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Rainbow Dash has never been one to express feelings. She’s never been one to accept help, and she’s never been one to show the weaker side.

And, no one will argue, Wonderbolt training is… well, really hard.

One day, Rainbow… almost tears apart her wing, literally. And Soarin, “the coltfriend”, knows she’s taking it too far. Way too far.

But no matter what he does, or will do, or wants to do, it’s like she doesn’t even want help. Even though he knows it would be so simple to just tell Spitfire, tell the Wonderbolts, tell a doctor, tell somepony, she just doesn’t seem to get it.

It’ll take a lot for her to finally understand.

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This was really sweet and nice :twilightsmile: Felt like reading an episode, great job!

Thank you! Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Eeeeiii, this was sooo cute!! :heart: You deserved a like :raritywink:

Thank you! Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Ugh another mistake! Sorry.. but thanks for that and adding this story to your faves!

Will do. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

Mmmm. It's a nice feeling to read this.

“Crash, just cause’ you have to stop and take care of yourself every once in a while doesn’t make you weak. And it definitely doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be in the ‘Bolts. I know that’s hard to believe, but take my word for it. And hay, I don’t think I could have ‘swallowed’ the pain, considering how bad those burns looked. Trust me, if I thought you were using anything as an excuse, I would tell you.” Spitfire stated. The look in her eye had softened a step down from harsh. Rainbow managed a smile – that 8 was true. “But seriously. Crash, lemme tell you a story.” The Mane 6 gave Dash a last smile, perhaps even a whispered ‘see you later’ before filing out to give the Wonderbolts some time alone. Rainbow saw Spitfire take a breath. “When I first started out in the ‘Bolts, I broke my wing during practice. I didn’t tell anypony, but Fleets figured me out pretty soon. She tried to help but I wouldn’t listen. I kept flying on that wing until it nearly killed me. Finally she told the old Captain and he made me get some help. I would’ve lost my wing if I’d kept flying.” She looked her newest recruit in the eye. “You’re not weak. You can’t destroy yourself just to keep up an image. That’s not okay, and I think you figured that out.”

Is the breaking her wing thing a reference to Top Bolt where she said "will you fly so much your wings fall off?"


Ah... actually, no, I wasn't thinking about that. Huh. Probably should have been. :rainbowlaugh:

SoarinDash is the best. No arguments there from me! :twilightsmile:

I know! It's my first OTP (and if you've seen my work you know what my second is:twilightsmile:)

Lemme guess.... Fleetfoot x Spitfire?
I've read (and enjoyed!) Ex-Bolts Rising, and Fleetfire, so, if that counts...

YES!! You win a million free cookies (except not because I can't reach through the screen, sorry :fluttershysad:)

By the way, I have two new stories if you haven't already seen them. Fraternal (which is about Rainbow and Daring but includes a bit of Fleetfoot x Spitfire) and Frozen Friendship (which is Spitfire x Fleetfoot at the end I haven't published yet and hints and Soarindash-again, in chapters I haven't published. I'm trying to space out the publish dates:twilightsheepish:)

Oh, fine then. :twilightsmile:

I'll have to check those out! They'll be at the top of my Read Later list. Your Wonderbolt stories are always worth the read! :pinkiehappy:

What can I say? Someone has to give them the attention they deserve:twilightsmile:. And there's so many stories you could do with them!

Really felt for Dashie in this. Soarin was sweet.

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