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As Fluttershy shows Discord her first gray hair, he realizes that his beloved friend is getting older and offers her the ultimate gift.

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Well, Fluttershy won't join you in eternal life. There's only one thing to do... Join her in death, and bring every other one of your friends with you.

Completely destroy this mortal realm, break the cycle of death and rebirth, and be with Fluttershy forevermore.

You have a better option, Dizzy. Join her in mortality. Die with her. If not, you'll probably end up back stone anyway because her absence will cause insanity..

Do what you do best.
Maybe not make her noticably eternal, just cheat and add on the odd year or take care of little aches and pains she developes.

I like the execution of the story, but I fundamentally disagree with the idea, I’m a firm believer that people have some kind of sick Stockholm syndrome with the concept of death, it’s natural but so are a lot of bad things and we work to remove them, death isn’t good it’s innately bad.

I've actually toyed with the idea of a scenario where Discord makes himself mortal to be with Fluttershy. Aside from a few really impactful scenes, I couldn't flesh it out into a whole story. If that's an idea someone else wants to take up, then I say go for it.

Given the subject matter, I imagine that a story like this would bring about a variety of feelings as we all see death differently. I try to keep as much of myself out of my stories as possible and write not only from the perspective of the characters based on what I know of their personalities, but also from the perspective of a world like Equestria. I honestly believe that if Fluttershy was presented this option, this is the choice she would make and the reasoning that would be behind that choice. But in the end, that's just my take and I understand other views on the subject. Glad you could still appreciate the story. :pinkiesmile:

That could be a cute idea, maybe even a good source for some comedic scenes as well; as I genuinely believe Fluttershy would chew him out if she discovered he was messing with her body without her knowing.

I didn't put a whole lot of thought into how much, if any, Fluttershy would change. I just liked the comedy behind the idea of Discord offering her cosmetic changes to go along with the process, because you know he totally would.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

(rolls eyes) Oh great, another fic about Fluttershy turning down immortality and eternity with Discord for half-baked morals about Death being "natural". Despite, oh, I don't know: Discord, Tirek, Chrysalis, Dragons to some extent, possibly Star Swirl, literally every alicorn including Twilight.

I'm sorry, but I hate these tropes in THIS setting. It makes no sense. Immortality is a tangible and reachable goal in this world. Its my second petpeeve after Immortality Blues.

Honestly, good story, just hate the concept. On the upside, I might be peeved enough to write an immortal Fluttercord oneshot.

Well, I haven't been around long enough to soak up all the tropes in the fandom, which is why I said that I was sure the idea had been done before to at least some degree. I'm aware that Fluttercord is one of the more dominant ships and Daughter of Discord is very popular, so I was under the impression that a lot of people had already delved into a successful relationship between the two. As far as the view on immortality, I responded to something similar earlier and I try to represent things from the character's point of view and not my own. I'd be on board with immortality, but I honestly don't think Fluttershy would be; she seems to be someone who is grounded enough to understand the processes of life and death and respect the necessity of it all.

And that would make sense in almost any other settings, but MLP has established immortality, especially with ponies, being a natural part of things too.

My thoughts are that Fluttershy, and probably most ponies, have a very strong belief in an afterlife. Most humans in real life believe in some form of life after death even without any concrete evidence. In a world where harmony and destiny is actually measureable and has a huge impact on your life, going so far as to proudly claim you as its own with a magical brand when you discover the talent or purpose it has given you, Ponies would have much more reason to believe in an afterlife.

Basically, Fluttershy is choosing what she believes is a better, more enjoyable existence after death, or even the chance to be reborn fresh with new opportunities.

Because no one would choose to pass up immortality if they believed that death was the end, unless they determined for themselves that the existence they currently have, or would have, is worse than absolute oblivion.

If you do it, could you give Fluttershy a cute, playfully evil laugh? Like, she just becomes the eternal queen of (nature-related) chaos, and she lets off a little, "Muahahahaha!"

…..How the buck did you know about that idea of mine? XP

Nice...it was a lovely short read, it manages to do its job and make me tear up. ^_^ But what I love most is that it didn't end the way I expected: I expected Discord to forsake his immortality so that Fluttershy wouldn't have to die alone, like I've read before several times. Thank you for this shorter take that didn't follow that formula..

I couldn't help but think of when Mr. Hooper died on Sesame Street, and Bob said to Big Bird that yes, things wouldn't be the same without Mr. Hooper. "But we can all be grateful that we all had the chance to be with him, and to know him, and to love him a lot, while he was here."

Precisely. They may be gone physically, but they're never gone inside you. ^_^

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think a lesson like that is an important one, especially for a character like Discord who has never had to worry about something like this until he met Fluttershy. Now that he has mortal friends and loved ones, dealing with their eventual passing is a part of his life now and something he must come to terms with.

Very sweet and well written, thank you!

I like the idea of him offering immortality. But I'm gonna have him and everyone else die together in my story.

OMG, this was amazing! You brought me close to crying!😁😢

Thanks. :twilightsmile: Glad it resonated.

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