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War. The dreaded topic in every household in Equestria.
For Rainbow, she has to face it. She's been drafted to fight for the lives of thousands of ponies. Ponies she loves, and ponies she doesn't even know alike.
She's the element of Loyalty. She'll do what she has to.
That doesn't make it any less easy.
For her, for Soarin, for the Wonderbolts, for her friends.
She was once a star. That star... turned into a scar. Is there a way back? Or is there a message, a story, behind that scar, that gives her a way forward?

Big special thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for prereading, rereading, and friendship!
For two someone specials.

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Wow. That was a fantastic dive into a real hard subject. I think this is certainly your strongest story thus far, especially where it comes to details. The scenery is given a solid amount of detailing, but not enough to bore or distract from the human- I mean, Pony drama on display. And with your dialogue, well, the dialogue itself is very solid and manages to capture something of the characters from the show, but the details you give for Soarin and Rainbow's actions while they speak truly elevate this from a good fic to a great one.

I can't wait to read the next chapter, whenever it arrives.

I'm sure that could be argued. I'm glad it could be argued. :yay:
Personally, I just think SoarinDash makes sense. Two athletes, same passion - it's perfect! :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, I agree with the first few. Fluttercord is okay.. I guess.. it's just that I don't like Discord nor Fluttershy, so I'll probably use that in my more... ahem.. violent stories. Heh heh.. :twilightsheepish:
I think Spike should be with a dragon, honestly. Sparity would be nice for a while, but as you said, it falls apart later.

Yeah. They'd be cute together. Heh.. in a long time. :unsuresweetie:

Hmmm. The flashbacks are very strong. Was kind of surprised Dash didn't attack somepony.

Another great chapter. I love it in stories where Rainbow Dash acts serious and very emotional and you did a great job in doing that. Keep up the good work!

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
I shall try. I shall definitely try. :twilightsmile:

Yes, this shall continue. Just.. give me a few days to actually write it :twilightsmile:

Oh Pinkie... don’t do it. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh no Pinkie Pie, please don't make it worse for my favorite pony!

Uh-oh I really hope Pinkie Pie knows what she's doing, otherwise she will only make things worse for Rainbow Dash to recover from that terrible war.:fluttershysad: But she'll get better in time my little pony's. In time with baby steps my pony's. Baby steps.:twilightsmile:

Yes... all in good time. :trollestia:
Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

Your welcome my Friend.:pinkiehappy:

Another great chapter. Your writings fabulous :raritystarry:

Aww thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

Its a really good story and makes you feel for dash

I'm really glad that comes across well. Hope you continue to enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Wow. Ur writings amazing can’t wait for more! :)
In my favourites folder it goes! 😁

Aww thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed! :twilightsmile:

Do not apologise for taking time with writing. Life happens and this is well worth the wait.

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Thank you - I very much appreciate that. :twilightsmile:

Hang in there Rainbow Dash!

Definitely in this story for the long haul.

Yay! I hope the next chapters can continue to make it worth your time! :pinkiehappy:

A very emotional ending to the chapter, well done.

One dark layer after another or poor Rainbow Dash.

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but this is a great chapter!


Don't apologize. I really appreciate it. And I'm so, so glad you're enjoying so far. :twilightsmile:


This particular chapter is just another chapter. There will hopefully be many, many more in the future - so it isn't a sequel.
The story as a whole? Well... if you wanted it to, I guess it could serve as a sequel to Soarin(g) Over the Rainbow, but it was in no way intended as such.

Did I miss something or did I imagine Rainbow double locking that door last chapter? Or have I blended this with so many other stories I've read recently. Not intending to nitpick, just can't shut off the editor part of my brain.

Truly, I love this story and am so glad to see even a tiny crack in Rainbow's mental walls.

Oh my... I completely missed that. You're right - she did. Oh.. that's embarrassing.. I'll go fix it now. :facehoof:

Thank you for the nice words! I'm very glad you're enjoying!

Great chapter!

All of the chapter titles and the title of this story has the word scar(s) in it. It was right under my nose and I didn’t notice it until now.


Hm.... you're so, so close.... :trollestia:

Scar or scars replacing the word star or stars. Are you referring to Soarin?

Close. Not Soarin...
My Author's Notes give 'hints', so to speak. Starting from... Chapter 3, I believe. :twilightsmile:

It’s about hope.

Sorry, but I don’t think that I’ve heard nor listened to any of those songs.

Yeah, more or less.
Most chapter titles are actually songs - except they have "star" instead of "scar".
I'm a bit weird. :pinkiecrazy:

I was referring to the songs from the author’s notes.
Thanks for the info tidbit though.

Ooooh that was well written :)

Baby steps my little pony Dashie, baby steps, and you'll see that everything will be A-okay.:raritywink: with a few steps at a time it will be like her normal self soon.

Love these chapters my friend. And yes I didn't quite figure out the chapters tittles yet. But I will find out soon.

Yep. All will be well soon. :twilightsmile:
I'm so glad you're enjoying!

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Your very welcome my friend. :pinkiehappy: Keep it fun and keep it cool.:rainbowdetermined2:

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