Maybe her family would have heard of all the shit that she had been through and would take pity on her.

Sunset skid to a stop when she saw who was at the door.

“TWILY!” Shining Armor laughed, pulling Twilight into the hug he and Spike were already sharing. Next to him, the pink alicorn was smiling, waiting patiently for her turn to greet her husband’s siblings. But before Shining could finish noogieing his little sister and Sunset could process the idea of retreating, purple eyes met cyan.

“Sunset?!” Cadence breathed.

“Cad-” Sunset began to croak out the name of her adopted sibling but was swiftly cut off by said alicorn roughly wrestling her into a hug.

“You.” Cadence said with a sly grin, “Are in some kind of trouble, young mare.”

Sunset couldn’t help but hold back her laughter. “Good to see you haven’t changed, Sis.”

“Sis? Cadence, you have a sister?” Shining’s voice asked. The two paused their hug, smiling at each other as Cadence put Sunset down.

Twilight looked just as confused, glancing between Cadence and Sunset, “Wh-what? H-how?!” She asked. “I didn’t even know you two knew each other!”

Cadence laughed, “Of course we did! We’ve both lived together with Aunty since Sunset was small.”

“Yeah.” Sunset nodded with a smirk, “How could we not know each other? I became Celestia’s student waaaay after she took in Cadence.”

“So… does that mean… WE’RE SISTER-IN-LAWS?!” Twilight exclaimed, grinning broadly at the two, “SUNSET! YOU’RE MY SISTER-IN-LAW!” She put her hooves to either sides of her face, and her brothers backed away knowingly.

“Oh, here it comes.” Cadence chuckled.

“Here what-?” Once again, Sunset was cut off by another forceful hug, this time with Cadence as a target as well.

Shining chuckled, “Twilight, I’d appreciate it if you’d not suffocate my wife and her sister.”

“This is nothing.” Cadence waved him off, “But, come on, we clearly have things to talk about, Sunset. Twilight couldn’t fill me in on much, but I’d rather hear it from you, anyways.” Out of Twilight’s grasp now, Cadence laid a wing over Sunset’s back. She looked back at her husband, “You going to be okay by yourself, hun?”

Shining rolled his eyes with a smirk, “Just go. I know a thing or two about having a sister that I haven’t seen in awhile.” He said, bumping Twilight. “Now, show me around this castle of yours.”

As Twilight, Shining, and Spike walked off, the conversation between the three began to grow muffled, but before they left completely, Sunset and Cadence could hear bits and pieces.

“Twilight, seriously, what’s with you and treehouses?” Shining asked her, his chuckle echoing in the big, empty castle.

“Oh shut up, Romeo!”

Cadence chuckled as the rest faded into incoherent mutters. “Come on, Sunset.”

“Yeah. How’s my room sound?” She asked, smiling at where Twilight had just headed.

“Sounds excellent.” Cadence motioned, “Lead the way.”


Twilight wouldn’t have recognized the Cadence lying on her back beside Sunset, not to this level at least. She didn’t look composed or Princess-like anymore. Now, she looked like the Cadence Sunset knew. Mane let down to the floor, all the jewelry piled up in a corner, and lying on the bed with her wings spread, gesturing into the air with her pink hooves.

“One of those motorbike things sound amazing!” Cadence grinned, dropping her hoof and letting it hang lazily off the side of the bed, “And you said they’re loud?”

“You can hear them from two blocks away sometimes, I swear.” Sunset giggled, pulling her cell phone from her saddlebags. She had no connection here for obvious reasons, and no place to charge it, but she at least had pictures. “I’m going for one of those.” She pointed to the picture she had pulled from the internet.

“Oooohh~!” Cadence pulled her phone over as if she were handed a piece of cake. “I have no clue how to judge these things, but I like the look of it.” She turned the phone onto its side, tilting her head. “So, what’s this rectangle?”

“That’s a phone, Sis. Usually, it does more, but right now I’m showing you pictures on it. Here.” Sunset reached around Cadence, swiping her phone and showing her the next picture on it. “Oh, that’s what I look like in that world.” She pointed a hoof at Soarin, whom she was taking the picture with. “And that’s one of my new friends I was telling you about. Soarin.”

“Oh? Like the famous Wonderbolt?” Cadence asked.

“Uh, yeah. I guess he’s famous here. But over there, he’s my boss, and one of my best friends.” She smiled at the picture.

“Oh~?” Cadence raised an eyebrow. “Your friend, hmm?” Sunset didn’t like her sister’s tone. Looking over, she noticed that Cadence was raising an eyebrow at her.

“Did I mention… boss?” Sunset stressed, cheeks dusted pink again.

“Mmmhmmm~” Cadence hummed, eyes raising to the ceiling. “Well, I just have to say that you look as gorgeous over there as you do here.” She paused, “You know, I love that leather jacket of yours.”

Sunset smiled, nodding, “It just seemed like something you’d like.”

“And your little skirt is just adorable as well.” Cadence smiled, “You’re just cute. Cute all around!” She reached over, noogieing Sunset as Shining had done with Twilight earlier.

“No! Cadence! You’re going to ruin my mane!” Sunset yelped, squirming.

“Mwuhahahaha! I am Cadence, destroyer of perfect mane-dos!” She announced, raising the ham to max power. Sunset rolled off the bed, successfully escaping from her older sister’s clutches and quickly working at fixing her mane again. Cadence watched her, too lazy at the moment to get out of the bed. “...I missed you, you know that?”

Sunset turned back to face her, “Missed you too. ...I’m sorry for leaving in the first place.” She sighed, “It was stupid and selfish.” She gave a strained chortle, “And to think I was scared of coming back…”

Cadence pulled herself up, “Why?”

Sunset shrugged her shoulders, “I’m pretty sure leaving you and Celestia without a note or clue as to where I was going has something to do with it.”

“Well… Let me just say this first: I forgive you.” Cadence came to her side, sitting down beside her and laying a hoof over her shoulder. “And you know, this place seems to have taught you some things that Equestria wouldn’t, so… Maybe it was for the best.” She smiled, and Sunset returned it weakly. For all Cadence knew, that was just nervousness.

“Maybe so.” Sunset was suddenly thankful that she wasn’t going to tell Cadence everything about Anon-a-Miss. She knew where that would go. “But it’s good to be visiting home.”

“I’m glad you’ll be staying for a few days,” Cadence said, hugging her. “After this, I’m going to be personally showing you the Empire.”

“Sounds great, Cady. Can’t wait to see it in the light.” Especially when the goal of the visit wasn’t theft.

“Then we’re going parachuting with Mrs. Velvet.”

Sunset just burst out laughing again. She could never truly admit how great it felt that her sister was still the same old Cadence. At the least, for real and for true, she had a family to fall back on just in case she ever needed them again. Twilight was officially apart of it too, which made things even more simple, she hoped so at least.

“Come on, I need to really sit down with that brother-in-law of mine.” Sunset said finally, “I need to tell him he’s not good enough for you.”

“Aunty has already, but I have a good feeling that yours will be a tad more intimidating.” Sharing a knowing chuckle, the two sisters headed back into the maze named Twilight’s castle. They had one hell of a family gathering to join in, and an awesome weekend ahead.