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The Wonderbolts, Equestria's premier acrobatic and stunt troupe, bimonthly take it upon themselves to give back to the community. It's good for the kids, it sends a healthy message, and the press is nothing to sneeze at either. On one such charity case, the Wonderbolts' chief coordinator and lead performer, Spitfire, undertakes the task of taking in a child to give them the best week of their life. In doing so, she unknowingly throws herself down a path that brings her to ask many questions she had long since wanted to repress...

"Would I make a good mother?"

Humanized characters.

The concept for this story was drawn up before the events of a certain episode. I'm sorry.

Editing and Proofreading provided by the diligent Laeri

Art crafted by the ever talented bakki

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Spitfire as mother of scootaloo.
I need more of this.

Wow heartwarming
I will wait for more

Didn't even need to open this to know I'd be into it.

Excitedly ready to follow. :rainbowdetermined2: Also, don't be sorry. Slap an Alt. Universe tag on anything and you're good. :moustache: The fact that this is a humanized universe already covers it, to boot.

good, strong start to what i expect to be a wonderful story. tracking!

Looks good so far, I'm interested. Paragraph pacing could use a little polish, but it's a great premise, I can't wait for more.

Love me some Spitfire. Tracked.

This looks like a solid start. Definitely will be tracking this :scootangel:

Okay then, Spitfire as Scootaloo's mom? I didn't know I actually needed this.

Tracking this so hard. A solid start and I'm looking forward to more!

This is so loveably awkward, and so wonderfully sad. I need more.

Give it a few “days”. Things get really awkward next chapter.

Excellent work, I remain keenly invested for the next chapter!

First impressions, like battle plans, never seem to go to plan.

Could you put a link to the image a little more big? I liked it, but it's a little small

Sorry. I'll do that as soon as Bakki puts up the source image. I'm currently using a pre-release image.


I tend to do the same thing having Spitfire be Scootaloo's mother in my stories, but i don't have her adopted.

Tracked! Looking forward to Spitfire and RD's different flavors of role modeling.

Combustible elements to actually coexist thru a bond stronger than mere charity outreach, I see!

Ohohoho, interesting chapter format ya got planned!

Probably within the next week or two. I’ll be putting up a blog post about how my ducks have been put back in order.

I haven't read too many Spitfire stories, but I know she can be a tough character to get right. Balancing the performer and the soldier on top of the leader and the actual spit-fire. So far you seem to be doing a good job.

I find it best to write her as always brimming on being tired; mentally and physically. It's an awkward state of never showing her strain, even when she's by herself. However, small bleeds of it come through when she's trying to work several pieces in a single move and has to relent on something. Always having to remain the sharpest, strongest, and quickest person in the room, but remaining humbled by the limitations she glances by one way or another.

This has real potential man, I hope too see more.

"Ha", I bet Scoots was hoping they'd arrive in some sexy sports car and not some drab van, good camouflage though.

Хей. Прошёл целый год! Даже не смей бросать работу! Я должен это увидеть до конца!

Hay. A whole year has passed! Don't you dare quit your job! I have to see this through to the end!

An interesting idea. I could imagine Soarin doing the same

..huh, never thought I'd see this come back from the dead.

Also, guitarist Spitfire? Uh... hell to the yes. Metal.

I've got a great little work computer now that lets me write more actively wherever I want. I'm no longer confined to the times when I'm at my home computer.

God I forgot about this story, good thing I tracked it.

Glad to have finally caught up on this. Really enjoying this story and the way you write Spitfire! :pinkiesmile:

Я одна вижу отсылку к одной из ваших старых работ? Я зашла на сайт случайно и у меня нет сил проверять это, но я совершенно уверена, что у вас есть незаконченная работа про битву групп, где Спитфайр должна быть гитаристкой...
Ладно мне нравятся все эти детали, что подмечает Скуталу и уж точно мне нравиться Спитфайр.
Очень рада что вы вернулись. Ваши работы вдохновляют меня сесть и писать. Это странно

Am I the only one who sees a reference to one of your old works? I went to the site by accident and I don't have the energy to check it out, but I'm pretty sure you have some unfinished work on the battle of the bands where Spitfire is supposed to be the guitarist...
okay, I like all these details that Scootaloo notices, and I definitely like Spitfire.
I'm so glad you're back. Your work inspires me to sit down and write. This is strange

Yeah. I’m trying to give it a sort reboot here in some small way.

This was a great installment! I especially like the way you portray Soarin :twilightsmile:

I am usually not one for Scootaloo orphan stories but I guess I’ll give it a chance

Aww. This was excellent work. I really enjoyed the two text-message conversations in this chapter. You do a good job with the characterizations in this story, I really like the way you write Spitfire in particular :pinkiehappy:

Оу... Эта та глава которая заставила меня задуматься. Немного печальная я бы сказала.
Я рада, что вы продолжаете писать. Я читаю это утром так, что вы определённо сделали мой день. Мне нравится как вы показываете Спитфайр и Скуталу. Мы буквально видими их переживания. Мне это нравится

Aww... This is the chapter that got me thinking. A little sad, I'd say.
I'm glad you keep writing. I read this in the morning so you definitely made my day. I like the way you show the Spitfire and the Scootaloo. We literally see their experiences. I'm loving it

Is this a sequel to winds beneath my wings?

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