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  • EAll That We Become: A Single Step
    Aurelian and Faye commence their year long journey around a world that they are thousands of years removed from. The ancient Alicorn begins to see things in a new light and finds something that was right beside him the whole time.
    Marezinger Z · 7.9k words  ·  90  1 · 1.8k views

This story is a sequel to At the End of Ambition

Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow are processing their chance encounter with Aurelian very differently. At a temporary impasse, the three part ways to pursue different paths and find truth, reflection, comfort and strength where they did not expect. In the midst of their travels, a long sleeping power that no creature can control is brought back to the world; leaving grand revelations for modern Equestria in its wake.

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Hey. That's pretty good

So Tirek reunites with his brother, Chrysalis finds out about her species past and Cozy is about to learn the same lesson the CMC did. Very nice, can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Hm, interesting.

This is good so far. Im looking forward to this one!

Hmm things are getting interesting. It seems that Tirek and Chrysalis are changing but Cozy Glow is going down an even more destructive path. Cant wait for the next chapter!

Ohhh I am interested in this. I'm curious to how the mane six would react to the news of Chrysalis and what Cozy Glow plans to do after all this! I can't wait to read more!

I'm loving this story and really excited that you've made a sequel to At the End of Ambition.

Hmmm. intriguing their world is unraveling in an unexpected turn.

This is off to a great start. Really tugged at the heartstrings with Thorax's last line there. I look forward to the next update.

Aaaaaa. My heartstring is getting pulled by the reconciliation of mother and her children. Cozy may end up looking like discord in end, doesn't she?.

I loved this! :heart:
Tirek trying out more things a conquer wouldn't usually do is so nice to see! And now I can't stop imagining him as a pirate sailing the seas. I think it fits him lol.
Meanwhile seeing Chrysalis with her hive is just awesome. She's adorable with her family, especially with Thorax! I like the idea that she's still spiteful and unreformed but holds back to stay with Thorax and the others. It's so cute!
Great chapter!

Brilliant chapter as we see Tirek get a taste of and enjoy a life outside of being a villain and conqueror. Also just loving seeing him reconnect more with his brother.

We also see Celestia and Twilight learn about the first prisoner of Tarturus, and really looking forward to more of their viewpoint and thoughts to this revelation when they have more time to think about it.

hahaha. I feel very Gibby every time throrax call Chrysalis mom and Celestia seeing her feeding the younglings is a wonderful touch, Chrysalis still spitefull and still in the process of letting go of it, with the help of Thorax is very realistic than it just disappeared in a day and be all-loving instantly. I feel like she's gonna pick no side and take Aurelian advice to heart, on not playing the game of light and dark and watch the world of unending cycle.

hmm. look like tirek gonna work alongside with his brother or he choose to sail the sea and see the world that has moved on without him. while learning to let go of his hubris


Thanks. I can't imagine Chrysalis just changing overnight the way the others did as she was the Queen and it was her will that guided the hive. Having her hive and her family as an anchor to hold her life in place while she slowly works on letting go of the past seemed the more natural route to me. With Tirek, given his personality, I perfectly imagine him getting his feet wet in the regular would with true blue collar types like sailors and dockworkers.

Thank you. I think Scorpan was a missed opportunity by the show and the most logical path to take when looking into a turnaround for Tirek's life.

This is a really good read so far. Im loving the world building you are doing as well. I was always hoping we could see Scorpan in the show or at least get some more backstory on him. alooking forward to the next chapter!

*nod* that kind of thinking I always appreciate on a writer, who choose to make things natural or a bit realistic on their character's growth. Yea I can imagine tirek in a captain outfits sealing the high sea

It seems Tirek had a good day. I'm sure his brother will be a good influence on him. I'm glad Chrysi is settling in. I hope she can get over her bitterness about Celestia and Equestria. Thanks for another good update.

As I'm writing this I keep getting fun little ideas to do with Chrysalis and Thorax and I can't use them all. Honestly, Chrysalis returning to the hive could be an entire story in and of itself.

Loving what I'm reading so far!

Why can't you use those ideas?

Well, they are funny and sweet but more in a sit-com kind of way and I don't feel they're in line with the tone of the story; they're more in line with a 'slice of life' tale. I also don't want to focus too much on Chrysalis as the story isn't just about her.

Make a spin-off side story, set after this one. The Wacky Life of Ex-Queen Chrissy. You can get your ideas out while preserving the tone of this story.

