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Proofreader, reader and fan. Contact via DMs if you want a proof read. Won't read explicit clop but I can read stories that involve NSFW themes. Yes, I joined Fimfic on 4/20/2020. Good a day as any

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Heyo! Sorry for the delayed response, I'm alive and well, just hecka busy! I can dm in private in discord

Haven't seen you in a bit, so wanted to leave a message for you here. Hope you're getting along well, Doc.

Oh, cool! Will it be uploaded soon? I might need a proofreader for upcoming stories I am writing, if I can ask for that right now?

Hello there! I need to publish a schedule up in my main page to let everyone know what I'm up to. For now, proofreads are request based and sporadic

Oooh, a proof reader, nice!

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