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Now is likely the only time you’ll get the chance. I’d message the mod who approved it and ask if you can resubmit it one chapter at a time. It really will just collect dust if you don’t which is a shame since those that have read it seem to like it,

Thanks for the advice. It’s probably too late this time around; I’d feel weird about unpublishing most of the chapters...

I'm glad that it is something you feels worth coming back to.:pinkiesmile:


I actually first read it over a year ago, but unitl now been using my favorites to keep up with works in progress. Now that I finally made a seperate bookshelf for those, started adding stories that I like to reread occasionally. So your welcome but I should thank you for writing it in the first place.

Thank you very much for placing my story On Pins and Needles on your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you enjoyed my look at how Rarity views Spike's crush on her.

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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