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Welcome to the group where no author is left unnoticed!
Small description we had to come up with:
There's a lot of authors out there who have amazing stories, just waiting to be read. Maybe it's you, maybe a friend, maybe it's even either of us. We all want our stories to do well, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. In this group, we're here to read your stories and get them a like, view, comment, whatever it needs.

Here are some general rules that are kind of common sense but should be here anyway, so listen up:

1. You can post as many stories as you'd like, but make sure to always put them in the correct folder.

2. We'd really appreciate it if you returned the favor. This group will only work if we work together and pull our own weight. If you have some spare time, read some of these stories. *Note.. this isn't mandatory, but would be appreciated

3. No mature stories. Teen is allowed, just keep it contained in appropriate folders. If they are too heavy, they will be removed. Please heed this rule!!! We have had a few incidents with Mature stories - let's not have any more in the future! We understand accidents, but they have got to be removed after getting the warning PM!!

4. Be respectful! We're all friends here, so let's be nice and act our age. We are all humans, words will hurt.

5. For the forums, and the comments. No spamming, no swearing, no harassing. You will get two warnings and then be removed from the group permanently (sorry, it's harsh, but that's how we feel about such things)
Please head over here to get to the forum rules.
And, of course, don't forget to introduce yourself in our introductions thread!

6. This is a group only for My Little Pony and it's variations. No other shows. (Equestria Girls and the like is still allowed.) For further clarification: NO CROSSOVER STORIES! You will be asked to remove them.

7. *Site rules DO apply!

8. If you would like a comment, put your story in the comments folder. If not, we can only guarantee a view and/or like. (just to clarify)
Remember to have fun!

We'll pinkie promise (cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye :pinkiecrazy:) that we can get to all stories. We're hoping others will pitch in as well, so every story get's the attention it deserves!
Without further ado, Let the writing begin!

If anyone needs a new folder or has any questions, PM either Toriandthehorse or Winter_Solstice!

*** Featured Story ***

How about a silly, sweet tale for Hearts and Hooves Day?

EThe Reluctant Mistress
Yona is just too sweet and innocent for some things.
Marezinger Z · 1.1k words  ·  40  3 · 1.5k views
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No. No Mature stories, clop or not.

Hello, I am new here and i am wondering, could I post my stories here, even though they are rated mature? There's no clop in them if that is the issue.

It's too late, I've been noticed

I have a habit of reading, rating and commenting several stories. I hope to one day write and post one as well, is this group still active?

434250 O rite, ok, I hadn't realised u read all the stories. I'll add 1 of mine then.

You do raise a good point.. but we'd like to keep it all-age friendly. There are the other groups for mature stories. In here, we guarantee that the story is read by one of us, and there might be personal history, or triggers, that could cause some damage mentally. We'd like to avoid that, if possible.
I hope that clears things up a little more. :twilightsmile:

434232 Rite, but, lyk... if this is the group 4 unnoticed stories, y wouldn't they belong here?

Just seems needlessly discriminatory!

Yes, maybe so. But.. we'll keep them in groups alright with those kinds. :twilightsmile:

Y no mature or crossover stories? Don't they sumtimes go unnoticed too?

I suppose, yeah, that should be alright for now. Our forum is pretty manageable, and we don't want to leave any author unnoticed! :raritywink:
As mentioned in the Forum Rules, promotion threads aren't supposed to stay up forever, but they'll be there for a few months.

Not sure if you ever answered a question like this: but is it alright to inform people in the forum that a new chapter has been added?

Thank you.
We'll be happy to read and comment on your stories.

Can I post Mature fic?

Edit: Nvm I Just found out you can't

We're growing pretty steadily, that's for sure :yay:

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