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:rainbowlaugh: short but funny.
I could imagine some things I getting lost in translation between pony and yak culture.... like this!

Like the Rom-Com of any of the Student 6.

“Anything, babe.” He coolly assured. “Order away.”

Oh be careful What you say bro you're might get it lol

Oh wow sandbar I never thought you will like to do those kind of things dang But this was nice and pretty funny story

I think that's one of the strongest aspects of a relationship between them; so much culture difference to play with and explore.

Classic death by "snu snu". :rainbowlaugh:

Always a good place for sweetness and laughs.

Cute, but I think the innuendo disqualifies it as an E for everyone story XD.

“Oh no no no no,” Yona toned. “Yaks no fake smashing, Yaks take smashing very seriously… faking smashing punishable offence in Yakyakistan.”

Ah, a solid and rational legal system, I knew there was a reason I liked yaks.

Cute and funny.

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