I like Unfazed's suggestion. Save those ideas off for a side story. I can imagine the shenanigans she'd encounter especially considering she's running the nursery/day care.

How's the next chapter looking?

Nearly done. It's been a busy work week and on top of that I've been fussing over a particular part. 👍

It's entertaining to see a creature get under Discord's skin for a change.

Any chance of the rest of the Mane Six getting to meet Aurelian? I'd like to see what he would make of Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

I expect Cozy to wise up for some reason, even though she is going to stay in a brat phase for a while longer.

Aurelian: It appears even with all my years, there will still be things I'll never be able to understand.
Do you think that's how it'd go?


I think my favorite bit was Tirek making friends with those sailors. It was just so...fluffy.

Another excellent chapter. You know it’s good when I get mad ai have to wait for another one to be released hah.

Why every time Aurelian speak I imagined him in a monotone voice *shrug* strange. Look like Aurelian about to see the world once more and once more see the cycle of neverending, and here to hoping Aurelian won't spill the ancient bean that known as knowledge to the world, some secret are best left undisturbed. Apparently, the ponies didn't get the memo. Typical light users always trying to get everyone to their ideal and perfect world, blissfully unaware of the cycle of reality. Wonder if Aurelian will keep his word of not taking side and not play the game.

Now thinking about it, will he get to see how he helped Tirek and Chrysalis and his opinion of cozy path. A good chapter once again and we all enjoy it greatly.


That sounds about right. :pinkiesmile:

9901384 I keep imagining him With John Hurts voice

Brilliant chapter, can't wait to see what turns await now that Aurelian is out and about again.


I'll certainly consider it. 👍


I always welcome readers to hear a character's voice the way that best fits their sensibilities. When I'm writing Aurelian's lines, in my head, I imagine his voice sounding akin to Tony Todd's; he's the actor that played Candyman.

Thanks. That's certainly one of the best feelings for a writer. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you. Always wonderful to hear. :pinkiehappy:

I haven't fully decided how much of the mane six I want to use and to what extent. I do agree Pinkie would be fun though.

The meeting certainly went well. Can't say Cozy's behaviour surprised me. Good story progression and lore/world building. Thanks for the update. I look forward to the next one.

“If that is the case, then this world has truly grown weak.” Aurelian scoffed. “There were many Draconoquis in my time; their antics made them excellent jesters.”

There is no denying it: Aurelian burned Discord

To be fair to Discord, he has shown true, properly ELFRITCH Chaos before. The fact that he's become discount Genie as of late has been quite frustrating.


I'm definitely interested-and a little bit nervous-to find out who these friends of Aurelian's are.

Can’t wait to see more. I wonder how Chrysalis is holding up...

“If that is the case, then this world has truly grown weak.” Aurelian scoffed. “There were many Draconoquis in my time; their antics made them excellent jesters.”

Did Aurelian just roast Discord’s ENTIRE EXISTENCE? xD

I’ve been reading this for the past two hours (and yes it has taken me this long because at times I had to process just how well written some parts were) and I gotta say, this is both really fun and really amazing to read. I usually never read fics with OCs because they eventually tend to land on MarySue levels of character, but after reading most of the Mean 3(Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow) fics that FiM has to offer, I have this one a shot and was surprised but also intrigued to find its still on the works and updating frequently. I absolutely love how each villain has been dealing with their new changes to their new lives, especially Tirek, and can’t wait to see how Cozy will finally settle as well. The integration of other characters suddenly also appearing have made this story slowly go up as solid bit by bit, which is a nice touch considering how I only intended to go into this fic wanting to read about the Mean 3.
I love seeing how each managed to find some peace of mind, with Chrysalis back with her hive and Tirek reconciling with his brother, but still missing each other. I really do hope they end up together in the end. (And maybe a little for my ship ewewe)

This is a really good fic and I can’t wait to read more.

“To see my friends again.” He quickly ascended into the sky and flew from the city

I have a strange feeling his talking about his friends grave he made, maybe I'm wrong and his friends are alive but imprisoned in stone or someplace that allow preservation of life.
Hmm. This may be a stretch maybe his talking about tirek, chrysalis and cozy... Doubtful.

Keep up the good work this really enjoyable to read and sooo~ well written.

Thank you and I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I understand the apprehension about OC characters because it's easy for us as writers to want our characters to feel a little extra special; but I always work to make them feel as natural as possible within the MLP world. Aurelian is probably the most powerful OC I'll ever create and in this case his power was necessary as he serves at a catalyst for other characters.

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