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Every season, Rainbow, Pinkie, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy get together for their Sleepover.
It's always a night filled with fun. Only, it's a night filled with... a lot of fun. Maybe a little too much fun.
And, believe it or not, by the end of the night...
Even Pinkie Pie just might admit it.

Big, big Special Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for putting up with my rough drafts, patiently editing through them, and, of course, for being wonderful friend.

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The time has come for the first to go. Rainbow Dash has passed on from this life. And for Twilight, that only means one thing:
She'll be left to deal with eternity very, very soon. Alone.
And she's right.
But in the deepest, darkest time of night, a familiar face might be just what Twilight needs...

Big thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for support and friendship.
*I do not own the coverart.

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There is something not everypony knows about Alicorns.
It is that they, too, have a time where life leaves them.
Now, exactly one hundred millennia have passed. One hundred millennia since the beloved rulers of Equestria first stepped hoof in their world.
Now, Princess Celestia and Luna have to step down from that oh-so-high position.
As hard as it may be, to give their final wishes to the land they love like a child,
it is time for them to say:

For someone special. You really are something.

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War. The dreaded topic in every household in Equestria.
For Rainbow, she has to face it. She's been drafted to fight for the lives of thousands of ponies. Ponies she loves, and ponies she doesn't even know alike.
She's the element of Loyalty. She'll do what she has to.
That doesn't make it any less easy.
For her, for Soarin, for the Wonderbolts, for her friends.
She was once a star. That star... turned into a scar. Is there a way back? Or is there a message, a story, behind that scar, that gives her a way forward?

Big special thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for prereading, rereading, and friendship!
For two someone specials.

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Discord has changed since he was turned to stone last. Mainly because of Fluttershy.
The two grew closer over the years. They've done everything together; from tea parties to picnics, animal rescues to animal releases. But.. what happens when it's time for Fluttershy to pass on?
Now all he's got left to do is... say goodbye.

This is obviously set a good few years in the future. Just to clarify.

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We all know Scootaloo’s tough, that she’s cheerful, and positive, and a generally good, friendly mare.

But even Scootaloo’s capable of falling apart, with the right words; the wrong words. And she heard those words. You’ll never fly.

Now, Rainbow Dash just has to figure out if she’s capable of being put together again.

Suicide/Self-Harm tag added for implications of the act. I don't find it absolutely necessary, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Now rewritten, and desperately needed, too, I fear... :pinkiecrazy:

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Rainbow Dash has never been one to express feelings. She’s never been one to accept help, and she’s never been one to show the weaker side.

And, no one will argue, Wonderbolt training is… well, really hard.

One day, Rainbow… almost tears apart her wing, literally. And Soarin, “the coltfriend”, knows she’s taking it too far. Way too far.

But no matter what he does, or will do, or wants to do, it’s like she doesn’t even want help. Even though he knows it would be so simple to just tell Spitfire, tell the Wonderbolts, tell a doctor, tell somepony, she just doesn’t seem to get it.

It’ll take a lot for her to finally understand.

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