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A horse doesn’t care how much you know, until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse, and your heart in your hand. ~Pat Parelli


Rainbow Dash knows a thing or two about scars. She's Rainbow Dash. Stunt pony, hero, awesome.
Of course, everything has consequences. Perhaps in this case, they come in the form of scars.
Are all scars a consequence, though?
Maybe. Maybe not.

For someone special. You are such a jerk. And you are my best friend. I'll always come back for you.
Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard for being a friend. If you want a story that is written absolutely beautifully, go read one of theirs.

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Rainbow Dash has moved on.
Applejack is left to think things through.
How could a friendship just... drop... as though it meant nothing?
How come Applejack went all in, threw her heart out for everypony to see... and Rainbow didn't?
And most of all... how come it hurts so much?

For someone special. Thanks for never leaving me. Thanks for giving me your heart, and your trust. Thanks for being the best friend I could ever ask for. I love you :heart:
And.. thanks to Ninjadeadbeard for once again providing support and being a friend.

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Fluttershy has never been one to complain. No matter what Life threw at her, she'd pick herself up.
When Death is near, she'll accept it just like she accepted Life.
She knows her final moments are near.
Here is what runs through her mind, during her dying minutes.

For someone special. You taught me what peace feels like.
For another someone special. I know it's hard. But all will be well. Thanks for sticking by me. You know who you are.

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Fear can be really, really tough - no matter of what it is.
Luna knows.
She knows the pain, and heartache, and misery that comes with such a fear.
It's been going on too long. Far, far too long.
Something has to give - or maybe... somepony.

For someone special. No one will ever replace you. You'll always be with me.
For another someone special. We'll get through this. No matter how much it hurts.
And for anyone who has offered kind words, these last few days.. Thank you.

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Being invisible hurts. And when you just keep fading, and fading....
you're bound to disappear eventually.
Spike's been invisible too long. The pain kept growing... until he ended up like this.
Perhaps now, through his last words... Twilight will finally listen.

Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard for offering to listen, and for being a friend.

For someone special. Miss you, forever and ever.

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We all view Pinkie Pie as the happy-go-lucky party pony without a care in the world.
On the outside, that's who she is.
But on the inside... not so much.
Maybe there's more to this supposedly shallow character.
Maybe there's a hurt so deep.. that it's unbearable.

For someone special. Thinking of you, day in and day out. Especially now.

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War. The dreaded topic in every household in Equestria.
For Rainbow, she has to face it. She's been drafted to fight for the lives of thousands of ponies. Ponies she loves, and ponies she doesn't even know alike.
She's the element of Loyalty. She'll do what she has to.
That doesn't make it any less easy.
For her, for Soarin, for the Wonderbolts, for her friends.
She was once a star. That star turned into a scar. Is there a way back? Or is there a message, a story, behind that scar, that gives her a way forward?

Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard for being a friend.. and for keeping me halfway sane.. Go take a look at the link. You won't regret it.

For someone special. My heart still aches; it always will.

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Another year down.
Another year to go.
Another year to shine.
Another year to prove yourself.
Another year to fly.

For a friend. Happy birthday! :heart:

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Discord has changed since he was turned to stone last. It was mostly because of the yellow pegasus we call Fluttershy. The two of them grew closer over the years. They've done everything together; from tea parties to picnics, animal rescues to animal releases. But.. what happens when it's time for Fluttershy to pass on?
Now all he's got left to do, is say goodbye.

For someone special. I miss you every day.
*So, this is obviously set a good few years in the future. Just to clarify

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We all know Scootaloo's tough. (After all, she has Rainbow Dash to look up to) We all know she's cheerful, and that she's positive. But after some shocking test results, Scootaloo falls apart. Maybe even to the point of no return. To the point where only darkness appeals, and only certain magic words can clear it away. Rainbow Dash has always been the younger mare's idol... the pony she looked up to most in the whole world. But now, even Rainbow Dash might not be enough to bring Scootaloo back.

Set a few years in the future, where Scootaloo is already a young mare

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