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I'm that kind of guy that started a rock band, and was the first one kicked out due to over playing the drums.


Soarin knows it's almost Valentine's day, and remembers his old crush Rainbow Dash. Ever since he had moved away five years ago, he hadn't seen her, or even get to tell her goodbye. With hope that she'll write him back, he decides to write her a love note.

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You'd think she would have been accepted into the Wonderbolts by now...


5502618 bruh crackerjacks lines jacket thief

Congrats for getting on the popular list!

5502618 Remember when Dash tried out to be a Wonderbolt? (Including the episode where she tries out for the Equestria Games, like mentioned in this story?) She mainly didn't want to join because the other ponies weren't the kind of friends she wanted. Sorry if I came across as rude; I am just replying to a comment I wanted to say something about.

5503518 Thanks! (I never even knew my story was on it!)

This was cute:rainbowkiss:
Why incomplete though?

5506168 Thanks. I don't know why it said incomplete... I changed it. Thanks for letting me notice that! Heh, heh...

I. Wish. It. Were. Me.:raritycry:

By the way I'm blaming the only grammar mistake I found on Soarin. if there's any more, I'll hope they're in that letter.

:fluttershysad: It was so sweet... Kinda reminds me of a crush I had, catch is I already got over it. SoarinDash is OTP!

:twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss: :raritywink: its so cute!!!

I love the story:heart: it made me cry :rainbowkiss::fluttercry:

I think this might be the shortest story I’ll add to my favorites.

How’d you pack so much emotion in 2k words? You did a wonderful job.

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